Mary Higgins Clark


Popular mystery novelist Mary Higgins Clark has revealed her final whodunnit aged 92. A former Pan Am air stewardess, Clark took to writing short stories for the magazine markets when her husband became seriously ill in the late 1950s. After he died in 1964 (on the same day as his mum), Higgins Clark turned to writing full time, and released her debut suspense novel, Where Are The Children?, in 1975. Loved by critics and readers alike, within a year she sold her next novel for a $1.5 million advance, and never looked back. Every book since (around 50 of them) sold like hot cakes. Popular books included A Cry in the Night, and The Cradle Will Fall, both adapted as films. In her lifetime, Mary Higgins Clark sold around 100 million books, putting her alongside Ian Fleming and John Grisham in terms of success. Her last book was published in 2019. Higgins Clark died rich, lauded by her fellow writers, popular with her fans, and of advanced old age: an epilogue oft sought but rarely achieved by writers.

She was picked by 3 teams. Apricot Crumble is one of the Gooseberry Crumble trio and can usually be expected to pick up some interesting tips. In eternum’s wrinkly dicks is a theme team related around detective fiction, and hopefully this success will make up for not providing any substitutes for their “actually died in 2019” joker! Bibliogryphon’s Bookworm Food is another popular regular theme team.


Mary Higgins Clark
24 December 1927 – 31 January 2020
3 teams