Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2020: V


Gyseghem, Joanna Van
Born 4 September 1941  (Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England)
TV actress best known for her role as Linda Cochran in the 1980s sitcom 'Duty Free'.
[Picture of Joanna Van Gyseghem]


Vachon, Paul
Born 7 October 1937  (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Pro-wrestler and member of the famous Vachon wrestling family.
[Picture of Paul Vachon]


Valente, Caterina
Born 14 January 1931  (Paris, France)
Italian singer and guitar player.
[Picture of Caterina Valente]


Valli, Frankie
Born 3 May 1934  (Newark, New Jersy, USA)
Singer with the Four Seasons, famous for his falsetto voice on hits such as 'Walk Like a Man' and 'December 1963 (Oh, What a Night)'.
[Picture of Frankie Valli]


Van Bergen, Ingrid
Born 15 June 1931  (Danzig, Germany)
German actress, shot her boyfriend dead in 1977 and, 32 years later, won her country's version of "I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here".
[Picture of Ingrid Van Bergen]


Van Day, David
Born 28 November 1956  (Brighton, East Sussex, England)
Singer with 80s pop duo Dollar. Now hawks himself to any reality TV show that can be bothered to put up with him.
[Picture of David Van Day]


Van Dyke, Dick
Born 13 December 1925  (West Plains, Missouri, USA)
Actor and TV presenter who is best known in America for 'The Dick Van Dyke Show', and on this side of the pond for his butt-clenchingly awful attempt at a Cockney accent in 'Mary Poppins'.
[Picture of Dick Van Dyke]


Van Halen, Eddie Eddie Van Halen is no longer with us
Born 26 January 1955  (Nijmegen, Netherlands)

Died 6 October 2020  (Santa Monica, California, USA)

Age at death: 65  (read death notice)
Dutch guitarist, co-founder of the rock group Van Halen. Has suffered health problems in the last few years, which have affected his output somewhat.
[Picture of Eddie Van Halen]


Van Hoogstraten, Nicholas
Born 25 February 1945  (Shoreham, East Sussex, England)
Property tycoon, absolute crook and once Britain's youngest millionaire. Constantly employing less-than-legal "business practices", on one occasion he was convicted of ordering a grenade attack on a business associate, and was subsequently described as a
[Picture of Nicholas Van Hoogstraten]


Van Pallandt, Nina
Born 15 July 1932  (Denmark)
One half of early 60s Danish calypso crossover act Nina & Frederik. Frederik was shot dead by Australian organised crime figures in 1994.
[Picture of Nina Van Pallandt]


Van Peebles, Melvin
Born 21 August 1932  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Filmmaker and actor, the Godfather of was to be known as "Blaxploitation" films starring African-American actors after the release of his independent film 'Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song' in 1971.
[Picture of Melvin Van Peebles]


Vangelis, (musician)
Born 29 March 1943  (Agrias, Greece)
Greek electronic music composer, famed for his soundtracks to 1980s film classics 'Chariots of Fire' and 'Blade Runner'.
[Picture of (musician) Vangelis]


Vazquez, Tabare Tabare Vazquez is no longer with us
Born 17 January 1940  (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Died 5 December 2020  (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Age at death: 80  (read death notice)
Leader of the surprisingly stable for the area left leaning government of Uruguay. Formerly a cancer specialist, now suffering from lung cancer, and recently lost his wife of 50 years.
[Picture of Tabare Vazquez]


Vega, Charlotte
Born 10 February 1994  (Madrid, Spain)
Anglo-Spanish actress.
[Picture of Charlotte Vega]


Velasquez, Jhon Popeye Jhon Popeye Velasquez is no longer with us
Born 15 April 1962  (Yarumal, Colombia)

Died 6 February 2020  (Bogota, Colombia)

Age at death: 57  (read death notice)
Former assassin who worked for Medellin Cartel.
[Picture of Jhon Popeye Velasquez]


Venables, Terry
Born 6 January 1943  (Dagenham, London, England)
Former England football player & manager and screenwriter, who wrote the ITV detective series Hazell.
[Picture of Terry Venables]


Venetiaan, Ronald
Born 18 June 1936  (Paramaribo, Suriname)
Twice President of Suriname.
[Picture of Ronald Venetiaan]


Ventura, Jesse
Born 15 July 1951  (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Professional wrestler turned politician.
[Picture of Jesse Ventura]


Ventura, Jose Ramon Machado
Born 26 October 1930  (San Antonio de las Vueltas, Cuba)
First Vice President of the Council of the State of Cuba from 2008 to 2013.
[Picture of Jose Ramon Machado Ventura]


Verhoeven, Michael
Born 13 July 1938  (Berlin, Germany)
German film director, son of Paul Verhoeven (the German one, not the Dutch one). Perhaps most famous for the 1982 film "Die Weiße Rose" about the White Rose anti-Nazi movement.
[Picture of Michael Verhoeven]


Vernon, Anne
Born 7 January 1924  (Saint-Denis, France)
French film actress.
[Picture of Anne Vernon]


Vialli, Gianluca
Born 9 July 1964  (Cremona, Italy)
Italian footballer, a notorious underperformer at international level but beloved by fans of Chelsea and Sampdoria (where he and Roberto Mancini fired the club to their first scudetto). Was actually brought up in his family's 60-bedroom castle.
[Picture of Gianluca Vialli]


Vieira, Ketlen
Born 26 August 1991  (Manaus, Brazil)
UFC fighter in the bantamweight division, nicknamed "Fenômeno".
[Picture of Ketlen Vieira]


Villasante, Manuel Losada
Born 20 December 1929  (Carmona, Spain)
Spanish biochemist interested in photosynthesis.
[Picture of Manuel Losada Villasante]


Vincent, Fay
Born 29 May 1938  (Waterbury, Connecticut, USA)
Former MLB Commissioner from 1989 to 1992.
[Picture of Fay Vincent]


Vine, Jeremy
Born 17 May 1965  (Epsom, Surrey, England)
BBC Radio 2 presenter.
[Picture of Jeremy Vine]


Vinge, Joan
Born 2 April 1948  (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
American SF writer. Winner of the 1981 Hugo award for 'The Snow Queen' and former wife of Vernor Vinge. Suffered brain damage in an accident in 2002 but recovered to resume writing in 2007.
[Picture of Joan Vinge]


Vinton, Bobby
Born 16 April 1935  (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA)
Early 60s pop star, of 'Blue Velvet' fame. Not to be confused with Bobby Vee of 'Rubber Ball' fame.
[Picture of Bobby Vinton]


Virgo, John
Born 3 March 1946  (Salford, Lancashire, England)
Snooker player, turned TV commentator & presenter.
[Picture of John Virgo]


Vitale, Ida
Born 2 November 1923  (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Uruguayan writer, living in exile for the past four decades. Winner of the Miguel de Cervantes Prize in 2018.
[Picture of Ida Vitale]


Vitti, Monica
Born 3 November 1931  (Rome, Italy)
Italian actress, associated with film director Michelangelo Antonioni.
[Picture of Monica Vitti]


Vivian, Young
Born 12 November 1935  (Niue)
1992-93 and 2002-08 Prime Minister of Niue.
[Picture of Young Vivian]


Vogel, Hans-jochen Hans-jochen Vogel is no longer with us
Born 3 February 1926  (Gottingen, Germany)

Died 26 July 2020  (Munich, Germany)

Age at death: 94  (read death notice)
German politician. Leader of the SPD from 1987-91.
[Picture of Hans-jochen Vogel]


Vogts, Berti
Born 30 December 1946  (Buttgen, Germany)
Germany's manager for most of the 1990s, where he won the 1996 European Championship but also oversaw a stagnation of youth development that crippled the side at the start of the 21st century.
[Picture of Berti Vogts]


Voight, Jon
Born 29 December 1938  (Yonkers, New York, USA)
Oscar-winning film actor who starred in the films 'Midnight Cowboy' and 'Deliverance'. Father of Angelina Jolie.
[Picture of Jon Voight]


Volpeliere-Pierrot, Ben
Born 19 May 1965  (London, UK)
Beret-sporting frontman of 80s sophistopop act Curiosity Killed the Cat.
[Picture of Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot]


Volt, Jessie
Born 29 March 1990  (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Canadian pornographic actress, mostly known for her work in Anal Buffet 7, Brazzers Worldwide: Budapest, and My Sister's Hot Friend Vol. 25
[Picture of Jessie Volt]


Von Daniken, Erich
Born 14 April 1935  (Zofingen, Aargau, Switzerland)
Author & UFO/alien fan.
[Picture of Erich Von Daniken]


Von Hagens, Gunther
Born 10 January 1945  (Skalmierzyce, Kalisz, Poland)
Controversial German anatomist, known for his plastination technique for preserving body parts. Famously performed autopsys on Channel 4 in the mid-noughties. Will plastinate his own body for display when he dies, which could be soon as he has advanced Pa
[Picture of Gunther Von Hagens]


Von Sydow, Max Max Von Sydow is no longer with us
Born 10 April 1929  (Lund, Skane, Sweden)

Died 8 March 2020  (Provence, France)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
Swedish actor, who has achieved fame both at home and abroad.
[Picture of Max Von Sydow]


Vos Savant, Marilyn
Born 11 August 1946  (St. Louis, Missouri, USA)
Columnist and author who was once credited with the highest ever IQ of 228.
[Picture of Marilyn Vos Savant]


Vowden, Geoff
Born 27 April 1941  (Barnsley, UK)
Footballer who was replaced as a striker for New York Cosmos by some Brazilian chancer called Pele.
[Picture of Geoff Vowden]


Vries, Erna De
Born 21 October 1923  (Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Holocaust survivor.
[Picture of Erna De Vries]

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