John Andretti



NASCAR racing driver John Andretti has died aged 56. A member of the famous Andretti racing family, he won two NASCAR Cup Series races in the late 90s at the Daytona circuit, but struggled to drive out of the shadow of more successful family members. He had been suffering from colon cancer for a number of years, and a reported downturn last year brought him into Drop 40 contention. In fact, this means 1/10th of the Drop 40 are dead inside 30 days. Indian summer, or is the Reaper reacting like some sort of pandemic?

Andretti was picked by the new top three in the 2020 DDP, which means Day in the Death and Heading Nowhere (joint 1st) and Thomas Jefferson Survives (2 points behind) open up a lap between them and other racers. All three are contenders for sure, but it’s still early going on the track right now. Who knows what weather conditions (or coronaviruses) could have an effect on this race?


John Andretti
12 March 1963 – 30 January 2020
61 teams (Drop 40)