Richard Lewis


Curb Your Enthusiasm mainstay Richard Lewis has died aged 76. Nicknamed “the Prince of Pain” for his routine of going on self-depreciation routs while dressed in all black, his performances invited comparisons to Lenny Bruce, Jimi Hendrix, and Franz Kafka. After years on the stand-up circuit, numerous appearances on late night talk shows widened his audience, leading to roles in Anything but Love and Robin Hood: Men in Tights (both cases of him playing neurotic characters).

His path to Curb was long in the making: he was born just three days before Larry David in the same hospital, and knew each other since teenagers at summer camp. Their acrimonious relationship as teens was often channeled into the love-hate relationship between their semi-fictionalised Curb personas. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s and increasingly infirm looking in recent Curb seasons, he was a unique pick for Cesar Romero’s Orange Wedges while the Curb theme plays for the rest of us.

Richard Lewis
29 June 1947 – 27 February 2024, aged 76
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