Gene Reynolds

M*A*S*H*E*D* Child actor turned TV producer Gene Reynolds has died at the age of 96. Starting in 1934, Reynolds fit in a 25 year acting career before he was 40. Turning his hand to direction and production, he and Larry Gelbart came up with the TV show M*A*S*H in 1972. It ran for eleven series, […]

Bernard Ebbers

EBBERS HOSTS DEATHCON2020 Former businessman and criminal Bernard Ebbers has died aged 78. From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, like Chris Benoit, Ebbers promising career ended in revulsion and disgrace, like Chris Benoit. He also won the WWE World Heavyweight title, like Chris Ben… no, sorry, wrong Wiki page. Ebbers was the CEO of America’s version of […]

Mad Mike Hoare

WILD GOOSE COOKED World War Two veteran turned mercenary for hire, and a one time charted accountant, Mad Mike Hoare has died aged 100. An Irishman born in Calcutta, he served in Burma under the British in the 1940s and was promoted to Major for his role on the front line. In the 1960s he […]

Mary Higgins Clark

QUEEN OF SUSPENSE FACES FINAL CLIFFHANGER Popular mystery novelist Mary Higgins Clark has revealed her final whodunnit aged 92. A former Pan Am air stewardess, Clark took to writing short stories for the magazine markets when her husband became seriously ill in the late 1950s. After he died in 1964 (on the same day as […]

John Andretti

  ANDRETTI PUTS CONTENDERS IN POLE POSITION NASCAR racing driver John Andretti has died aged 56. A member of the famous Andretti racing family, he won two NASCAR Cup Series races in the late 90s at the Daytona circuit, but struggled to drive out of the shadow of more successful family members. He had been […]