Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2015: Z


Zacherle, John
Born 26 September 1918  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
American TV acotr and personality, known for host horror films under the name "Zacherley".
[Picture of John Zacherle]


Zadora, Pia
Born 4 May 1954  (Hoboken, New Jersey, USA)
Child star actress, who later went into modelling and singing.
[Picture of Pia Zadora]


Zafy, Albert
Born 1 May 1927  (Ambilobe, Madagascar)
Former President of Madagascar from 1993-1996.
[Picture of Albert Zafy]


Zagallo, Mário
Born 9 August 1931  (Maceio, Brazil)
Former player and coach for the Brazilian national team, winning the World Cup as a player in 1958 and 1962 and again as manager in 1970.
[Picture of Mário Zagallo]


Zahir, Zahir
Date and place of birth unknown
Former head of police in the peace-loving, crime-free city of Kabul, Afghanistan.
[Picture of Zahir Zahir]


Zane, Billy
Born 24 February 1966  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Film actor, often in the role of villain in films such as 'Dead Calm' and 'Titanic'.
[Picture of Billy Zane]


Zangpo, Takna Jigme
Date and place of birth unknown
Tibetan former political prisoner, incarcerated for 37 years. Born 1927.
[Picture of Takna Jigme Zangpo]


Zátopková, Dana
Born 19 September 1922  (Karviná-Fryštát, Czech Republic)
Olympic javelin champion at the 1952 Olympics in Melbourne. Widow of the legendary distance runner Emil Zátopek.
[Picture of Dana Zátopková]


Zeffirelli, Franco
Born 12 February 1923  (Florence, Tuscany, Italy)
Italian film director, famous for the films 'Jesus of Nazareth' & 'Tea with Mussolini'. Awarded an honorary British knighthood in 1999. Born Gianfranco Corsi.
[Picture of Franco Zeffirelli]


Zemeckis, Robert
Born 14 May 1952  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Successful US film writer/director of hit films 'Back to the Future' and 'Forest Gump'.
[Picture of Robert Zemeckis]


Zemin, Jiang
Born 17 August 1926  (Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China)
Former Chinese President (1993-2003) & General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party
[Picture of Jiang Zemin]


Zemprelli, Edward
Born 11 May 1925  (Clairton, Pennsylvania, USA)
US Democrat politician and lawyer, serving the Pennsylvania senate in the 1980s.
[Picture of Edward Zemprelli]


Zentai, Charles
Born 8 October 1921  (Hungary)
Hungarian-born resident in Australia accused of war crrimes against the Jews. Born Károly Steiner.
[Picture of Charles Zentai]


Zeta-Jones, Catherine
Born 25 September 1969  (Swansea, Wales)
Foxy Welsh actress who made a succcesful transition from British tv star to Hollywood, marrying Michael Douglas along the way.
[Picture of Catherine Zeta-Jones]


Ziesmer, Jerry
Born 31 May 1939  (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
American assistant film director on over 50 films but forever known for his acting role in 'Apocalypse Now', instructing Martin Sheen to "terminate... with extreme prejudice".
[Picture of Jerry Ziesmer]


Zimmerman, George
Born 5 October 1983  (Manassas, Virginia, USA)
Man who in 2013 was controversially aquitted for the murder of black teenager Trayvon Martin.
[Picture of George Zimmerman]


Zinsou, Emile Derlin
Born 23 March 1918  (Ouidah, Benin)
President of Benin (when it was called Dahomey) from 1968-69. Imposed by the military, then deposed by them...
[Picture of Emile Derlin Zinsou]


Zohn, Ethan
Born 12 November 1973  (Lexington, Massachusetts, USA)
Winner of the US reality series 'Survivor: Africa' in 2001.
[Picture of Ethan Zohn]


Zorreguieta, Jorge
Born 18 January 1928  (Larroque, Argentina)
Argentine politician who served as Minister of Agriculture during General Jorge Rafael Videla's dictatorship.
[Picture of Jorge Zorreguieta]


Zuma, Jacob
Born 12 April 1942  (Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa)
Bonkers President of South Africa, albeit in a less unpleasant way compared to a lot of other African leaders.
[Picture of Jacob Zuma]

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