Larry King



American TV broadcasting legend Larry King has died aged 87 after a number of health complaints in recent years. His broadcasting career started in local Florida radio in the 1950s and ended last year with an opinion show on Russia Today, which yours truly was surprised to stumble across channel surfing during the US election! However, his big break on American national radio came in 1978 when Lord John Nebel died of cancer and King was picked to replace him. Broadcast five days a week for 5 hours, Larry King got his experience with live interviews and phone ins and moved to CNN in 1985.


His lighthearted, non-adversarial approach to interviews saw him interview everyone of note under the sun. He also made several film and TV appearances, from Ghostbusters to Shrek 2, The Exorcist III to Frasier. He also voiced The Bible in an early episode of The Simpsons. In recent years he had been suffering from lung cancer, his heart issues from the 1980s returned, and suffered a stroke in 2019. Then the combination of covid and sepsis provided the final blow.


 The 2nd Drop 40 pick to leave us in 2021, King was picked by 50 teams, proving as popular in the DDP as he was on late night. Some of the teams who cash in include eejit, Ethnic Cleansing, Gooseberry Crumble, Manuel’s Stiffs, Say Hi to Uncle George (Hi Uncle George!), Still Life and The Keys of Marinus. So popular the Voord are picking him! Also gaining points was Where’s My Damn List, Shaun of the Dead and the welcome return of twice runners up Stab in the Dark.


Larry King
19 November 1933 – 23 January 2021
50 teams