Derby Dead Pool 2015: List of the Missed

The following 'celebrities' have died this year, but weren’t picked by any team this year. However, they have all been chosen by teams in previous years. Hopefully by listing them here, it will alert players to non-eligible picks & to give those who are now gone their brief moment of fame on this site. The other reason for listing them here is that the teams who chose them can rue their bad luck or decisions!!

Name (click for biography) Date of death
Natalie Cole 31st December 2015
Haskell Wexler 27th December 2015
Meadowlark Lemon 27th December 2015
Kurt Masur 19th December 2015
Akiyuki Nosaka 9th December 2015
Topazia Alliata 23rd November 2015
Ingeborg Sjöqvist 22nd November 2015
Maurice Strong 21st November 2015
Peter Dimmock 21st November 2015
Mal Whitfield 18th November 2015
Jonah Lomu 18th November 2015
Dora Doll 15th November 2015
Guo Jie 15th November 2015
Nora Brockstedt 5th November 2015
Fred Thompson 1st November 2015
Günter Schabowski 1st November 2015
Ján Chryzostom Korec 24th October 2015
Kirsty Howard 24th October 2015
Howard Kendall 17th October 2015
Joan Leslie 12th October 2015
Gordon Honeycombe 9th October 2015
Hugh Scully 8th October 2015
Árpád Göncz 6th October 2015
Brian Friel 2nd October 2015
Frank Tyson 27th September 2015
Jim Meadowcroft 25th September 2015
Jack Larson 20th September 2015
Jackie Collins 19th September 2015
Brian Sewell 17th September 2015
Dettmar Cramer 17th September 2015
David Willcocks 17th September 2015
Fred DeLuca 14th September 2015
Antoine Lahad 10th September 2015
Chandra Bahadur Dangi 4th September 2015
Joy Beverley 30th August 2015
Wang Dongxing 21st August 2015
Egon Bahr 20th August 2015
Frank Gifford 9th August 2015
Coleen Gray 3rd August 2015
Sammy Cox 31st July 2015
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper 31st July 2015
Lynn Anderson 30th July 2015
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 27th July 2015
Bobbi Kristina Brown 26th July 2015
Rev. Owen Chadwick 5th July 2015
Julie Brett 5th July 2015
Edward Burnham 30th June 2015
Guđríđur Guđbrandsdóttir 25th June 2015
James Carnegie, 3rd Duke of Fife 22nd June 2015
Blaze Starr 15th June 2015
Micol Fontana 12th June 2015
Monica Lewis 12th June 2015
Ornette Coleman 11th June 2015
James Last 9th June 2015
Hermann Zapf 4th June 2015
Antonia Gerena Rivera 9th August 2015
Vicente Aranda 26th May 2015
Marques Haynes 22nd May 2015
Dean Potter 15th May 2015
Stuart Sherwin 2nd May 2015
Maya Plisetskaya 2nd May 2015
Grace Lee Whitney 1st May 2015
Patachou 30th April 2015
Giovanni Canestri 29th April 2015
Daniel Walker 29th April 2015
Arthur Brittenden 25th April 2015
Dorothy Custer 22nd April 2015
Roy Mason 19th April 2015
Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri 17th April 2015
Bonnie Suchet 15th April 2015
Roberto Tucci 14th April 2015
Elmer Lach 4th March 2015
Tomas Tranströmer 26th March 2015
Lil' Chris 23rd March 2015
Chuck Bednarik 21st March 2015
Gregory Walcott 20th March 2015
Walter Grauman 20th March 2015
Ib Melchior 13th March 2015
Frei Otto 9th March 2015
Dave Mackay 2nd March 2015
Minnie Mińoso 1st March 2015
Yasar Kemal 28th February 2015
Clark Terry 21st February 2015
Gary Owens 12th February 2015
Steve Strange 12th February 2015
Noemi Wigdorowicz-Makowerowa 7th February 2015
Dean Smith 7th February 2015
Christopher Greener 2nd February 2015
Frank Borghi 2nd February 2015
Lizabeth Scott 31st January 2015
Lt Otto Carius 24th January 2015
Joe Franklin 24th January 2015
Jackie Selebi 23rd January 2015
Bob Symes 19th January 2015
Ward Swingle 19th January 2015
Paul Thomas Francis O'Grady 15th January 2015
Ervin Drake 15th January 2015
Jack Hayward 13th January 2015
Jeno Buzánsky 11th January 2015
Donna Douglas 1st January 2015

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