Dave Myers


Hairy Biker Dave Myers has died aged 66. He had worked as a prosthetic makeup artist for various programmes when crossing paths with one Si King. The hirsute duo hit it off over their mutual love of food and motorbiking, and took their motorcycles across the UK and the world to bask in the cuisine. Their unorthodox style, natural chemistry, and knowledgeable love of food and culture won the hearts of many, and led to many popular programmes under the Hairy Bikers banner. So trademark were the bikes that they even entered morning talk shows on them, and Myers also took a crack at Strictly Come Dancing that lasted to the seventh week largely on the entertainment value.

Surprisingly picked as early as 2013 (the same year he flailed about on Strictly), he was diagnosed with cancer in 2022, and was a popular pick this year with a “thankful to still be here”-tinted Hairy Bikers Christmas special fresh in deadpoolers’ minds. Among those to dine on the points are Dead Wait, I’m Sorry For Your Trouble, and Salmon Mousse, as well as joker points for GMTAs Everybody’s Dead, Dave and Everybody’s Dead Daves.

Dave Myers
8 September 1957 – 28 February 2024, aged 66
26 TEAMS (💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 8 POINTS, 🃏 (x3) 16 POINTS)