Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2024: A


Aaron, Tommy
Born 22 February 1937  (Gainesville, Georgia, USA)
American former professional golfer. Winner of the 1973 Masters.
[Picture of Tommy Aaron]


Abagnale, Frank
Born 27 April 1948  (New York, USA)
Con man who inspired Catch Me If You Can.
[Picture of Frank Abagnale]


Abbas, Mahmoud
Born 26 March 1935  (Safed, Palestine)
President of the Palestinian Authority.
[Picture of Mahmoud Abbas]


Abbot, Russ
Born 16 September 1947  (Chester, Cheshire, England)
Comedian and actor. Born Russell Roberts, he was voted "funniest man on television" 5 times. If he was the funniest, then we'd hate to see who was the unfunniest. Also Pipe Smoker of the Year 2001, which might be more relevant to the DDP.
[Picture of Russ Abbot]


Abbott, Diane
Born 27 September 1953  (Paddington, London, England)
MP for Hackney North & Stoke Newington since 1987. Once a candidate for the leadership of the Labour Party. Previously a familiar face on TV political shows, e.g. This Week (2010-15). Caused conniptions in 2019 by drinking a canned mojito on a train.
[Picture of Diane Abbott]


Abdul Aziz, Salman bin
Born 31 December 1935  (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
King of Saudi-Arabia since 2015. Defers a lot of authority to his axe-wielding son.
[Picture of Salman bin Abdul Aziz]


Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem
Born 16 April 1947  (New York City, New York, USA)
US basketball player with the LA Lakers in the 1970s and 80s but he insists he's Roger Murdock, an airline co-pilot!
[Picture of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar]


Abicair, Shirley
Born 26 October 1930  (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Australian singer and zither musician.
[Picture of Shirley Abicair]


Abraham, F. Murray
Born 24 October 1939  (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
Actor who won an Academy Award for his role as Antonio Salieri in the 1984 movie 'Amadeus'.
[Picture of F. Murray Abraham]


Abrams, Bryan
Born 16 November 1969  (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)
American two-time Grammy-nominatedR&B singer of Color Me Badd.
[Picture of Bryan Abrams]


Achuthanandan, V. S.
Born 20 October 1923  (Alappuzha, Kerala, India)
Indian politician who was Chief Minister for the State of Kerala from 2006 to 2011.
[Picture of V. S. Achuthanandan]


Acosta, Nelson
Born 6 December 1944  (Paso de los Toros, Uruguay)
Retired footballer and coach. Among other clubs coached Everton de Viña del Mar, two stints. (Not to be confused with a UK Merseyside club of a similar name). Also coached the Chilean & Bolivian National teams.
[Picture of Nelson Acosta]


Acton, Loren
Born 7 March 1936  (Lewistown, Montana, USA)
Solar X-ray physicist who flew aboard a Space Shuttle mission as a payload specialist.
[Picture of Loren Acton]


Acuna, Jason
Born 16 May 1973  (Pisa, Italy)
"Wee-man" of "Jackass" fame, and a professional stuntman in his own right.
[Picture of Jason Acuna]


Adami, Edward Fenech
Born 7 February 1934  (Birkirkara, Malta)
Maltese politician who won four General Elections serving two terms as Prime Minister and then became the island's 7th President . Pro-Europe, he was instrumental in Malta joining the EU.
[Picture of Edward Fenech Adami]


Adamkus, Valdas
Born 3 November 1926  (Kaunas, Lithuania)
President of Lithuania from 1998-2003 and 2004-2009.
[Picture of Valdas Adamkus]


Adams, Barney
Born 24 March 1939  (Syracuse, New York, USA)
American entrepreneur who founded Adams Golf.
[Picture of Barney Adams]


Adams, Gerry
Born 6 October 1948  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Former President of the Irish Republican party Sinn Féin, 1983-2018. Abstentionist MP for West Belfast from 1983 to 1992 and from 1997 to 2011.
[Picture of Gerry Adams]


Adams, Lee
Born 14 August 1924  (Mansfield, OH, USA)
Known for musical theatre partnership with Charles Strouse (he did the lyrics, Strouse the tunes), their first being Bye, Bye , Birdie, which won the Tony Award for best musical.
[Picture of Lee Adams]


Adele, (singer)
Born 5 May 1988  (London, England)
Singer and current most successful recording artist in Britain, with massive sales of her first two albums, '19' and '21' respectively.
[Picture of (singer) Adele]


Adie, Kate
Born 19 September 1945  (Sunderland, England)
Fearless BBC journalist.
[Picture of Kate Adie]


Adler, Jerry
Born 4 February 1929  (New York City, New York, USA)
US TV Actor from The Sopranos
[Picture of Jerry Adler]


Adlon, Percy
Born 1 June 1935  (Munich, Germany)
German director, screenwriter, and producer.
[Picture of Percy Adlon]


Adorf, Mario
Born 8 September 1931  (Zurich, Switzerland)
German film and stage actor.
[Picture of Mario Adorf]


Aga Khan, Prince Karim
Born 13 December 1936  (Geneva, Switzerland)
49th and current Imam of the Ismaili Muslims & horse-racing fan.
[Picture of Prince Karim Aga Khan]


Ağca, Mehmet Ali
Born 9 January 1958  (Ismailli, Hekimhan, Malatya, Turkey)
Turkish gunman who attempted to kill Pope John Paul II in 1981. Served 10 years for an assassination attempt on someone else that actually did succeed, released in 2010.
[Picture of Mehmet Ali Ağca]


Ahmed, Mohamed Lamine Ould
Born in Tan-Tan, Morocco  (exact date unknown)
First premier minister of West Sahara
[Picture of Mohamed Lamine Ould Ahmed]


Ahrweiler, Helene
Born 29 August 1926  (Athens, Greece)
Greek-French Byzanthologist.
[Picture of Helene Ahrweiler]


Aimée, Anouk
Born 27 April 1932  (Paris, France)
Actress and former Mrs. Albert Finney.
[Picture of Anouk Aimée]


Aird, Holly
Born 18 May 1969  (Aldershot, Hampshire, England)
English actress, she's Waking the Dead as Frankie Wharton
[Picture of Holly Aird]


Aitken, Jonathan
Born 30 August 1942  (Dublin, Rep of Ireland)
Disgraced ex-cabinet minister.
[Picture of Jonathan Aitken]


Akihito of Japan, Emperor
Born 23 December 1933  (Tokyo, Japan)
First son of Emperor Hirohito, acceded to the Imperial throne on the death of his father in 1989.
[Picture of Emperor Akihito of Japan]


Akinnagbe, Gbenga
Born 12 December 1978  (Washington, D.C. USA)
Tv actor, played Chris Parlow in The Wire.
[Picture of Gbenga Akinnagbe]


Akira, Asa
Born 3 January 1986  (Manhatten, New York, USA)
Porn star who won, for real, the Female Performer of the Year Award in 2013. WTF?
[Picture of Asa Akira]


Al Saud, Salman
Born 27 June 1956  (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Saudi Prince who was the first Royal, first Arab and first Muslim to fly into Space. Also the youngest to ever fly aboard a Space Shuttle.
[Picture of Salman Al Saud]


Alabaster, Jack
Born 11 July 1930  (Invercargill, New Zealand)
New Zealand national team cricketer.
[Picture of Jack Alabaster]


al-Adel, Saif
Born 11 April 1960  (Alexandria, Egypt)
Senior member of al-Qaeda, wanted in connection with the 1998 US Embassy bombings.
[Picture of Saif al-Adel]


Alaimo, Marc
Born 5 May 1942  (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
Actor best known as baddie Gul Dukat in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'.
[Picture of Marc Alaimo]


Alaimo, Steve
Born 6 December 1939  (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)
Lesser-known early 60s teen idol who managed to make the Billboard pop charts nine times without cracking the top 40, a record to this day. Later produced R&B acts like Sam & Dave and Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes.
[Picture of Steve Alaimo]


al-Arouri, Saleh Saleh al-Arouri is no longer with us
Born 19 August 1966  (Arura, Jordanian West Bank)

Died 2 January 2024  (Beirut, Lebanon)

Age at death: 57  (read death notice)
Palestinian senior Hamas official who resides as their military leader in the West Bank.
[Picture of Saleh al-Arouri]


Al-Assad, Bashar
Born 11 September 1965  (Damascus, Syria)
President of Syria since his father's death in 2000.
[Picture of Bashar Al-Assad]


Al-Bashir, Omar
Born 1 January 1944  (Hosh Bannaga, Northern State, Sudan)
Former Sudanese President, deposed in 2019.
[Picture of Omar Al-Bashir]


Albert, Marv
Born 12 June 1941  (New York, NY, USA)
Sportscaster, play-by-play announcer, known as the voice of basketball and for a time, The Voice of The New York Knicks.
[Picture of Marv Albert]


Albert II, King
Born 6 June 1934  (Laeken, Belgium)
King of Belgium from 1993 until his abdication in 2013.
[Picture of King Albert II]


Albertine, Viv
Born 1 December 1954  (Sydney, Australia)
Australian-British punk guitarist for The Stills.
[Picture of Viv Albertine]


Albright, Tenley
Born 18 July 1935  (Newton Centre, Massachusetts, USA)
Figure skater, 1956 Olympic champion.
[Picture of Tenley Albright]


Alda, Alan
Born 28 January 1936  (New York, New York, USA)
US actor, best known for his role as Hawkeye Pierce in 'M*A*S*H'.
[Picture of Alan Alda]


Alderton, John
Born 27 November 1940  (Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England)
Amiable actor, star of 'Please Sir!' and other TV shows & comedies. Husband of Pauline Collins. Also the narrator of 'Fireman Sam'.
[Picture of John Alderton]


Aldred, Sophie
Born 20 August 1962  (London, England)
Actress who played teenage companion Ace in 'Doctor Who' from 1987-89 despite being well into her twenties.
[Picture of Sophie Aldred]


Aldrin, Buzz
Born 20 January 1930  (Montclair, New Jersey, USA)
Second man on the Moon, who has always claimed he'd have been the first if it wasn't for the fact that the only door of the lunar lander was on Neil Armstrong's side.
[Picture of Buzz Aldrin]


Aleandro, Norma
Born 2 May 1936  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Argentina's leading actress who has also appeared in a number of Hollywood films, earning an Oscar nomination for her role in "Gaby: A True Story".
[Picture of Norma Aleandro]


Alexandra, Princess
Born 25 December 1936  (Windsor, Berkshire, England)
First cousin of the Queen and sister to Prince Michael of Kent. Variously known as The Honourable Lady Ogilvy and Princess Alexandra of Kent.
[Picture of Princess Alexandra]


alexievich, svetlana
Born 31 May 1948  (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)
Belarussian journalist and writer, Nobel Prize winner in 2015
[Picture of svetlana alexievich]


al-Houthi, Mohammed
Born in Saada, North Yemen  (exact date unknown)
Yemeni political leader, former President of the Revolutionary Committee of Yemen. Born 1979.
[Picture of Mohammed al-Houthi]


Ali Zardari, Asif
Born 21 July 1956  (Nawabshah, Pakistan)
Widower of Benazir Bhutto, who announced that he would nominally head her party whilst their son is at university in England. Then became insurgent target number 1 when he became President of the country in 2008.
[Picture of Asif Ali Zardari]


al-Khalili, Ahmed bin Hamad
Born 27 July 1942  (Zanzibar)
The Grand Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman
[Picture of Ahmed bin Hamad al-Khalili]


Allard, Wayne
Born 2 December 1943  (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)
American politician and long-time Senator from Colorado.
[Picture of Wayne Allard]


Allardyce, Sam
Born 19 October 1954  (Dudley, West Midlands, England)
Gum-chewing, headpiece wearing, bung-taking (Allegedly - at the DDP lawyer's request) football manager, who likes his teams to play dirty, unattractive football. Formerly at Bolton & Newcastle United.
[Picture of Sam Allardyce]


Allcroft, Britt
Born 14 December 1943  (Worthing, England)
English television writer, producer & director who created 'Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends'.
[Picture of Britt Allcroft]


Allen, Dave (Gruber)
Born in Naperville, Illinois  (exact date unknown)
comedic actor whose bum looks lends itself to playing quirky roles
[Picture of Dave (Gruber) Allen]


Allen, Joseph P.
Born 27 June 1937  (Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA)
US astronaut who didn't get the biggest gigs, but still left a mark, for example as consultant to the Armageddon movie
[Picture of Joseph P. Allen]


Allen, Marshall
Born 25 May 1924  (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)
US jazz saxophonist, currrent leader of the Sun Ra Arkestra after having been a part of it for decades
[Picture of Marshall Allen]


Allen, Richard V.
Born 1 January 1936  (Collingswood, New Jersey, USA)
US National Security Advisor under President Ronald Reagan from 1981 until 1982.
[Picture of Richard V. Allen]


Allen, Tim
Born 13 June 1953  (Denver, Colorado, USA)
The Toolman, moved from 80s stand up to 90 sitcom to being the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story films.
[Picture of Tim Allen]


Allen, Woody
Born 30 November 1935  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Comedy film actor/writer/director, born Allen Stewart Konigsberg.
[Picture of Woody Allen]


Allin, Darby
Born 7 January 1993  (Seattle, Washington, USA)
American professional wrestler and former two-time AEW TNT Champion.
[Picture of Darby Allin]


Allred, Gloria
Born 3 July 1941  (Philadelphia PA, USA)
Attorney, specialising in civil rights cases, particularly advocating for women's rights.
[Picture of Gloria Allred]


Almada, Martín
Born 30 January 1937  (Puerto Sastre, Paraguay)
Paraguayan recipient of the "Right Livelihood Award" for his fight against the Stroessner regime
[Picture of Martín Almada]


Al-Masri, Abu Hamza
Born 15 April 1958  (Alexandria, Egypt)
Blind, one-armed and loopy Muslim cleric, currently in jail for inciting racial hatred.
[Picture of Abu Hamza Al-Masri]


Alou, Felipe
Born 12 May 1935  (Haina, Dominican Republic)
The first Dominican to play regular in Major League Baseball, as well as a three-time All Star.
[Picture of Felipe Alou]


Alpert, Herb
Born 31 March 1935  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Trumpeter and record company executive. The A in A&M Records and the man responsible for (or should that be "guilty of"?) signing The Carpenters.
[Picture of Herb Alpert]


al-Sahhaf, Muhammad Saeed
Born 30 July 1937  (Hillah, Iraq)
Saddam Hussein's extremely professional media spokesperson, nicknamed Comical Ali.. Those were the days.
[Picture of Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf]


Al-Senussi, Ahmed
Born in Masrsa Matrouh, Egypt  (exact date unknown)
Libyan member of the Senussi House.
[Picture of Ahmed Al-Senussi]


Amato, Angelo
Born 8 June 1938  (Molfetta, Apulia, Italy)
Italian Catholic cardinal.
[Picture of Angelo Amato]


Amato, Giuliano
Born 13 May 1938  (Turin, Italy)
Twice prime minster of Italy
[Picture of Giuliano Amato]


Ames, Rachel
Born 2 November 1929  (Portland, Oregon, USA)
US film and TV actress, probably best known for her long-running role in General Hospital.
[Picture of Rachel Ames]


Amge, Jyoti
Born 18 December 1993  (Nagpur, India)
The World's smallest woman as of December 2011.
[Picture of Jyoti Amge]


Amir, Yigal
Born 23 May 1970  (Herzliya, Israel)
The man who assassinated Yitzhak Rabin.
[Picture of Yigal Amir]


Amiss, Dennis
Born 7 April 1943  (Birmingham, UK)
Batsman who has the highest ODI average of any England cricketer to have played more than five times. Also one of only two cricketers to have hit a century in both their first and last ODIs.
[Picture of Dennis Amiss]


Amos, John
Born 27 December 1939  (Newark, New Jersey, USA)
Actor, known for 'Good Times' and 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'.
[Picture of John Amos]


Amritanandamayi, Mata
Born 27 September 1953  (Vallikavu, India)
Hindu spritiual leader, called the hugging saint
[Picture of Mata Amritanandamayi]


Amuso, Victor
Born 4 November 1934  (Canarsie, New York, USA)
Little Vic is an American mobster, boss of the Lucchese family.
[Picture of Victor Amuso]


Anders, Thomas
Born 1 March 1963  (Koblenz, West Germany)
German singer best known as the frontman of Modern Talking.
[Picture of Thomas Anders]


Anders, William William Anders is no longer with us
Born 17 October 1933  (Hong Kong)

Died 7 June 2024  (San Juan Islands, Washington, USA)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
One of the first three men to leave Earth's orbit, and also the first person to recite a Bible verse in space.
[Picture of William Anders]


Andersen, Aksel
Date and place of birth unknown
Danish concentration camp guard, alive as of 2020 when he was living in Sweden
[Picture of Aksel Andersen]


Anderson, Angry
Born 5 August 1947  (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Aussie hard rocker with Rose Tattoo whose biggest hit was solo song "Suddenly".
[Picture of Angry Anderson]


Anderson, Bud Bud Anderson is no longer with us
Born 13 January 1922  (Oakland, California, USA)

Died 17 May 2024  (Auburn, California, USA)

Age at death: 102  (read death notice)
World War II pilot with some of the highest honors available
[Picture of Bud Anderson]


Anderson, Criscilla
Born 25 March 1980  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Wife of Coffey Anderson.
[Picture of Criscilla Anderson]


Anderson, David
Born 1 August 1945  (Rutherglen, Scotland)
Actor, writer and musician, who has appeared on stage, screen (small and large) and radio, mainly but not exclusively in 'Scottish' features.
[Picture of David Anderson]


Anderson, Eunice
Date and place of birth unknown
Minor american actress who lived in Europe for a while, born 1922
[Picture of Eunice Anderson]


Anderson, John
Born 28 November 1931  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Gladiators referee/TV personality. John, you will go on my first whistle. Grim Reaper, you will go on my second...
[Picture of John Anderson]


Anderson, Ken
Born 15 February 1949  (Batavia, Ilinois, USA)
Quarterback who spent 15 years with the Cincinnati Bengals.
[Picture of Ken Anderson]


Anderson, Michael J
Born 31 October 1953  (Denver, Colorado, USA)
American actor, in a whole host of films & TV, but best remembered for his role in 'Twin Peaks'.
[Picture of Michael J Anderson]


Anderson, Moira
Born 5 June 1938  (Kirkintilloch, UK)
Scottish singer who had her own show on BBC in 1968 called, imaginatively, Moira Anderson Sings
[Picture of Moira Anderson]


Anderson, Willie
Born 24 February 1947  (Liverpool, UK)
Former Aston Villa winger, place in the history books probably comes down to him being the first ever substitute brought on by Manchester United (replacing George Best in the 1965 Charity Shield).
[Picture of Willie Anderson]


Andersson, Harriet
Born 14 February 1932  (Stockholm, Sweden)
Ingmar Bergman-film actress.
[Picture of Harriet Andersson]


Anderton, Nick
Born 22 April 1996  (Preston, England)
Football player, Bristol Rovers.
[Picture of Nick Anderton]


Andre, Annette
Born 24 June 1939  (Drummoyne, Australia)
Australian actress.
[Picture of Annette Andre]


Andre, Carl Carl Andre is no longer with us
Born 16 September 1935  (Quincy, Massachusetts, USA)

Died 24 January 2024  (New York, NY, USA)

Age at death: 88  (read death notice)
Minimalist artist of firebricks fame.
[Picture of Carl Andre]


Andress, Ursula
Born 19 March 1936  (Ostermundigen, Switzerland)
Actress & sex symbol, best known for her sultry performance in Dr. No.
[Picture of Ursula Andress]


Andretti, Mario
Born 28 February 1940  (Motovun, Croatia)
Italian-American racing driver, the last American to win a Formula 1 Grand Prix, in 1978.
[Picture of Mario Andretti]


Andrew, Prince
Born 19 February 1960  (London, England)
Second son of Queen Elizabeth II. Married to Sarah Ferguson from 1986 to 1996. Shunned by society for attending too many sketchy parties on and off Jeffrey Epstein's island
[Picture of Prince Andrew]


Andrews, Anthony
Born 12 January 1948  (Finchley, UK)
Actor best known for playing in Brideshead Revisited.
[Picture of Anthony Andrews]


Andrews, Julie
Born 1 October 1935  (Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England)
Actress - star of 'The Sound of Music'.
[Picture of Julie Andrews]


Angelos, Peter Peter Angelos is no longer with us
Born 4 July 1929  (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)

Died 23 March 2024  (Baltimore, MD, USA)

Age at death: 94  (read death notice)
US trial lawyer who now owns the Baltimore Orioles
[Picture of Peter Angelos]


Angle, Kurt
Born 9 December 1968  (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)
Yet another wrestler.
[Picture of Kurt Angle]


Aniston, Nicole
Born 9 September 1987  (San Diego, California, USA)
Popular adult actress. Filmed her first anal scene in 2017, apparently.
[Picture of Nicole Aniston]


Anka, Paul
Born 30 July 1941  (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Singer songwriter and lyricist of one of the most famous songs of all time, 'My Way', based on a French tune called 'Comme d'habitude'.
[Picture of Paul Anka]


Annand, Eddie
Born 24 March 1973  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Notable scottish football player with a long career. Now suffering from an incurable but less aggressive brain tumour
[Picture of Eddie Annand]


Annesley, Hugh
Born 22 June 1939  (Dublin, Rep of Ireland)
Police officer who served as Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary from 1989 to 1996.
[Picture of Hugh Annesley]


Anoa'I Sr, Afa
Born 21 November 1942  (Samoa)
Former professional wrestler.
[Picture of Afa Anoa'I Sr]


Anthony, Piers
Born 6 August 1934  (Oxford, UK)
Fantasy novellist, behind the long-lasting Xanth series.
[Picture of Piers Anthony]


Anthony, Ray
Born 20 January 1922  (Bentleyville, Pennsylvania, USA)
Bandleader, best known for his songs, 'Hokey Pokey' and 'Bunny Hop'.
[Picture of Ray Anthony]


Aoun, Michel
Born 17 February 1935  (Beirut, Lebanon)
Lebanese military commander and politician. Also briefly ex-PM and President of the country. Not the safest of job roles, being a Lebanese politician right now...
[Picture of Michel Aoun]


Aparicio, Luis
Born 29 April 1934  (Maracaibo, Venezuela)
First Venezuelan inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, regarded as one of the greatest shortstops in the sport's history.
[Picture of Luis Aparicio]


Apatow, Maude
Born 15 December 1997  (Los Banos, California, USA)
Actress, best known for her roles as the daughter to her real-life mother's characters in movies, including 'This Is 40'.
[Picture of Maude Apatow]


Apfel, Iris Iris Apfel is no longer with us
Born 29 August 1921  (New York City, New York, USA)

Died 1 March 2024  (Palm Beach, FL, USA)

Age at death: 102  (read death notice)
Interior designer and fashionista.
[Picture of Iris Apfel]


Apostol, Eugenia
Born 29 September 1925  (Sorsogon, Philippines)
Publisher, whose political publications helped cause the downfall of two Filipino presidents.
[Picture of Eugenia Apostol]


Applegate, Christina
Born 25 November 1971  (Hollywood, California, USA)
American actress & comedienne who has suffered from & beaten breast cancer.
[Picture of Christina Applegate]


Aragonés, Sergio
Born 6 September 1937  (Sant Mateu, Castellón, Spain)
Spanish-born Mexican cartoonist for Mad magazine.
[Picture of Sergio Aragonés]


Arato, Andras
Born 11 July 1945  (Koszeg, Hungary)
Legendary stock photo character, Hide the Pain Harold, who keeps smiling no matter what.
[Picture of Andras Arato]


Arau, Alfonso
Born 11 January 1932  (Mexico City, Mexico)
Actor: The Wild Bunch, Romancing the Stone.
[Picture of Alfonso Arau]


Arber, Werner
Born 3 June 1929  (Granichen, Switzerland)
Swiss scientist. Shared the 1978 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
[Picture of Werner Arber]


Arcand, Denys
Born 25 June 1941  (Deschambault, Canada)
Canadian film director, screenwriter and producer. Won Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 2004
[Picture of Denys Arcand]


Archer, Jeffrey
Born 15 April 1940  (London, England)
Habitual liar, novelist and former Conservative Party deputy chairman. Convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice in 2001.
[Picture of Jeffrey Archer]


Archives, Sudan
Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA  (exact date unknown)
American violinist.
[Picture of Sudan Archives]


Arditi, Pierre
Born 1 December 1944  (Paris, France)
César Award winning actor with appearances in numerous French films, he also provided the French dubbing for Christopher Reeve in Superman & SII and Deathtrap.
[Picture of Pierre Arditi]


Arend, Rene
Born 20 December 1928  (Luxembourg)
Chef who went from Luxembourg to burgers, the longtime Executive Chef for McDonald's who created the McRib and Chicken McNuggets.
[Picture of Rene Arend]


Born 7 September 1940  (Rome, Italy)
Italian film director, producer and screenwriter.
[Picture of Dario ARGENTO]


Argerich, Martha
Born 5 June 1941  (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Acclaimed pianist.
[Picture of Martha Argerich]


Armatrading, Joan
Born 9 December 1950  (Basseterre, Saint Kitts)
Singer-songwriter best known for her hits 'Love and Affection' and 'Drop the Pilot'. An alleged affair with Blue Peter's Valerie Singleton is the stuff of myth and legend.
[Picture of Joan Armatrading]


Armfield, Diana
Born 11 June 1920  (Ringwood, England)
Landscape artist.
[Picture of Diana Armfield]


Armstrong, Lance
Born 18 September 1971  (Plano, Texas, USA)
Former cyclist, 7 times winner of the Tour de France, who overcame brain, lung and testicular cancer. It was revealed in 2012 that he was a systematic drugs cheat all along and now enters into sporting infamy.
[Picture of Lance Armstrong]


Armstrong, Moira
Born in Crieff, Scotland  (exact date unknown)
TV director and producer who gave BBC Scotland it's first colour drama and first nude scene (Sunset Song, 1971).
[Picture of Moira Armstrong]


Arnett, Peter
Born 13 November 1934  (Riverton, New Zealand)
Journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1966 for his reports from Vietnam. Worked for CNN from 1981-1999.
[Picture of Peter Arnett]


Arnold, Frances
Born 25 July 1956  (Edgewood, Pennsylvania, USA)
Nobel Prize winning chemist in 2018 for pioneering the use of directed evolution to engineer enzymes, apparently.
[Picture of Frances Arnold]


Arnold, P. P.
Born 3 October 1946  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Soul singer. Got her start as an Ikette with the Ike & Tina Turner Revue before branching to a decently successful solo career.
[Picture of P. P. Arnold]


Arnoux, Rene
Born 4 July 1948  (Pontcharra, France)
French racecar driver, winning 7 Formula One Grands Prix
[Picture of Rene Arnoux]


Arpaio, Joe
Born 14 June 1932  (Springfield, Massachusetts, USA)
Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. A controversial figure, accused of abusing his powers. Became famous for accusing Barack Obama for having forged his birth certificate during his first election 2008. Sounds a bit like a Jealous Joey.
[Picture of Joe Arpaio]


Arroyo, Martina
Born 2 February 1937  (New York City, New York, USA)
American opera singer.
[Picture of Martina Arroyo]


Ascherson, Neal
Born 5 October 1932  (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Scottish journalist specializing in Eastern European history.
[Picture of Neal Ascherson]


Ashcroft, Chloe
Born 7 July 1942  ()
Children's television presenter, most notably of 'Play School'.
[Picture of Chloe Ashcroft]


Ashcroft, Ray
Born 28 June 1952  (Sheffield, England)
English actor who played DS Geoff Daley on 'The Bill'.
[Picture of Ray Ashcroft]


Asher, Peter
Born 22 June 1944  (London, England)
Peter from music act Peter and Gordon fame.
[Picture of Peter Asher]


Ashton, John
Born 30 November 1957  (Forest Gate, London, England)
Guitarist and composer with post punk/new wave band The Psychedelic Furs.
[Picture of John Ashton]


Aso, Taro
Born 20 September 1940  (IIzuka, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan)
Prime minister of Japan 2008/09 and member of their olympic shooting team in 1976
[Picture of Taro Aso]


Aspel, Michael
Born 12 January 1933  (London, England)
Host of 'This Is Your Life' and 'Antiques Roadshow'.
[Picture of Michael Aspel]


Astaire Jr., Fred
Born 21 January 1936  (Hollywood, USA)
Son of THE Fred Astaire, who appeared with his dad in 1969's A Run on Gold.
[Picture of Fred Astaire Jr.]


Astin, John
Born 30 March 1930  (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
Actor - starred as Gomez Addams in 'The Addams Family', and has mainly appeared in TV comedies since.
[Picture of John Astin]


Astiz, Alfredo
Born 8 November 1951  (Argentina)
Notorious torturer The Angel of Death under the Videla dictatorship.
[Picture of Alfredo Astiz]


Astley, Rick
Born 6 February 1966  (Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, England)
Shy and retiring singer who had phenomenal success with the hit single 'Never Gonna Give You Up', the biggest selling UK single of 1987. Later became a phenomenon of a different kind as that single became part of an internet meme known as 'Rickrolling'.
[Picture of Rick Astley]


Atkins, Eileen
Born 16 June 1934  (London, England)
BAFTA and Olivier award-winning actress and writer. Infamously chatted up by actor Colin Farrell at the age of 69.
[Picture of Eileen Atkins]


Atkins, Martin
Born 3 August 1959  (Coventry, England)
English drummer and session musician.
[Picture of Martin Atkins]


Atkins, Ronnie
Born 16 November 1964  (Vejle, Denmark)
Pretty Maids singer, suffering from lung cancer.
[Picture of Ronnie Atkins]


Atkinson, Big Ron
Born 18 March 1939  (Liverpool, England)
Former footballer, manager and pundit. Renowned for his eclectic style of commentary, for example "'There's a few tired limbs in the blue legs" and "van Nistelrooy, predating as usual...". Got a bit too eclectic with some racist remarks and was sacked.
[Picture of Big Ron Atkinson]


Attenborough, David
Born 8 May 1926  (London, England)
Broadcaster, author, naturalist and also ex-Controller of BBC2. Brother of Sir Richard.
[Picture of David Attenborough]


Atwood, Margaret
Born 18 November 1939  (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Author and poet. Wrote the 'The Handmaid's Tale'.
[Picture of Margaret Atwood]


Auber, Brigitte
Born 27 April 1928  (Paris, France)
French actress.
[Picture of Brigitte Auber]


Auerbach, Frank
Born in Berlin, Germany  (exact date unknown)
German-born British artist. A bit like Lucien Freud, really. Born 1931.
[Picture of Frank Auerbach]


Auster, Paul Paul Auster is no longer with us
Born 3 February 1947  (Newark, New Jersey, USA)

Died 30 April 2024  (New York City, New York, USA)

Age at death: 77  (read death notice)
Poet and novelist renowned for 'The New York Trilogy'.
[Picture of Paul Auster]


Austin, Pamela
Born 20 December 1941  (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)
American actress.
[Picture of Pamela Austin]


Awdry, Christopher
Born 2 July 1940  (Devizes, UK)
Author involved with Thomas the Tank Engine stories originally authored by his father
[Picture of Christopher Awdry]


Azaria, Hank
Born 25 April 1964  (Forest Hills, New York, USA)
Actor - the voice of grouchy barman Moe in 'The Simpsons'. Is there a Homer Sexual in the house?
[Picture of Hank Azaria]

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