Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2007: G


Gabor, Zsa Zsa
Born 6 February 1917  (Budapest, Hungary)
Nine-times married, cop-slapping actress. Was in a coma for a while after a collision between her car and a lamp-post on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard in November 2002.
[Picture of Zsa Zsa Gabor]


Gaidar, Yegor (Died in 2009)
Born 19 March 1956  (Moscow, Russia)
Former Russian PM & economist, who claimed he was poisoned by the KGB when on a visit to Ireland in 2006.
[Picture of Yegor Gaidar]


Gall, Sandy
Born 1 October 1927  (Penang, Malaysia)
British journalist and former ITN newsreader & reporter.
[Picture of Sandy Gall]


Gallant, Mavis
Born 11 August 1922  (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Canadian writer, now based in France.
[Picture of Mavis Gallant]


Gallo, Ernest Ernest Gallo is no longer with us
Born 18 March 1909  (Jackson, California, USA)

Died 6 March 2007  (Modesto, California, USA)

Age at death: 97  (read death notice)
Patriarch of the Californian wine-making dynasty which bore his surname (and that of his late brother, Julio). Responsible for such quality products as Turning Leaf Chardonnay, beloved of wannabe sophisticated young women, and Thunderbird, beloved of students and tramps.
[Picture of Ernest Gallo]


Gambaccini, Paul
Born 2 April 1949  (New York, New York, USA)
DJ and music writer.
[Picture of Paul Gambaccini]


Ganley, Len (Died in 2011)
Born in Lurgan, Northern Ireland  (exact date unknown)
Former snooker referee, official in numerous World Championship Finals. Born 1944.
[Picture of Len Ganley]


Gantin, Cardinal Bernardin (Died in 2008)
Born 8 May 1922  (Toffo, Benin)
Leading Catholic cardinal, one of the few black cardinals in the Vatican's history.
[Picture of Cardinal Bernardin Gantin]


Garagiola, Joe
Born 12 February 1926  (St Louis, Missouri, USA)
Baseball player turned TV broadcaster.
[Picture of Joe Garagiola]


Garcia Marquez, Gabriel
Born 6 March 1928  (Aracataca, Colombia)
Latin American writer, author of "La Hojaresca" and "One Hundred Years of Solitude". Won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982.
[Picture of Gabriel Garcia Marquez]


Garden, Graeme
Born 18 February 1943  (Aberdeen, Scotland)
Qualified doctor, but became famous as one of "The Goodies", and has been involved in broadcasting ever since the late 1960s.
[Picture of Graeme Garden]


Gardner, Martin (Died in 2010)
Born 21 October 1914  (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
Wrote a popular mathematical puzzles column in "Scientific American" magazine for 25 years.
[Picture of Martin Gardner]


Garfunkel, Art
Born 5 November 1941  (Forest Hills, New York, USA)
Singer/songwriter, one half of Simon & Garfunkel.
[Picture of Art Garfunkel]


Garner, James
Born 7 April 1928  (Norman, Oklahoma, USA)
TV and film actor who specialised in playing cowboys, sheriffs and detectives, most notably in 'Maverick' and 'The Rockford Files'. His real surname is Bumgarner, but for some reason he dropped the first syllable when he became famous.
[Picture of James Garner]


Garr, Teri
Born 11 December 1944  (Lakewood, Ohio, USA)
US film & TV star, now battling MS.
[Picture of Teri Garr]


Gascoigne, Paul
Born 27 May 1967  (Gateshead, Co Durham, England)
Flawed genius of the football field, who played for Newcastle United, Spurs, Lazio, Rangers and of course England, when he wasn't busy boozing and/or crying. Recent photos show him looking dreadful, and have prompted speculation that he may have AIDS. At one stage, he was reputed to be planning to change his name by deed poll to G8, but changed his mind after the Live 8 concert.
[Picture of Paul Gascoigne]


Gascoine, Jill
Born 11 April 1937  (Lambeth, London, England)
Actress in "The Onedin Line" and novellist.
[Picture of Jill Gascoine]


Gaynes, George
Born 16 May 1917  (Helskini, Finland)
Probably best known to movie audiences as Commandant Lassard in the endless "Police Academy" series.
[Picture of George Gaynes]


Geeson, Judy
Born 10 September 1948  (Arundel, Sussex, England)
British film actress, now living and working in the US.
[Picture of Judy Geeson]


Geldof, Bob
Born 5 October 1951  (Dun Laoghaire, Republic of Ireland)
Former Boomtown Rats frontman turned shouty, sweary Live Aid and Live 8 organiser. Has been looking even rougher than usual of late, which certainly takes some doing.
[Picture of Bob Geldof]


George, Boy
Born 14 June 1961  (Eltham, Kent, England)
Cross-dressing lead singer of Culture Club and later solo artist, born George Alan O'Dowd.
[Picture of Boy George]


Georgievna, Leonida (Died in 2010)
Born 23 September 1914  (Tblisi, Georgia)
Grand Duchess of Russia, widow of the pretender to the Russian throne.
[Picture of Leonida Georgievna]


Gest, David
Born 11 May 1953  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Weird-looking former husband of Liza Minnelli, a US television producer who now appears in "celebrity" shows in the UK.
[Picture of David Gest]


Getty, Estelle (Died in 2008)
Born 25 July 1923  (New York, New York, USA)
Played the little old granny in the "The Golden Girls", but is in fact a few weeks younger than her co-star, Bea Arthur.
[Picture of Estelle Getty]


Gibb, Barbara
Born 2 November 1920  (Manchester, England)
Mother of Bee Gees Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb.
[Picture of Barbara Gibb]


Gibb, Robin (Died in 2012)
Born 22 December 1949  (Douglas, Isle of Man, England)
The ugly, unbearded one of the Bee Gees.
[Picture of Robin Gibb]


Gies, Miep (Died in 2010)
Born 15 February 1909  (Vienna, Austria)
Protector of Anne Frank in WWII. Pub fact: her first name inspired the noise that Road Runner makes when taunting Wile E. Coyote.
[Picture of Miep Gies]


Gilbert, Lewis
Born 6 March 1920  (London, England)
English film director, producer & screenwriter, notably of both war films and three James Bond movies.
[Picture of Lewis Gilbert]


Giles, Stine
Date and place of birth unknown
Former waitress who married cricketer Ashley Giles. Currently ill with a brain tumour. Born 1969.
[Picture of Stine Giles]


Gilmore, Peter (Died in 2013)
Born 25 August 1931  (Leipzig, Germany)
British actor, in the "Onedin Line" and 11 "Carry On" films.
[Picture of Peter Gilmore]


Gilmour, David
Born 6 March 1946  (Cambridge, England)
Guitarist & singer, member of Pink Floyd.
[Picture of David Gilmour]


Gilmour, Gary
Born 26 June 1951  (Waratah, New South Wales, Australia)
Australian cricketer who destroyed England in the 1975 World Cup semi-final. Not to be confused with the American Death Row prisoner of the same name.
[Picture of Gary Gilmour]


Giscard D'Estaing, Valéry
Born 2 February 1926  (Koblenz, Germany)
President of France from 1974-81.
[Picture of Valéry Giscard D'Estaing]


Glazer, Malcolm
Born 25 May 1928  (Rochester, New York, USA)
American businessman, owner of Manchester United.
[Picture of Malcolm Glazer]


Glenn, John
Born 18 June 1921  (Cambridge, Ohio, USA)
Astronaut and politician - the first American to orbit Earth.
[Picture of John Glenn]


Glitter, Gary
Born 8 May 1944  (Banbury, Oxfordshire, England)
1970s glam rocker who was jailed in 1999 for possession of hardcore child porn. "Do you wanna be in my gang?" Er...we'll give it a miss, thanks, Gary.
[Picture of Gary Glitter]


Glory, Marie (Died in 2009)
Born 3 March 1905  (Mortagne-au-Perche, Normandy, France)
Film actress whose career peaked in the 1930s.
[Picture of Marie Glory]


Glover, Bruce
Born 2 May 1932  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Actor - played the assassin Mr Wint in the 1971 James Bond film "Diamonds Are Forever".
[Picture of Bruce Glover]


Goffe, Rusty
Born 30 October 1948  (Herne Bay, Kent, England)
4'2" dwarf actor. Was an Oompa-Loompa in the 1971 version of "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory", and played 3 minor roles in "Star Wars", although he was uncredited for the latter.
[Picture of Rusty Goffe]


Goldberg, Whoopi
Born 13 November 1955  (New York, New York, USA)
Comedienne and actress, famous for her roles in "Ghost" & "The Color Purple".
[Picture of Whoopi Goldberg]


Goldman, Fred
Date and place of birth unknown
Father of Ronald Goldman, whom O. J. Simpson didn't murder at all. In no way, nope, never.
[Picture of Fred Goldman]


Gooden, Dwight
Born 16 November 1964  (Tampa, Florida, USA)
Former baseball player, whose career was blighted by drug-taking. Since retirement in 2001, he has been in the news for boozing, assault and more drug-related shenanigans.
[Picture of Dwight Gooden]


Goodman, John
Born 20 June 1952  (St Louis, Missouri, USA)
Rotund funnyman, actor and on-screen husband of Roseanne.
[Picture of John Goodman]


Goody, Jade (Died in 2009)
Born 5 June 1981  (Bermondsey, London, England)
Former dental nurse, who, in 2002, became infamous as the most vapid Big Brother contestant ever, despite stiff competition for the title. Four years later, she became embroiled in a racism and bullying row after making various ill-advised comments about an Indian contestant, and also collapsed during the 2006 London Marathon, having consumed a pre-run meal of curry and beer.
[Picture of Jade Goody]


Goodyear, Julie
Born 29 March 1942  (Heywood, Lancashire, England)
Gobby Northern actress who played Bet Lynch in 'Coronation Street' for 25 years. Her off-screen love life has been the stuff of a tabloid editor's dreams: 3 short-lived marriages (one of which was annulled after the reception), 2 called-off engagements, numerous headline-grabbing relationships with other C-rate celebs, and a couple of lesbian flings to boot.
[Picture of Julie Goodyear]


Gorbachev, Mikhail
Born 2 March 1931  (Privolnoye, Stavropol, Russia)
Joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1952, rising steadily to become its General Secretary from 1985-91 and President of the USSR from 1990-91. Has a map of Italy tattooed on his head for some reason.
[Picture of Mikhail Gorbachev]


Górecki, Henryk (Died in 2010)
Born 6 December 1933  (Czernica, Silesia, Poland)
Polish classical composer.
[Picture of Henryk Górecki]


Gormley, Antony
Born 30 August 1950  (London, England)
British sculptor and member of the Royal Academy who is best known for the enormous "Angel of the North", which overlooks the A1 at Gateshead. In 1994 he won the Turner Prize with "Field for the British Isles".
[Picture of Antony Gormley]


Gortner, Marjoe
Born 14 January 1944  (Long Beach, California, USA)
Another US "celebrity" evangelical minister, who now apparently sponsors golf tournaments. Marjoe comes from his parents combining their names, Mary & Joseph. Good thing they weren't called BORis & INGa, then.
[Picture of Marjoe Gortner]


Gossett (jnr), Louis
Born 27 May 1936  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Gangly actor who turned down an offer to play professional basketball in order to go into films instead. Won an Oscar in 1982 for his part in "An Officer and a Gentleman", and has gone on to play various tough guys and rough diamonds since.
[Picture of Louis Gossett (jnr)]


Gough, Michael (Died in 2011)
Born 23 November 1917  (Malaya (now Malaysia))
Character actor who has played all sorts of serious roles, but is only ever remembered for being Alfred the butler in the late '80s/early '90s Batman movies.
[Picture of Michael Gough]


Gould, Harry (Died in 2010)
Born 10 December 1923  (Schenectady, New York, USA)
American actor, perhaps most famous for his role in "Rhoda", but popped up in a host of films & TV shows for 5 decades.
[Picture of Harry Gould]


Gracq, Julien Julien Gracq is no longer with us
Born 27 July 1910  (Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, Maine-et-Loire, France)

Died 23 December 2007  (Angers, Maine-et-Loire, France)

Age at death: 97  (read death notice)
French writer, playwright & poet.
[Picture of Julien Gracq]


Grade, Michael
Born 8 March 1943  (London, England)
Currently Executive Chairman at ITV after holding similar roles at the BBC & Channel 4.
[Picture of Michael Grade]


Gradi, Dario
Born 8 July 1941  (Milan, Italy)
Manager of Crewe Alexandra FC since 1983, and is currently the longest serving manager at one club in the football league.
[Picture of Dario Gradi]


Graham, Rev Billy
Born 7 November 1918  (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)
Travelling evangelist who has been preaching his doctrine of sin and salvation around the world for almost 60 years. Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1992.
[Picture of Rev Billy Graham]


Granados, Carlos 
Born 18 September 1970  (Manhattan, New York)
American Death Row inmate. Executed on 10 Jan 2007; we're told the Guardian newspaper mentioned his death, but we can't find any evidence of this, so no points awarded.
[Picture of Carlos Granados]


Grant, Russell
Born 4 February 1951  (Middlesex, England)
Large, camp TV and newspaper astrologer.
[Picture of Russell Grant]


Grass, Günter
Born 16 October 1927  (Danzig, Germany)
German Nobel Prize-winning novelist: "The Tin Drum".
[Picture of Günter Grass]


Graveney, Tom
Born 16 June 1927  (Riding Mill, Northumberland, England)
Former England Test cricketer turned commentator.
[Picture of Tom Graveney]


Graves, Peter (Died in 2010)
Born 18 March 1926  (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Actor, best known for his roles in "Mission Impossible" and "Airplane".
[Picture of Peter Graves]


Gray, Dulcie (Died in 2011)
Born 20 November 1919  (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
British actress, widow of Michael Denison. Mostly on stage, though she did appear on "Howard's Way" in the 1980s, as well as in many other films.
[Picture of Dulcie Gray]


Gray, Vivean
Born 20 July 1924  (Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England)
TV actress - played Mrs Mangel in Aussie soap "Neighbours".
[Picture of Vivean Gray]


Green, Peter
Born 29 October 1946  (Bethnal Green, London, England)
Blues guitarist, a founder member of Fleetwood Mac.
[Picture of Peter Green]


Green, Tom
Born 30 July 1971  (Pembroke, Ontario, Canada)
Actor who was briefly married to Drew Barrymore, and now has cancer.
[Picture of Tom Green]


Greene, Shecky
Born 8 April 1926  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Comedian who has been a headline act in Las Vegas for over 30 years. Real name Sheldon Greenfield.
[Picture of Shecky Greene]


Greenspan, Alan
Born 6 March 1926  (New York, New York, USA)
Economist, former US Federal Reserve chairman from 1987-2006.
[Picture of Alan Greenspan]


Gregory, Mike Mike Gregory is no longer with us
Born 20 May 1964  (Newtown, Wigan, Lancashire, England)

Died 19 November 2007  (location of death unknown)

Age at death: 43  (read death notice)
Former Rugby League player with Warrington and Great Britain, and coach of Wigan Warriors.
[Picture of Mike Gregory]


Grey-Thompson, Tanni
Born 26 July 1969  (Cardiff, Wales)
High-profile disabled athlete, a multiple London Marathon and Paralympic medal winner who was born with spina bifida.
[Picture of Tanni Grey-Thompson]


Grier, Rosey
Born 14 July 1932  (Linden, New Jersey, USA)
Former New York Giants football player, Christian minister, guitar-strumming folk singer and actor, who, despite his poncey name, is in fact a large hard bloke, Rosey being short for Roosevelt. Happened to be standing next to Sirhan Sirhan when the latter shot and killed Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, whereupon he promptly disarmed and captured him.
[Picture of Rosey Grier]


Griffin, Merv Merv Griffin is no longer with us
Born 6 July 1925  (San Mateo, California, USA)

Died 12 August 2007  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Age at death: 82  (read death notice)
US talk show host and creator of the game shows "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune".
[Picture of Merv Griffin]


Griffith, Andy (Died in 2012)
Born 1 June 1926  (Mt. Airy, North Carolina, USA)
American TV personality, star of the eponymous "Andy Griffith Show".
[Picture of Andy Griffith]


Griffiths, Richard (Died in 2013)
Born 31 July 1947  (Thornaby-on-Tees, England)
Gargantuanly fat character actor, perhaps at his best as the lusty Uncle Monty in "Withnail and I" (1987). He also used his canny knack for dialect to take on two roles as Dr Mannheimer/Earl Hacker in "Naked Gun 2˝" (1991), and wobbled his boat-load of jowls as Uncle Vernon Dursley in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone".
[Picture of Richard Griffiths]


Grove, Josie Josie Grove is no longer with us
Born 5 April 1990  (Hounslow, London, England)

Died 26 February 2007  (Corbridge, Northumberland, England)

Age at death: 16  (read death notice)
Teenager who won awards for her bravery in the face of leukaemia.
[Picture of Josie Grove]


Guccione, Bob (Died in 2010)
Born 17 December 1930  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Founder & former publisher of Penthouse magazine.
[Picture of Bob Guccione]


Guofeng, Hua (Died in 2008)
Born 16 February 1921  (Jiaocheng, Shansi Province, China)
Premier of the People's Republic of China from 1976-80 and chairman of the Chinese Communist Party from 1976-81.
[Picture of Hua Guofeng]

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