Derby Dead Pool 2017: List of the Missed

The following 'celebrities' have died this year, but weren’t picked by any team this year. However, they have all been chosen by teams in previous years. Hopefully by listing them here, it will alert players to non-eligible picks & to give those who are now gone their brief moment of fame on this site. The other reason for listing them here is that the teams who chose them can rue their bad luck or decisions!!

Name (click for biography) Date of death Name (click for biography) Date of death
Flo Bjekle-Petersen 20th December 2017 Charles Zentai 13th December 2017
Sgt Charles Jenkins 11th December 2017 Shashi Kapoor 4th December 2017
Anthony Harvey 23rd November 2017 Jon Hendricks 22nd November 2017
Derek Barber 21st November 2017 Pancho Segura 18th November 2017
Earle Hyman 17th November 2017 Ferdie Pacheco 16th November 2017
Mary Elizabeth "Liz" Smith 12th November 2017 Shyla Stylez 9th November 2017
Antonio Carluccio 8th November 2017 Tim Gudgin 8th November 2017
Robert De Cormier 7th November 2017 Dudley Simpson 4th November 2017
Fred Beckley 30th October 2017 Walter Lassally 23rd October 2017
Albert Zafy 13th October 2017 Connie Hawkins 6th October 2017
Anne Jeffreys 27th September 2017 Freddy Shepherd 25th September 2017
Jack Good 24th September 2017 Albert Moses 17th September 2017
Albert Speer Jr 15th September 2017 Pete Domenici 13th September 2017
Michelle Rounds 11th September 2017 Frank Aarebrot 10th September 2017
Hasse Alfredson 10th September 2017 Don Williams 8th September 2017
Mike Neville 6th September 2017 Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor 2nd September 2017
Karoly Makk 30th August 2017 Melissa Bell 28th August 2017
Margaret Turner-Warwick 21st August 2017 Don Shepherd 18th August 2017
Victor Pemberton 13th August 2017 Richard Gordon 11th August 2017
Haruo Nakajima 7th August 2017 Ian Graham 1st August 2017
Deborah Watling 21st July 2017 George A. Romero 16th July 2017
Trevor Baxter 16th July 2017 Abdul-Rahman bin Abdul-Aziz 13th July 2017
Mercy Rimell 6th July 2017 Paolo Villagio 3rd July 2017
Carol Lee Scott 3rd July 2017 Barry Norman 30th June 2017
John G. Avildsen 16th June 2017 Patricia Knatchbull 13th June 2017
Tankred Dorst 1st June 2017 Noel Kinsey 20th May 2017
Rhodri Morgan 17th May 2017 Karl-Otto Apel 15th May 2017
William Baumol 4th May 2017 Doug Rollerson 3rd May 2017
Heinz Kessler 2nd May 2017 Moray Watson 2nd May 2017
Jonathan Demme 26th April 2017 Agnes Giebel 24th April 2017
Erin Moran 22nd April 2017 Tim Pigott-Smith 7th April 2017
Alessandro Alessandroni 26th March 2017 Cuthbert Sebastian 25th March 2017
Lola Albright 23rd March 2017 Louis Fremaux 20th March 2017
Jimmy Breslin 19th March 2017 Maurice Xiberras 19th March 2017
Lou Duva 8th March 2017 Florence S. Jacobson 5th March 2017
John Sutrees 10th March 2017 Clive Bossom 8th March 2017
Nicholas Mosley 28th February 2017 Elizabeth Waldheim 28th February 2017
Joseph Wapner 26th February 2017 Sir Cosmo Haskard 21st February 2017
Ivan Koloff 18th February 2017 Al Jarreau 12th February 2017
Edward Joseph Tipper 1st February 2017 Gražbyle Venclauskaite 1st February 2017
Matilde Capuis 31st January 2017 Katherine Macmillan 22nd January 2017
Eddie Filgate 19th January 2017 Nasir Al-Din Nasir Hunzai 15th January 2017
Gilberto Agustoni 13th January 2017 Magic Alex 13th January 2017
Nicodemo Scarfo Sr 13th January 2017 Graham Taylor 12th January 2017
Frank Spellman 12th January 2017 Roman Herzog 10th January 2017
Ronald Buxton 10th January 2017 Octavio Lepage 6th January 2017
Milt Schmidt 4th January 2017

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