Gary Waldhorn


Actor Gary Waldhorn has died aged 78. His lengthy career in theatre and TV was best known as the stuffy parish council chair David Horton in the beloved 90s BBC sitcom The Vicar of Dibley, whose carnage of main cast continues at an astonishing rate. His straight man role was tougher to act than the more exuberant Geraldine Granger or Jim Trott, but he did his part with aplomb with much amusement to be had in his co-stars outwitting him. His Brussel sprout eating contest with Geraldine in the Christmas special made for one of his finest moments. Gone Solo gets the points.

A note of thanks to Pan Breed graciously giving pointers for this obit even after his retirement as co-host. It won’t be the last time I do so for UK-based names who deserve a better obit than a “here’s what Wiki sez”!

Gary Waldhorn
3 July 1943 – 10 January 2022, aged 78
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