Jose Jose

Jose Jose was one of the most successful, popular and troubled artists in the entirety of Latin music. First breaking through with his song “El Triste” in 1970, Jose was soon dubbed “El Príncipe de la Canción” (“The Prince of Songs”) by Mexican media. Into the 80s, his music began to achieve popularity outside of […]

Anna Quayle

Dying back in August but with her death only making it to the papers a few months later, let’s pay our respects to actress Anna Quayle. A child actress (she first appeared on stage aged 3 in a production of East Lynne) Quayle’s first significant film role was as the girl who fails to recognise John Lennon […]

Jacques Chirac

Two-time French president, two-time French prime minister, and a mortal enemy of both George W. Bush and Bono: Jacques Chirac has died aged 86. A promising rugby player in his youth, Chirac was an avowed Communist until his political views were dragged to the right during military service in Algeria. Upon returning to France he […]

Larry Wallis

Inspired to play guitar by the skiffle revolution, Larry Wallis was the gossamer-thin tie that bound the British summer of love, proto-metal and punk. Starting off his career with The Entire Sioux Nation (a bandname you probably couldn’t get away with today), he had short-lived spells with Bloodwyn Pig, UFO and Shergat before joining The […]

Suzanne Whang

Suzanne Whang was a comedian and actor who was probably best known to the general public as the host of House Hunters, the show that set the format for every “rich people need to buy a home” programme that followed. However, she also went a pretty public battle with breast cancer that lasted some 13 years. […]

Fernando Ricksen

And the white man continues to keep Robert Mugabe down, ensuring that (as it stands) he has to share the title of most popular DDP hit for 2019… Fernando Ricksen joined Rangers in 2000 as part of Dick Advocaat’s Dutch revolution. He quickly acquired a reputation as a footballer who could start a fight in […]

Michael Edwardes

Michael Edwardes, former chairman of British Leyland, was the country’s most famous businessman for a good half decade and arguably did more to spur the 1980s strain of business Thatcherism than anyone other than Maggie herself. Born in South Africa, where he was a promising squash player as a youth, he found himself at British […]

Akilisi Pohiva

Akilisi Pohiva was the first commoner elected to the position of Tongan Prime Minister. Fittingly, his political career was characterised by clashes with Tongan monarchy: he was arrested for sedition in 2002 for claiming the king had a hidden fortune, and again in 2007 for his alleged involvement in the pro-democracy Nuku’alofa riots. He was […]

T. Boone Pickens

When it came to 1980s business reporting, T. Boone Pickens was straight out of central casting. He made his name, J.R. Ewing-style, with wildcat oil drills. He then became one of the era’s most fearsome corporate raiders, feared and loathed in equal measures across Wall Street. And he finished the decade as an unlikely environmentalist, pushing […]

Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston looked like Artie Lange’s corpse after three days of bloating and made absolutely terrible music. There’s a good reason we don’t let “outsider musicians” inside, people. Still, enough people thought they were being edgy by listening to the man who did Nazi salutes on stage and was arrested for an incident in which […]