Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2023: C


Caerts, Leo
Born 14 February 1931  (Belgium)
Belgian producer, songwriter and orchestra leader
[Picture of Leo Caerts]


Caine, Dick
Born 13 February 1946  (Surry Hills, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
Former Australian swimming coach currently swimming in allegations of underage sexual abuse of teenage girls
[Picture of Dick Caine]


Caine, Michael
Born 14 March 1933  (Bermondsey, London, England)
Legendary British actor, still turning in award-winning performances.
[Picture of Michael Caine]


Cairney, John John Cairney is no longer with us
Born 16 February 1930  (Glasgow, Scotland)

Died 7 September 2023  ()

Age at death: 93  (read death notice)
Scottish actor who apeared in the original Titanic film 'A Night to Remember'.
[Picture of John Cairney]


Cajucom Manalo, Elena
Date and place of birth unknown
Filipina centenarian Franciscan nun.
[Picture of Elena Cajucom Manalo]


Calder, David
Born 1 August 1946  (Portsmouth, UK)
Clasically trained actor, played Julius Caesar in the 2018 National Live Theatre Shakespeare adaptation.
[Picture of David Calder]


Calderwood, Jimmy
Born 28 February 1955  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Footballer, now with dementia.
[Picture of Jimmy Calderwood]


Caldwell (drummer), Bobby
Born 10 June 1951  (Winter Park, Florida, USA)
Rock drummer for Captain Beyond & Armageddon. His playing can be heard on classic rock radio staple "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo". Born 1951.
[Picture of Bobby Caldwell (drummer)]


Callan, K
Born 1 September 1931  (Dallas, Texas, USA)
Katherine Callan, actress best known for playing Clark Kent's mother Martha in "The new adventures of Superman".
[Picture of K Callan]


Callerot, Genevieve
Born 6 May 1916  (Paris, France)
French farmer, novelist and WW2 resistance fighter.
[Picture of Genevieve Callerot]


callow, simon
Born 15 June 1949  (London, England)
Stage, TV & film actor, starring in several Merchant Ivory productions. Has a tendency to play Charles Dickens at the drop of a hat.
[Picture of simon callow]


Calvin, John Keith John Keith Calvin is no longer with us
Date and place of birth unknown

Died 25 January 2023  (El Dorado, Kansas, USA)

Age at death: 56  (read death notice)
very longtime prisoner for a murder he might not have committed, it's what they all say! Born 1966
[Picture of John Keith Calvin]


Camber, Irene
Born 12 February 1926  (Trieste, Italy)
Italian fencer who won the Foil Gold at the 1952 Olympics.
[Picture of Irene Camber]


Cameron, Dove
Born 15 January 1996  (Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA)
American actress and singer that has appeared in numerous Disney productions.
[Picture of Dove Cameron]


Camkiran, Turabi
Born 6 March 1987  (Mersin, Turkey)
Participant in the TV shows Turkey's got talent and Survivor.
[Picture of Turabi Camkiran]


Campbell, Bill Bill Campbell is no longer with us
Born 9 August 1948  (Highland Park, Michigan, USA)

Died 6 January 2023  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Age at death: 74  (read death notice)
Baseball player with 14 seasons in the MLB
[Picture of Bill Campbell]


Campbell, Jane
Born 19 April 1959  (Kingston Hill, Surrey, England)
Disability campaigner, now Baroness Campbell of Surbiton.
[Picture of Jane Campbell]


Campbell, Naomi
Born 22 May 1970  (Streatham, London, England)
Maid-beater, ex Grange Hill extra & supermodel.
[Picture of Naomi Campbell]


Campbell, Ronnie
Born 14 August 1943  (Tynemouth, Northumberland, England)
Labour MP for Blyth Valley since 1987.
[Picture of Ronnie Campbell]


Campbell, Sandy
Born 11 November 1966  (Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia)
Australian former rugby league player currently homeless and battling cancer.
[Picture of Sandy Campbell]


Campbell, Vivian
Born 25 August 1962  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Guitarist for rock bands Def Leppard, Thin Lizzy and Dio.
[Picture of Vivian Campbell]


Campbell-Walter, Fiona
Born 25 June 1932  (Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand)
Formerly Baroness Thyssen-Bornemisza de Kászon et Impérfalva she was a model who also had a relationship with Alexander Onassis
[Picture of Fiona Campbell-Walter]


Canabarro Lucas, Inah
Born 6 August 1908  (Sao Francisco de Assis, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
Brazilian supercentenarian.
[Picture of Inah Canabarro Lucas]


Cannan, John
Born 20 February 1954  (Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom)
Serial rapist and convicted murderer. Supposedly terminally ill in 2022, but so far, not ill enough.
[Picture of John Cannan]


Cannon, Dyan
Born 4 January 1937  (Tacoma, Washington, USA)
US Actress, nominated three times for an Oscar
[Picture of Dyan Cannon]


Cannon, Nick
Born 8 October 1980  (San Diego, California, USA)
Actor and rapper who is married to Mariah Carey.
[Picture of Nick Cannon]


Cannon, Tommy
Born 27 June 1938  (Oldham, Lancashire, England)
The taller half of Cannon & Ball; now teams up with his old sidekick to do evangelical stuff as well as comedy routines.
[Picture of Tommy Cannon]


Capes, Geoff
Born 23 August 1949  (Holbeach, Lincolnshire, England)
Fomer Great Britain international shot putter and twice winner of the World's Strongest Man competition.
[Picture of Geoff Capes]


Capp, Shirley
Date and place of birth unknown
Mother of Ian Huntley's girlfriend Maxine Carr, also slightly involved in the whole story, roughly 79 years old now
[Picture of Shirley Capp]


Capps, Lois
Born 10 January 1938  (Ladysmith, Wisconsin, USA)
former US Representative, from 1998 to 2017.
[Picture of Lois Capps]


Capron, Brian
Born 11 February 1947  (Eye, Suffolk, England)
Actor, remembered as the devious Richard Hillman in 'Coronation Street'.
[Picture of Brian Capron]


Carbajal, Antonio Antonio Carbajal is no longer with us
Born 7 June 1929  (Mexico City, Mexico)

Died 9 May 2023  (Leon de las Aldama, Mexico)

Age at death: 93  (read death notice)
Former Mexico national goalkeeper. One of only 2 players to have appeared in five World Cups.
[Picture of Antonio Carbajal]


Carbonero, Sara
Born 2 March 1984  (Corral de Almaguer, Spain)
Spanish sports journalist and TV presenter. Ex-wife of keeper Iker Casillias.
[Picture of Sara Carbonero]


Cardenas, Elsa
Born 3 August 1932  (Tijuana, Mexico)
Mexican actress who starred in Giant alongside James Dean and maybe had too much fun with Elvis in Acupulco
[Picture of Elsa Cardenas]


Cardinale, Claudia
Born 15 April 1938  (Tunis, Tunisia)
Actress of 1960s and 1970s Italian cinema, who starred in some films by Luchino Visconti and Sergio Leone. Was named among one of the 50 most beautiful actresses in film history. Today she is an outspoken activist for women's and gay rights.
[Picture of Claudia Cardinale]


Carew, Rod
Born 1 October 1945  (Gatun, Panama)
Major League Baseball player and coach.
[Picture of Rod Carew]


Carey, Mariah
Born 27 March 1969  (Long Island, New York, USA)
Multi-platinum selling R&B singer and alleged 'Diva'. Now turning her hand to acting.
[Picture of Mariah Carey]


Cariou, Len
Born 30 September 1939  (St Boniface, Manitoba, Canada)
Actor on both stage and screen, originated the role of Sweeney Todd in its 1979 Broadway run.
[Picture of Len Cariou]


Carl XVI Gustaf Folke Hubertus, King
Born 30 April 1946  (Haga Palace, Sweden)
King of Sweden since 1973 & the guy who hands over the Nobel Prizes every year.
[Picture of King Carl XVI Gustaf Folke Hubertus]


Carlisle, Clarke
Born 14 October 1979  (Preston, Lancashire, England)
Former journeyman footballer who later became chairman of the Professional Footballers Association. Attempted suicide shortly before Xmas 2014 by stepping in front of a lorry.
[Picture of Clarke Carlisle]


Carlson, Tucker
Born 16 May 1969  (San Francisco, California, USA)
American conservative journalist and political commentator.
[Picture of Tucker Carlson]


Carlyle, Robert
Born 14 April 1961  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Scottish actor. Best known for his roles in 'The Full Monty' and 'Trainspotting'.
[Picture of Robert Carlyle]


Carnahan, Jean
Born 20 December 1933  (Washington DC, USA)
The first woman to represent Missouri in the US Senate, she was elected to replace her late husband Mel.
[Picture of Jean Carnahan]


Carner, JoAnne
Born 4 April 1939  (Kirkland, Washington, USA)
American professional golfer with 43 victories on the LPGA Tour.
[Picture of JoAnne Carner]


Caro, Robert
Born 30 October 1935  (New York, USA)
American journalist and author known for his biographies of United States political figures Robert Moses and Lyndon B. Johnson called THe Power Broker and Master of the Senate respectively for which he won two Pullitzer Prizes
[Picture of Robert Caro]


Caron, Leslie
Born 1 July 1931  (Boulogne-sur-Seine, France)
French actress and dancer.
[Picture of Leslie Caron]


Carpenter, Richard
Born 15 October 1946  (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
One half of the successful 1970s pop sibling duo The Carpenters with his sister, the late Karen Carpenter.
[Picture of Richard Carpenter]


Carr, Alan
Born 14 June 1976  (Weymouth, Dorset, England)
Well, there's two schools of thought here. One says he's a popular, funny comedian. Others say he is an unoriginal, utterly annoying twat.
[Picture of Alan Carr]


Carr, Maxine
Born 16 February 1977  (North Selsey, Lincolnshire, England)
Somewhat naïve former girlfriend of Ian Huntley, who provided an alibi for him on the day in August 2002 when he murdered two schoolgirls. Not implicated in the crime herself, but sentenced to three a
[Picture of Maxine Carr]


Carr, Sally
Born 28 March 1945  (Muirhead, UK)
Frontwoman of 1970s middle-of-the-road pop act Middle of the Road.
[Picture of Sally Carr]


Carrera, Barbara
Born 31 December 1945  (Bluefields, Nicaragua)
Actress perhaps best remembered as SPECTRE assassin Fatima Blush in 'Never Say Never Again'.
[Picture of Barbara Carrera]


Carreras, Jose
Born 5 December 1946  (Barcelona, Spain)
The third wheel of the Three Tenors, who has successfully beaten leukemia in the past.
[Picture of Jose Carreras]


Carrey, Jim
Born 17 January 1962  (Newmarket, Ontario, Canada)
Rubber faced actor/comedian - famous for 'The Mask', 'Ace Ventura' and 'The Truman Show', amongst others.
[Picture of Jim Carrey]


Carrodus, Frank
Born 31 May 1949  (Cheshire, England)
Former winger for Aston Villa in the late 1970s.
[Picture of Frank Carrodus]


Carrott, Jasper
Born 14 March 1945  (Acocks Green, Birmingham, England)
Comedian & game show presenter - real name Robert Davis.
[Picture of Jasper Carrott]


Carson, Mindy
Born 16 July 1927  (New York City, New York, USA)
Traditional American pop singer, mostly forgotten, but not here!
[Picture of Mindy Carson]


Carson, Willie
Born 16 November 1942  (Stirling, United Kingdom)
Retired British jockey and racehorse owner
[Picture of Willie Carson]


Carter, Allister
Born 25 July 1979  (Colchester, Essex, England)
Snooker player, Runner-up in the 2008 & 2012 World Championship.
[Picture of Allister Carter]


Carter, Clarence
Born 14 January 1936  (Montgomery, Alabama, USA)
Blind soul singer & songwriter.
[Picture of Clarence Carter]


Carter, Jim
Born 19 August 1948  (Harrogate, UK)
Actor played Mr Carson in the series Dawnton Abbey.
[Picture of Jim Carter]


Carter, Jimmy
Born 1 October 1924  (Plains, Georgia, USA)
Peanut-farming President of the US of A from 1977-81.
[Picture of Jimmy Carter]


Carter, Nick
Born 28 January 1980  (New York, USA)
Baby-faced Backstreet Boys heartthrob, struggled with substance and legal problems after the group's heyday.
[Picture of Nick Carter]


Carter, Ron
Born 4 May 1937  (Ferndale, Michigan, USA)
Extremely prolific Grammy award winning jazz double bass player. Came to fame through the second Miles Davis Quintet.
[Picture of Ron Carter]


Carter, Rosalynn Rosalynn Carter is no longer with us
Born 18 August 1927  (Plains, Georgia, USA)

Died 19 November 2023  (Plains, Georgia, USA)

Age at death: 96  (read death notice)
Wife of former US President Jimmy Carter.
[Picture of Rosalynn Carter]


Carter, Terry
Born 16 December 1928  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Actor - 'McCloud', 'Battlestar Galactica'.
[Picture of Terry Carter]


Carter (singer), Jimmy
Born 2 November 1932  (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)
Gospel singer with The Blind Boys of Alabama. Wait wasn't he Georgian?
[Picture of Jimmy Carter (singer)]


Carti, Playboi
Born 13 September 1996  (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Young rapper making a splash in the Billboard Hot 100.
[Picture of Playboi Carti]


Carty, Rico
Born 1 September 1939  (Consuelo, Dominican Republic)
Dominican baseball player nicknamed "Beeg Boy"
[Picture of Rico Carty]


Casale, Giuseppe
Born 28 September 1923  (Trani, Kingdom of Italy)
Italian historian and Archbishop Emeritus of Archdiocese of Foggia-Bovino. Died in May without an english-language obit.
[Picture of Giuseppe Casale]


Casillas, Iker
Born 20 May 1981  (Mostoles, Spain)
One of Spain's finest ever goalkeepers and a cornerstone of Real Madrid's Galacticos era
[Picture of Iker Casillas]


Cassidy, Tommy
Born 18 November 1950  (Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom)
Northern Irish football player and part of their 1982 World Cup squad
[Picture of Tommy Cassidy]


Casson, Philip
Born 20 December 1928  (London, UK)
British television director, Muppet Show, EastEnders
[Picture of Philip Casson]


Castillo, Pedro
Born 19 October 1969  (Puña, Peru)
Ousted former president of Peru, corrupt as hell.
[Picture of Pedro Castillo]


Castle, John
Born 14 January 1940  (Croydon, London, England)
Actor who appeared in acclaimed films such as Blowup, The Lion in Winter and, err, RoboCop 3.
[Picture of John Castle]


Castro, Raúl
Born 3 June 1931  (Biran, Cuba)
Younger brother of Fidel Castro, who has been running the show in Cuba since Fidel fell ill in July 2006.
[Picture of Raúl Castro]


Cat, Doja
Born 21 October 1995  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Spacey R&B type who briefly went viral in 2018 with the song "Mooo!" and its accompanying cow-themed video.
[Picture of Doja Cat]


Caterham, Ethel
Born 21 July 1909  (Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire, England)
Oldest living Brit as of 2023. One of two British subjects of Edward VII to later be a subject of Charles III.
[Picture of Ethel Caterham]


Cattini, Clem
Born 20 August 1937  (Stoke Newington, London, England)
Drummer with Tornados, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates and the Wombles
[Picture of Clem Cattini]


Cattouse, Nadia
Born 2 November 1924  (Belize City, Belize)
Belizean-born British actress, singer and songwriter
[Picture of Nadia Cattouse]


Caulton, Ralph
Born 10 January 1937  (Wellington, New Zealand)
New Zealand rugby union player who represented Wellington and played 50 matches for the All Blacks
[Picture of Ralph Caulton]


Caunter, Tony
Born 22 September 1937  (Southampton, England)
Actor, famous  for playing Pat Butcher’s husband Roy in EastEnders.
[Picture of Tony Caunter]


Cavalli, Rachael
Born 8 July 1984  (Indiana, USA)
Porn Star - check her out on XXXGerbil
[Picture of Rachael Cavalli]


Cavalli, Roberto
Born 15 November 1940  (Rome, Italy)
Fashion designer, a favourite of Victoria Beckham & Shakira, apparently.
[Picture of Roberto Cavalli]


Cavani, Liliana
Born 12 January 1933  (Carpi, Modena, Italy)
Italian film director, best known for her 1974 film 'The Night Porter', starring Dirk Bogarde.
[Picture of Liliana Cavani]


Caven, Ingrid
Born 3 August 1938  (Saarbrucken, Germany)
German film actress who appeared in several films directed by husband Ranier Fassbinder.
[Picture of Ingrid Caven]


Caveney, Graham
Born in Accrington, Lancashire, UK  (exact date unknown)
Freelance writer, music and fiction for NME, the Face and Independent.
[Picture of Graham Caveney]


Cavett, Dick
Born 19 November 1936  (Gibbon, Nebraska, USA)
Talk-show host in the US.
[Picture of Dick Cavett]


Cawthorn, Madison
Born 1 August 1995  (Asheville, North Carolina, USA)
American politician, former congressman from North Carolina.
[Picture of Madison Cawthorn]


Celentano, Adriano
Born 6 January 1938  (Milan, Italy)
Italy's Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Beatles all rolled into one. Seriously, all pop culture went through this man for 30 years. One of Ian Dury's "Reasons to be Cheerful" as well.
[Picture of Adriano Celentano]


Cellier, Peter
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Actor who specialised in playing officious, establishment figures in series such as 'Yes, Minister'. Born 1928.
[Picture of Peter Cellier]


Cepeda, Orlando
Born 17 September 1937  (Ponce, Puerto Rico)
Puerto Rican baseball player.
[Picture of Orlando Cepeda]


Cerf, Vinton
Born 23 June 1943  (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
American Internet pioneer recognized as one of "the fathers of the Internet", sharing this title with TCP/IP co-developer Bob Kahn
[Picture of Vinton Cerf]


Cetera, Peter
Born 13 September 1944  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
American singer, songwriter and bassist best known for being an original member of Chicago before launching a successful solo career
[Picture of Peter Cetera]


Ceulemans, Raymond
Born 12 July 1937  (Lier, Belgium)
Prolifically successful three-cushion billiards player.
[Picture of Raymond Ceulemans]


Chabelo, (actor) (actor) Chabelo is no longer with us
Born 17 February 1935  (Chicago, Illenois, USA)

Died 25 March 2023  (Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico)

Age at death: 88  (read death notice)
Born Xavier López Rodriguez, Mexican American actor and comedian. 60 years TV veteran.
[Picture of (actor) Chabelo]


Chalmers, Judith
Born 10 October 1935  (Stockport, Cheshire, England)
Former presenter of 'Wish You Were Here?' Urban legend in the Costa Blanca says she fell off a train (The Lemon Express), stinking drunk after enjoying copious amounts of champagne & then refilmed her "actual" footage 2 days later when she recovered. Howe
[Picture of Judith Chalmers]


Chamberlain, Richard
Born 31 March 1934  (Beverly Hills, California)
Television & film actor in both the US & the UK. Gained fame as being a heart-throb, but later admitted that he is, in fact, gay. Now lives in Hawaii.
[Picture of Richard Chamberlain]


Chamorro, Violeta
Born 18 October 1929  (Rivas, Nicaragua)
First female president of Nicaragua in 1990, following the ousting of Daniel Ortega's Sandanista regime.
[Picture of Violeta Chamorro]


Champfeu, Jacques de Larosiere de
Born 12 November 1929  (Paris, France)
Banker, former President of the EBRD.
[Picture of Jacques de Larosiere de Champfeu]


Champion, Bob
Born 4 June 1948  (Sussex, England)
English jockey and winner of the 1981 Grand National while battling cancer.
[Picture of Bob Champion]


Chamy, Sergio
Date and place of birth unknown
Chilean actoe or spy (?) who went undercover in a nursing home for journalism, but he was a bade mole, and they made a move about him instead, born roughly 1936
[Picture of Sergio Chamy]


Chandler, Christine Weston
Born 24 February 1982  (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA)
The internet personality known as Chris Chan. They started as a Comic Book illustrator before spiralling down into the deepest pits of internet infamy
[Picture of Christine Weston Chandler]


Chandler, Gene
Born 6 July 1937  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Singer-songwriter known for Duke of Earl and Groovy Situation.
[Picture of Gene Chandler]


Born 28 November 1948  (Orcheston, Wiltshire, England)
Former Southampton and England striker, later a successful horse racing trainer.
[Picture of Mick CHANNON]


Chaplin, Geraldine
Born 31 July 1944  (Santa Monica, California, USA)
American actress and daughter of Charlie Chaplin.
[Picture of Geraldine Chaplin]


Chapman, Duane "Dog"
Born 2 February 1953  (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Bounty hunter & bail bondsman & TV star in the US.
[Picture of Duane


Chapman, Mark David
Born 10 May 1955  (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
The killer of John Lennon in 1980. Currently serving life imprisonment.
[Picture of Mark David Chapman]


Chappell, Greg
Born 8 July 1948  (Unley, South Australia)
Australian cricketer, used to hold the catches record.
[Picture of Greg Chappell]


Chappelle, Dave
Born 24 August 1973  (Washington D.C., USA)
Massively popular American stand-up actor and TV show host, somewhat edgy and thus always in danger of getting #cancelled
[Picture of Dave Chappelle]


Charalambous, Bambos
Born 2 December 1967  (London, UK)
Labour MP for Enfield Southgate since 2017
[Picture of Bambos Charalambous]


Charles, Bob
Born 14 March 1936  (Carterton, New Zealand)
Golfer, the first left-handed player to win a major (the 1963 Open).
[Picture of Bob Charles]


Charles, Jeanette
Born 15 October 1927  ()
Actress look-a-like of Queen Elisabeth II.
[Picture of Jeanette Charles]


Charles, Maria Maria Charles is no longer with us
Born 22 September 1929  (London, England)

Died 21 April 2023  ()

Age at death: 93  (read death notice)
Agony and Brideshead Revisited actress.
[Picture of Maria Charles]


Charles III, King
Born 14 November 1948  (Buckingham Palace, London, England)
Eternal prince-in-waiting, now ascended to the throne but as of this day, not yet coronated
[Picture of King Charles III]


Charlton, Bobby Bobby Charlton is no longer with us
Born 11 October 1937  (Ashington, Northumberland, England)

Died 21 October 2023  (Ashington, United Kingdom)

Age at death: 86  (read death notice)
1966 World Cup-winning footballer and survivor of the 1958 Munich air crash.
[Picture of Bobby Charlton]


Charlton, Michael
Born 1 May 1927  (Sydney, Australia)
Australian broadcaster, best known as reporter on British news programme 'Panorama' in the 1960s and 70s.
[Picture of Michael Charlton]


Chase, Chevy
Born 8 October 1943  (New York City, New York, USA)
Actor & comedian, very popular in the 1970s & 1980s after his appearances on Saturday Night Live.
[Picture of Chevy Chase]


Chauvin, Derek
Born 19 March 1976  (Oakdale, Minnesota, USA)
Minnesota policeman who loved his job a bit too much, and killed George Floyd.
[Picture of Derek Chauvin]


Chechik, Adriana
Born 4 November 1991  (Downingtown, Pennsylvania, USA)
Porn star.
[Picture of Adriana Chechik]


Checker, Chubby
Born 3 October 1941  (Spring Gulley, South Carolina, USA)
Singer, famous for his hit singles 'The Twist' and 'Let's Twist Again'.
[Picture of Chubby Checker]


Cheney, Dick
Born 30 January 1941  (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)
Former Vice-President of the USA, who was apparently the real "brains" in the White House. Has had years of heart trouble.
[Picture of Dick Cheney]


Cheney, Liz
Born 28 July 1966  (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)
Dick's daughter, and holder of his former House seat whose sudden shift to "principled #NeverTrumper" will probably slay the family dynasty. Oh well…
[Picture of Liz Cheney]


Cher, (singer/actress)
Born 20 May 1946  (El Centro, California, USA)
Singer, actress, gay icon, the "male-sounding one" out of Sonny & Cher, who, amongst many other things, has won an Oscar.
[Picture of (singer/actress) Cher]


Cherry, Don
Born 5 February 1934  (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
Outspoken Canadian ice hockey commentator. Not to be confused with the late jazz musician.
[Picture of Don Cherry]


Cheryl, (singer)
Born 30 June 1983  (Newcastle on Tyne, UK)
Born Cheryl Ann Tweedy, singer, former member of Girls Aloud, former WAG.
[Picture of (singer) Cheryl]


Chestnut, Joey
Born 25 November 1983  (Fulton County, Kentucky, USA)
Official world number one in the discipline of Competitive Eating
[Picture of Joey Chestnut]


Chianese, Dominic
Born 24 February 1931  (Bronx, New York, USA)
Actor, in many roles, but probably known for his role as Junior Soprano in the 'Sopranos'.
[Picture of Dominic Chianese]


Childs, David
Born 1 April 1941  (Princeton, New Jersey, USA)
Modern US architect, designed the new World Trade Center
[Picture of David Childs]


Childs, Toni
Born 29 October 1957  (Orange, California, USA)
American-Australian singer-songwriter whose success has mostly been limited to Australasia.
[Picture of Toni Childs]


Chinery, Hazel P.
Born 5 May 1927  (London, England)
Last surviving member of The Beverley Sisters.
[Picture of Hazel P. Chinery]


Chin'ono, Hopewell
Born 26 March 1971  (Zimbabwe)
Zimbabwean journalist.
[Picture of Hopewell Chin'ono]


Chirac, Bernadette
Born 18 May 1933  (Paris, France)
Politician and wife of former French President Jacques Chirac.
[Picture of Bernadette Chirac]


Chittell, Chris
Born 19 May 1948  (Aldershot, UK)
Longest-serving actor in Emmerdale, having played the role of Eric Pollard since 1986. Early in his career, he also starred in a softcore porn film alongside a young Stellan Skarsgard.
[Picture of Chris Chittell]


Chock, Madison
Born 7 February 1992  (Redondo Beach, California, USA)
Figure skater, specifically an ice dancer.
[Picture of Madison Chock]


Chomsky, Noam
Born 7 December 1928  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Leading professor of linguistics, who has also written and lectured widely on subjects as diverse as philosophy and US foreign policy. Holds honorary degrees from over 20 universities.
[Picture of Noam Chomsky]


Chong, Tommy
Born 24 May 1938  (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
One half of the stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong.
[Picture of Tommy Chong]


Chope, Christopher
Born 19 May 1947  (Putney, London, UK)
Tory MP
[Picture of Christopher Chope]


Chossudovsky, Michel
Born in Canada  (exact date unknown)
Conspiracy theory-fermenting loon, particularly in relation to 9/11.
[Picture of Michel Chossudovsky]


Chrétien, Jean
Born 11 January 1934  (Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada)
French-Canadian politician. Was Prime Minister of Canada for ten years.
[Picture of Jean Chrétien]


Christian, Peter
Born 14 August 1947  (Dingle, Liverpool, England)
TV actor, 'Brookside'.
[Picture of Peter Christian]


Born 14 April 1940  (Chabua, India)
British actress. One of the faces of the 60s, starring in hit films 'Darling', 'Billy Liar' and ' Doctor Zhivago'.
[Picture of Julie CHRISTIE]


Christie, Lou
Born 19 February 1943  (Glenwillard, Pennsylvania, USA)
Pop singer who deployed a secret weapon falsetto on hits like "Lightnin' Strikes" and "I'm Gonna Make You Mine".
[Picture of Lou Christie]


Christie, Tony
Born 25 April 1943  (Conisbrough, Yorkshire, England)
Singer, best known now for 'Is This Way To Amarillo' but he had a number of other hits in the 1970s.
[Picture of Tony Christie]


Christopher, Sonja
Born 28 January 1937  (Olympia, Washington, USA)
Took part in the US "Survivor" series - has beaten cancer in the past.
[Picture of Sonja Christopher]


Christopher, Tony
Born 25 April 1925  (Cheltenham, UK)
Oldest sitting member of the House of Lords as of the start of 2019.
[Picture of Tony Christopher]


Chuckle, Paul
Born 18 October 1947  (Rotherham, UK)
The remaining Chuckle Brother - To Me.....To Me.....To Me
[Picture of Paul Chuckle]


Chuilleanain, Eilean Ni
Born 28 November 1942  (Cork, Ireland)
Irish poet and novelist
[Picture of Eilean Ni Chuilleanain]


Church, James
Born in England  (exact date unknown)
Stepfather of Charlotte Church.
[Picture of James Church]


Churchman, Ysanne
Born 14 May 1925  (Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England)
Actress, best known as the voice of Grace Archer in 'The Archers' and was famously killed off in 1955 on the same night as the launch of ITV.
[Picture of Ysanne Churchman]


Claire, Mary Jean St.
Born 13 October 1938  (Valencia, California, USA)
The Amazing Race contestant.
[Picture of Mary Jean St. Claire]


Clapton, Eric
Born 30 March 1945  (Ripley, UK)
Legendary guitarist and the only man inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times. Sometimes forgets to shut the window.
[Picture of Eric Clapton]


Clark, Barbara
Date and place of birth unknown
Nurse whose activism to get a lifesaving cancer drug in the aughts led to a change in NHS policy and a documentary, so just about enough for her to count. Born c. 1956.
[Picture of Barbara Clark]


Clark, Dave
Born 15 December 1942  ()
Off of The Dave Clark Five. Will he end up in bit's and pieces?
[Picture of Dave Clark]


Clark, Joe
Born 5 June 1939  (High River, Alberta, Canada)
Briefly Prime Minister of Canada from 1979-80.
[Picture of Joe Clark]


Clark, Lawrence Gordon
Born in   (exact date unknown)
English TV director and producer who gave us the 'A Ghost Story for Christmas' series of Yuletide spooky tales during the 1970s.
[Picture of Lawrence Gordon Clark]


Clark, Marcia
Born 31 August 1953  (Alameda, California, USA)
Lead prosecutor in the O. J. Simpson murder case, often crops up on TV as a talking head whenever there's another murder trial gaining media attention.
[Picture of Marcia Clark]


Clark, Petula
Born 15 November 1932  (Epsom, Surrey, England)
Singer and actress. Has suffered from depression.
[Picture of Petula Clark]


Clark, Wesley
Born 23 December 1944  (Chicago, USA)
A retired general of the US Army decorated with the Presidential Medal of Freedom
[Picture of Wesley Clark]


Clarke, Giles
Born 29 May 1953  (Bristol, England, United Kingdom)
Cricket administrator.
[Picture of Giles Clarke]


Clarke, Jeremy Jeremy Clarke is no longer with us
Date and place of birth unknown

Died 20 May 2023  (Provence, France)

Age at death: 66  (read death notice)
Minor journalist and columnist at the Spectator
[Picture of Jeremy Clarke]


Clarke, Roy
Born 28 January 1930  (Austerfield, Yorkshire, England)
Sitcom producer & writer who has written 'Keeping Up Appearances' and 'Open All Hours' but is probably best known for 'Last of the Summer Wine' where he has written the same jokes for 30 years. The series finally had it's last drop of wine in 2010.
[Picture of Roy Clarke]


Clarkson, Jeremy
Born 11 April 1960  (Doncaster, South Yorkshire)
Presenter of Top Gear, and columnist in the Times & The Sun. His frequently outspoken views have divided the UK, with some declaring him the last bastion of sense in the country, others saying...ahem...less nice things about him.
[Picture of Jeremy Clarkson]


clayton, edward
Born 9 October 1940  (Sheffield, Staffordshire, England)
Actor, known from 1960s soap 'Crossroads'.
[Picture of edward clayton]


Clayton-Thomas, David
Born 13 September 1941  (Kingston-upon-Thames, London, England)
Singer, either as a soloist or with Blood, Sweat & Tears. Of Canadian ancestry, he often has links there.
[Picture of David Clayton-Thomas]


Cleall, Peter
Born 16 March 1944  (Finchley, Middlesex, England)
English acting agent and actor on the comedy series "Please Sir!"
[Picture of Peter Cleall]


Cleese, John
Born 27 October 1939  (Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England)
Legendary comedian, member of Monty Python, who has more latterly found fame in the US.
[Picture of John Cleese]


Clegg, Barbara
Born 1 March 1926  (Manchester, England)
Actress (Nurse Jo Buckley in 'Emergency Ward 10') and scriptwriter ('Corrie', 'Doctor Who').
[Picture of Barbara Clegg]


Clegg, John
Born in Murree, Pakistan  (exact date unknown)
Actor, best known as Gunner Graham in 1970s sitcom 'It Aint Half Hot Mum'. Born 1934.
[Picture of John Clegg]


Cliff, Jimmy
Born 30 July 1944  (St. James, Jamaica)
Important Jamaican ska and reggae artist
[Picture of Jimmy Cliff]


Clifford, Keith
Born 20 June 1938  (Halifax, Yorkshire, England)
Actor who played Billy Hardcastle in 'Last of the Summer Wine'.
[Picture of Keith Clifford]


Clinton, Bill
Born 19 August 1946  (Hope, Arkansas, USA)
Sax-playing ex-US President (1993-2001).
[Picture of Bill Clinton]


Clinton, George
Born 22 July 1940  (Kannapolis, North Carolina, USA)
Funk & soul musician & keyboard player, well known for his flamboyant style & hair.
[Picture of George Clinton]


Clinton, Hillary
Born 26 October 1947  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Former First Lady of the United States, current Senator & 2008 Presidential Candidate. Wife of Bill.
[Picture of Hillary Clinton]


Clooney, George
Born 6 May 1961  (Lexington, Kentucky, USA)
Former TV star, now big in the world of films, firstly as an actor, and more recently as a producer & director. Also quite politically active in recent years, which has been reflected in his movies.
[Picture of George Clooney]


Clooney, Nick
Born 13 January 1934  (Maysville, Kentucky, USA)
Journalist and news anchorman, father of George.
[Picture of Nick Clooney]


Clwyd, Ann Ann Clwyd is no longer with us
Born 21 March 1937  (Halkyn, Flintshire, Wales)

Died 22 July 2023  (Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom)

Age at death: 86  (read death notice)
Welsh Labour MP for Cynon Valley from 1984 to 2019.
[Picture of Ann Clwyd]


Coates, Phyllis Phyllis Coates is no longer with us
Born 15 January 1927  (Wichita Falls, Texas, USA)

Died 11 October 2023  (Woodland Hills, California, USA)

Age at death: 96  (read death notice)
The first actress to play Lois Lane on television, back in 1951. Returned to the Superman universe as Lois's mother in the mid-90s "Lois and Clark" show.
[Picture of Phyllis Coates]


Cobham, Billy
Born 16 May 1944  (Colon, Panama)
Jazz drummer, and like most still living jazz legends, associated with Miles Davis
[Picture of Billy Cobham]


Coburn, Donald L.
Born 4 August 1938  (Baltimore, Maryland, United States)
American dramatist. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1978 for his play The Gin Game.
[Picture of Donald L. Coburn]


Coburn, Norman
Born 3 June 1937  (Sidney, NSW, Australia)
Australian soap opera actor, Home and Away.
[Picture of Norman Coburn]


Coddington, Grace
Born 20 April 1941  (Anglesey, Wales, United Kingdom)
Model and former creative director of American 'Vogue' magazine.
[Picture of Grace Coddington]


Coen, Ethan
Born 21 September 1957  (St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA)
Acclaimed American film director alongside brother Joel.
[Picture of Ethan Coen]


Coen, Joel
Born 29 November 1954  (St. Louis Park, Minnesota, USA)
Acclaimed American film director alongside brother Ethan.
[Picture of Joel Coen]


Coetzee, J.M.
Born 9 February 1940  (Cape Town, South Africa)
Two-time Booker Prize winner, Nobel Laureate and possible the most critically regarded writer from Africa in history.
[Picture of J.M. Coetzee]


Cohn, Arthur
Born 4 February 1927  (Basel, Switzerland)
Film producer behind a lengthy back catalogue ("The Garden of the Finzi-Continis", "Central Station", "One Day In September").
[Picture of Arthur Cohn]


Cohn, Marthe
Born 13 April 1920  (Metz, France)
French spy during the Resistance who wrote about her experiences in Behind Enemy Lines
[Picture of Marthe Cohn]


Cojuangco, Tingting
Born 29 April 1944  (Quezon City, Philippines)
Filipino politician and socialite
[Picture of Tingting Cojuangco]


Coleman, Dabney
Born 3 January 1932  (Austin, Texas, USA)
Moustachioed actor, best known for his role as the sexist boss in 'Nine to Five'.
[Picture of Dabney Coleman]


Coleman, Norm
Born 17 August 1949  (New York City, New York, USA)
Floor-crossing former US senator for Minnesota. Was also a former roadie for Jethro Tull.
[Picture of Norm Coleman]


Coles, Neil
Born 26 September 1934  (London, UK)
Golfer, runner-up in the 1973 Open and represented the UK six times in the Ryder Cup.
[Picture of Neil Coles]


Coles, Robert
Born 12 October 1929  (Boston, Massachusetts, United States)
American author, child psychiatrist, and professor emeritus at Harvard University. He developed his first book, Children of Crisis: A Study of Courage and Fear into a series of books documenting how children and their parents deal with profound change, a
[Picture of Robert Coles]


Collier, John
Born 12 April 1944  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Actor who appeared in Dragon Fire and The Riflemen.
[Picture of John Collier]


Collins, Edwyn
Born 23 August 1959  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Scottish musician, singer & songwriter, who amazingly overcame two serious brain haemorrhages.
[Picture of Edwyn Collins]


Collins, James "Gerry"
Born 16 October 1938  (Abbeyfeale, Ireland)
Former two-time foreign minister in the Irish government.
[Picture of James


Collins, Joan
Born 23 May 1933  (London, England)
Mutton-dressed-as-lamb actress, veteran of over 80 films spanning half a century, not to mention 'Dynasty'. Random fact: her first husband Maxwell Reed tried to sell her to an Arab sheik for £10,000, just seven months after their wedding in 1952.
[Picture of Joan Collins]


Collins, Kenny
Born in UK  (exact date unknown)
Former frontman with Scottish rockers, Logan. Born 1980
[Picture of Kenny Collins]


Collins, Phil
Born 30 January 1951  (London, England)
Baldy drummer/singer out of Genesis and Live Aid.
[Picture of Phil Collins]


Collins, Stephen
Born 1 October 1947  (Des Moines, Iowa, USA)
American TV actor who was indicted on charges of paedophilia in 2014.
[Picture of Stephen Collins]


Collins, Susan
Born 7 December 1952  (Caribou, Maine, USA)
Perpetually concerned Maine senator
[Picture of Susan Collins]


Collomb, Gerard
Born 20 June 1947  (Chalon-sur-Saone, France)
French socialist politician and former mayor of Lyon
[Picture of Gerard Collomb]


Colon, Bartolo
Born 24 May 1973  (Altamira, Dominican Republic)
Dominican-American baseball player. Waited until he was 42 to hit his first home run.
[Picture of Bartolo Colon]


Colquhoun, Eddie Eddie Colquhoun is no longer with us
Born 29 March 1945  (Prestonpans, UK)

Died 16 April 2023  (United Kingdom)

Age at death: 78  (read death notice)
Scottish Footballer who played for Sheffield United and Scotland
[Picture of Eddie Colquhoun]


Commerford, Tim
Born 26 February 1968  (Irvine, California, USA)
Musician, best known as bass player fro Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave and Prophets of Rage.
[Picture of Tim Commerford]


Conde, Maryse
Born 2 November 1937  (Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, France)
French writer and critic.
[Picture of Maryse Conde]


Condon, Paul
Born 10 March 1947  ()
Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police from 1993-2000.
[Picture of Paul Condon]


Connelly, George
Born 1 March 1949  (Fife, UK)
Gifted footballer who played for Celtic until he walked away from the game at just 26.
[Picture of George Connelly]


Connick Sr., Harry
Born 27 March 1926  (Mobile, alabama, USA)
American attorney, father of Harry Connick Jr.
[Picture of Harry Connick Sr.]


Connolly, Billy
Born 24 November 1942  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Scottish stand-up comedian, who has also acted, sung & done TV presenting. Well known for his dishevelled appearance and saying the word "jobby" a lot.
[Picture of Billy Connolly]


Connolly, John
Born 1 August 1940  (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
Corrupt Boston FBI agent, nicknamed "Zip". An informant in service of James "Whitey" Bulger.
[Picture of John Connolly]


Conrad, Jess
Born 24 February 1936  (Brixton, London, United Kingdom)
English pop singer and theatre actor.
[Picture of Jess Conrad]


Constantine II of Greece, (monarch) (monarch) Constantine II of Greece is no longer with us
Born 2 June 1940  (Psychiko, Athens, Greece)

Died 10 January 2023  (Athens, Greece)

Age at death: 82  (read death notice)
Former King of Greece until the Monarchy was abolished there.
[Picture of (monarch) Constantine II of Greece]


Conti, Bill
Born 13 April 1942  (Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
Oscar-nominated film composer, The Right Stuff, Karate Kid, and many more. Also conducted the Motion Picture orchestra behind the scenes
[Picture of Bill Conti]


Cook, Carole Carole Cook is no longer with us
Born 14 January 1924  (Abilene, Texas, USA)

Died 11 January 2023  (Beverly HIlls, California, USA)

Age at death: 98  (read death notice)
American Actress.
[Picture of Carole Cook]


Cook, Peter
Born 22 October 1936  (Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom)
English architect, more of an academic one
[Picture of Peter Cook]


Cook, Roger
Born 6 April 1943  (New Zealand)
Rotund journalist, best known for his 'Cook Report' investigative TV show.
[Picture of Roger Cook]


Cooke, Sidney
Born 18 April 1927  ()
Convicted paedophile as featured in the satirical TV show 'Brasseye'.
[Picture of Sidney Cooke]


Coolidge, Rita
Born 1 May 1945  (Lafayette, Tennessee, USA)
American singer, once married to Kris Kristofferson, who performed the least-known James Bond title track
[Picture of Rita Coolidge]


Coon, Caroline
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Artist and journalist, mainly associated with the punk movement in the 1970s. Born 1945.
[Picture of Caroline Coon]


Cooney, Eugenia
Born 27 July 1994  (Massachusetts, USA)
Vlogger, described as "The YouTuber Slowly Killing Herself" by critics due to the fact she weighs about 15 pounds.
[Picture of Eugenia Cooney]


Cooney, Joan Ganz
Born 30 November 1929  (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
TV producer who created Sesame Street.
[Picture of Joan Ganz Cooney]


Cooney, Ray
Born 30 May 1932  (London, England)
Playwright & actor, mostly in the theatre.
[Picture of Ray Cooney]


Cooper, Alice
Born 4 February 1948  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Make-up clad "master of shock rock". Born Vincent Damon Furnier, but changed his and his band's name to Alice Cooper in the late '60s, apparently because he believes he is a reincarnation of a 17th-century witch of that name.
[Picture of Alice Cooper]


Cooper, Jilly
Born 21 February 1937  (Essex, England)
Tory writer of terrible faux-erotic novels for sexually repressed members of the upper middle class. Sadly survived the 1999 Ladbroke Grove rail crash.
[Picture of Jilly Cooper]


Cooper, Martin
Born 26 December 1928  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Inventor of the cell (mobile) phone which either makes him one of the great technological pioneers or the Devil incarnate. Your choice…
[Picture of Martin Cooper]


Cope, Julian
Born 21 October 1957  (Deri, UK)
Singer songwriter of postpunk band The Teardrop Explodes
[Picture of Julian Cope]


Cope, Kenneth
Born 14 April 1931  (Liverpool, England)
Actor, either best known as Marty Hopkirk in 'Randall & Hopkirk Deceased', Jed Stone in 'Coronation Street' or Cyril Carter in 'Carry on Matron', depending on your viewing tastes.
[Picture of Kenneth Cope]


Copperfield, David
Born 16 September 1956  (Metuchen, New Jersey, USA)
Illusionist & magician of the glamorous, spectacular variety.
[Picture of David Copperfield]


Coppola, Francis Ford
Born 7 April 1939  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Legendary film director of 1970s classics such as 'The Godfather'. 'The Conversation' and 'Apocalypse Now'.
[Picture of Francis Ford Coppola]


Corbett, Matthew
Born 28 March 1948  (Guisley, Yorkshire, England)
Actor and puppeteer, best known as succeeding his father Harry as the custodian of Sooty. Also appeared on kid's TV show 'Rainbow' in the 1970s.
[Picture of Matthew Corbett]


Corbin, Barry
Born 16 October 1940  (Lamesa, Texas, USA)
Actor, Northern Exposure.
[Picture of Barry Corbin]


CORBYN, Jeremy
Born 26 May 1949  (Chippenham, Wiltshire, England)
Bike-riding leader of the Labour Party and loser of the 2017 General Election. Winner of the 2018 General Election.
[Picture of Jeremy CORBYN]


Corday, Mara
Born 3 January 1930  (Santa Monica, California, USA)
Former Playboy Playmate.
[Picture of Mara Corday]


Corden, James
Born 17 June 1978  (High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England)
Rotund actor and comedian who hit paydirt in the TV series 'Gavin & Stacey' as Smithy.
[Picture of James Corden]


Cordero di Montezemolo, Luca
Born 31 August 1947  (Bologna, Italy)
Chairman of car firm Ferrari.
[Picture of Luca Cordero di Montezemolo]


Corey, E. J.
Born 12 July 1928  (Methuen, Massachusetts, USA)
Organic chemist and recipient of the 1990 Nobel prize in chemistry "for his development of the theory and methodology of organic synthesis".
[Picture of E. J. Corey]


Corman, Roger
Born 5 April 1926  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Influential low budget film director who made a series of films based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe and encouraged a generation of film directors such as Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese as well as actors
[Picture of Roger Corman]


Corrigan-Maguire, Máiread
Born 27 January 1944  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Formed the Community of Peace People in Northern Ireland with Betty Williams and together they won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977.
[Picture of Máiread Corrigan-Maguire]


Cortez, Dave Baby
Born 13 August 1938  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
R&B musician best known for his instrumental "The Happy Organ". Teenage laughter goes here…
[Picture of Dave Baby Cortez]


Cosby, Bill
Born 12 July 1937  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Long-standing, squeaky-clean, inexplicably popular US comic.
[Picture of Bill Cosby]


Cossotto, Fiorenza
Born 22 April 1935  (Crescentino, Italy)
Italian operatic mezzo-soprano
[Picture of Fiorenza Cossotto]


Costa, Mary
Born 5 April 1930  (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)
Actress, the voice of Princess Aurora in the Disney classic 'Sleeping Beauty'.
[Picture of Mary Costa]


Costanzo, Robert
Born 20 October 1942  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Actor, did a lot of TV work. Hill Street Blues, Family tiies, LA Law, NYPD Blue, Days of our lives etc.
[Picture of Robert Costanzo]


Costner, Kevin
Born 18 January 1955  (Lynwood, California, USA)
Two-time Academy Award winning actor and director, known for playing the main characters in 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves', 'Dances with Wolves', 'The Bodyguard' and 'Tin Cup'.
[Picture of Kevin Costner]


Cotrubas, Ileana
Born 9 June 1939  (Galati, Romania)
Romanian soprano.
[Picture of Ileana Cotrubas]


Cotton, Tom
Born 13 May 1977  (Dardanelle, Arkansas, USA)
Baby Trump in the Senate dreaming of following in his idols footsteps.
[Picture of Tom Cotton]


Coulter, Phil
Born 19 February 1942  (Derry, Northern Ireland)
Irish songwriter behind Eurovision smashes "Puppet on a String" and "Congratulations".
[Picture of Phil Coulter]


Court, Margaret
Born 16 July 1942  (Perth, Australia)
One of the top women tennis players of the 1960s. Now a controversial figure due to her views on homosexuality in the game.
[Picture of Margaret Court]


Courtenay, Tom
Born 25 February 1937  (Hull, Yorkshire, England)
British actor, knighted in 2001. His heyday was in the 1960s, but still pops up in films to this day.
[Picture of Tom Courtenay]


Cousy, Bob
Born 9 August 1928  (Manhattan, New York, US)
Exceptionally successful US basketball player
[Picture of Bob Cousy]


Born 22 September 1951  (Saltburn-by-the-Sea, UK)
Big haired singer of Whitesnake, successor to Ian Gillan as singer of Deep Purple.


COWELL, (Wildlife) Simon
Born in Leatherhead, England  (exact date unknown)
TV Veterinarian who has never judged The X-Factor, as far as we know…
[Picture of (Wildlife) Simon COWELL]


Cowell, Simon
Born 7 October 1959  (Brighton, East Sussex, England)
Record producer & TV talent judge, he of the scathing putdowns & high trousers.
[Picture of Simon Cowell]


Cox, Bobby
Born 21 May 1941  (Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
American Hall of Fame baseball player and manager.
[Picture of Bobby Cox]


Cox, Brian
Born 1 June 1946  (Dundee, Scotland)
Feted British actor in TV & (mainly) films.
[Picture of Brian Cox]


Cox, Jane
Born 13 May 1952  (UK)
Longest-serving female Emmerdale castmember as of the start of 2018, having played Lisa Dingle since 1996.
[Picture of Jane Cox]


Cox, Ronny
Born 23 July 1938  (Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA)
American actor, singer, songwriter, and storyteller. Played Cohaagen in Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall. Yes, the exploding head at the end.
[Picture of Ronny Cox]


Cox, Sara
Born 13 December 1974  (Bolton, England)
BBC Radio DJ.
[Picture of Sara Cox]


Coxsone, Lloyd
Born in Morant Bay, Jamaica  (exact date unknown)
Record producer, mostly for Reggae songs
[Picture of Lloyd Coxsone]


Coyote, Peter
Born 10 October 1941  (New York City, New York, USA)
Actor whose counter-culture activism and Buddhist beliefs stopped him becoming an A-lister. Was strongly considered for the role of Indiana Jones, but perhaps best known as the scientist in "E.T."
[Picture of Peter Coyote]


cozart, keith
Born 15 August 1995  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
US "drill" rapper known as "Chief Keef", dead before 30
[Picture of keith cozart]


Craig, David
Born 17 September 1929  (Dublin, Ireland)
Highly decorated British air force veteran, now Baron of Radley. Telegraph obituary catnip.
[Picture of David Craig]


Craig, Jenny
Born 7 August 1932  (Berwick, Louisiana, USA)
American weight-loss gure and founder of her own weight-loss product empire
[Picture of Jenny Craig]


Craig, Michael
Born 27 January 1929  (Poona, British India)
Actor and scriptwriter known in both the UK and Australia for his everyman roles.
[Picture of Michael Craig]


Craig, Wendy
Born 20 June 1934  (Sacriston, County Durham, England)
English actress, best known for her sitcom roles, most notably 'Butterflies'.
[Picture of Wendy Craig]


Crampton, Bruce
Born 28 September 1935  (Sydney, Australia)
Runner up in four golf majors, all to Jack Nicklaus. You can't get past the Golden Bear, eh, Tiger?
[Picture of Bruce Crampton]


Cranham, Kenneth
Born 12 December 1944  (Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland)
Highly rated character actor, best known for his roles in 'Shine on Harvey Moon' and the television version of Harold Pinter's classic play 'The Birthday Party'.
[Picture of Kenneth Cranham]


Craven, Beverley
Born 28 June 1963  (Colombo, Ceylon)
Noted for singing the song "Promise me", Breast cancer survivor.
[Picture of Beverley Craven]


Craven, John
Born 16 August 1940  (Leeds, Yorkshire, England)
TV presenter and newsreader.
[Picture of John Craven]


Crawford, Lavell
Born 11 November 1968  (place of birth unknown)
American comedian and actor most notable for his role in "Breaking Bad".
[Picture of Lavell Crawford]


Crawford, Michael
Born 19 January 1942  (Salisbury, Wiltshire, England)
TV actor who made his name as Frank Spencer in 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em', before successfully reinventing himself as a serious stage actor, taking starring roles in 'Barnum' and 'Phantom of the Opera'.
[Picture of Michael Crawford]


Crews, Terry
Born 30 July 1968  (Flint, Michigan, U.S.)
Former US footballer who moved to acting and played Tony Jeffords in Brooklyn Nine-Nine for 8 years
[Picture of Terry Crews]


Crippen, Robert
Born 11 September 1937  (Beaumont, Texas, USA)
Commander of the first Space Shuttle mission.
[Picture of Robert Crippen]


Cristofer, Michael
Born 22 January 1945  (Trenton, New Jersey, United States)
American actor, playwright and filmmaker. He received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play for The Shadow Box in 1977. From 2015 to 2019, he played the role of Phillip Price in the USA Network television series Mr. Robot
[Picture of Michael Cristofer]


Cromwell, James
Born 27 January 1940  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
US actor, starred in 'Babe', 'LA Confidential', 'The Queen'.
[Picture of James Cromwell]


Cropley, Alex
Born 16 January 1951  (Frodsham, United Kingdom)
Midfielder who played at Arsenal and Aston Villa, now, like so many, diagnosed with dementia
[Picture of Alex Cropley]


Crosbie, Annette
Born 12 February 1934  (Gorebridge, Midlothian, Scotland)
Long serving actress on stage, film & TV - forever remembered for her role as Margaret Meldrew in 'One Foot in the Grave'.
[Picture of Annette Crosbie]


Crosby, David David Crosby is no longer with us
Born 14 August 1941  (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Died 18 January 2023  (United States)

Age at death: 81  (read death notice)
One third of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and indeed one quarter of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
[Picture of David Crosby]


Crossan, John Dominic
Born 17 February 1934  (Nenagh, Ireland)
Former priest and controversial theologist
[Picture of John Dominic Crossan]


Croucher, Brian
Born 23 January 1942  (Surrey, England, United Kingdom)
British actor, Ted Hills on Eastenders
[Picture of Brian Croucher]


Croucher, Chris
Born 1 August 1981  (Guildford, United Kingdom)
Screenwriter and producer mainly known for Downton Abbey - and his sexual misconduct
[Picture of Chris Croucher]


Crow, Sheryl
Born 11 February 1962  (Kennett, Missouri, USA)
American blues rock singer. Overcame breast cancer in 2006.
[Picture of Sheryl Crow]


Crowe, Pat
Date and place of birth unknown
British actress who appeared as the Matron in "That'll Teach 'Em."
[Picture of Pat Crowe]


Cruickshank, John
Born 20 May 1920  (Aberdeen, Scotland)
The last surviving recipient of the Victoria Cross for air action in WWII.
[Picture of John Cruickshank]


Cruise, Carter
Born 24 April 1991  (Atlanta, Georgia, United States)
American DJ, singer, music producer, model, and former erotic actress who advocated for the sex positive movement
[Picture of Carter Cruise]


Crum, Denny Denny Crum is no longer with us
Born 2 March 1937  (San Fernando, California, United States)

Died 9 May 2023  (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

Age at death: 86  (read death notice)
American former men's college basketball coach at the University of Louisville from 1971 to 2001 guiding the Cardinals to two NCAA championships
[Picture of Denny Crum]


Crumb, Robert
Born 30 August 1934  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Cartoonist, creator of "Fritz, the Cat" and "Mr. Natural".
[Picture of Robert Crumb]


Cruz, Ted
Born 22 December 1970  (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Junior U.S. senator from Texas since 2013.
[Picture of Ted Cruz]


Culkin, Macaulay
Born 26 August 1980  (New York City, New York, USA)
Child actor who found fame in the 'Home Alone' film series before predictably drifting into relative obscurity.
[Picture of Macaulay Culkin]


Cumberbatch, Benedict
Born 19 July 1976  (London, England)
One of Britain's most successful actors, known for his performance as Sherlock Holmes in the hit television series 'Sherlock'. Works also on stage, screen and as a voice actor.
[Picture of Benedict Cumberbatch]


Cumbes, Jim
Born 4 May 1944  (Manchester, UK)
Dual-sport athlete, both an accomplished fast bowler and goalkeeper. Possibly the only man to play against Pele and the Oxford University cricket team.
[Picture of Jim Cumbes]


Cummings, Iris
Born 21 December 1920  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
American aviator and Olympic swimmer.
[Picture of Iris Cummings]


Cunningham, Jack
Born 4 August 1939  (Durham, England)
Former Labour MP and Blair-era Minister.
[Picture of Jack Cunningham]


Cunningham, Walter Walter Cunningham is no longer with us
Born 16 March 1932  (Creston, Iowa, USA)

Died 3 January 2023  (Houston, Texas, USA)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
Former Astronaut. Manned the lunar module on Apollo 7 in 1968.
[Picture of Walter Cunningham]


Currie, Billy
Born 1 April 1950  (Huddersfield, England)
British musician and founder of Ultravox
[Picture of Billy Currie]


Currie, Edwina
Born 13 October 1946  (Liverpool, England)
Junior Health Minister for a couple years under Thatcher who shagged John Major and gave Jimmy Savile free reign over a psychiatric hospital. Resigned in 1988 after claiming most eggs in the UK were infected with salmonella, which caused egg production to
[Picture of Edwina Currie]


Curry, Tim
Born 19 April 1949  (Grappenhall, Warrington, England)
Actor specialising in villainous roles such as Dr. Frank N. Furter in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.
[Picture of Tim Curry]


Curtin, Jane
Born 9 June 1947  (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
Memorably deadpan original cast member of 'Saturday Night Live', later noted for her roles on 'Kate & Allie' and '3rd Rock from the Sun'.
[Picture of Jane Curtin]


Curtis, Sonny
Born 9 May 1937  (Meadow, Texas, USA)
Childhood friend of Buddy Holly who replaced him as the Crickets' lead singer following the Day the Music Died. Also wrote the lyrics for "I Fought the Law" as well as the "Mary Tyler Moore" theme tune.
[Picture of Sonny Curtis]


Cypher, Jon
Born 13 January 1932  (New York, New York, USA)
American actor best known as Chief Fletcher Daniels in Hill Street Blues.
[Picture of Jon Cypher]


Cyphers, Charles
Born 28 July 1939  (Niagara Falls, New York, USA)
American B-movie actor, especially in films of B-movie king John Carpenter
[Picture of Charles Cyphers]


Cyrus, Miley
Born 23 November 1992  (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
Sugary star of the Hannah Montana TV series and daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. Now trying too hard to cultivate a "raunchy" image and seemingly introduced the phrase "twerking" into mainstream parlance.
[Picture of Miley Cyrus]

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