Bernard Ebbers


Former businessman and criminal Bernard Ebbers has died aged 78. From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, like Chris Benoit, Ebbers promising career ended in revulsion and disgrace, like Chris Benoit. He also won the WWE World Heavyweight title, like Chris Ben… no, sorry, wrong Wiki page. Ebbers was the CEO of America’s version of BT, World Com, until the company exploded in 2002 amid a personal Father Ted style series of accounting errors. Of the jailed for fraud kind. Sentenced to 25 years in jail, he was released in December 2019 due to failing health. And then, unlike nearly every big name DDP compassionate release in history, promptly snuffed it. I know, I know, I’m stunned too.

I was also stunned to find out he wasn’t actually the CEO of WorldCon like I had assumed, and now all the Doctor Who gags will have to go in the recycling bin.

Ebbers was a hit for two teams. One was Lord Football’s Usual List of Ill People, who are on 5/20 already and clearly have a great start to their 10th DDP campaign, much like Undertaker did beating Ric Flair at his 10th WrestleMan… look, I had WordCon jokes all set up! The second team is The Skinny Kiltrunner, a relative newcomer to the DDP but known in other deadpools on the web, whose team is full of high risk high reward picks like this one. If they can nab a few more, look out for this team more throughout 2020…


Bernard Ebbers
27 August 1941 – 2 February 2020
2 teams