Bobby Knight


The tempestuous volcano of college basketball has gone dormant. The sport revolved around Bobby Knight for many years, such was the longtime Hoosiers coach’s influence on basketball strategy. “The General” was a buster on the court, with a motion offense tactic that led him to a 902–371 coaching record, multiple awards/championships, and Olympic gold. He was also an utterly batshit character who was far more entertaining than basketball itself could ever dream to be: The most memorable was throwing a chair across the court, but he also had a track record of expletive-laden tantrums and hitting (in some cases, choking) members of his team.

Despite all that, he was still good at a sport, so Indiana accorded him deity status for the rest of his years, and his star power was enough that in 2016 his full-throated endorsement of a presidential candidate clinched the Indiana primary for another patron saint of etiquette – Donald Trump. He was 83 and picked by two teams, and with him and Jerry Springer gone the same year, the world has gotten considerably safer for chairs everywhere. Still have to look out for Clint Eastwood though…

Bobby Knight
25 October 1940 – 1 November 2023, aged 83
2 TEAMS (💀💀💀💀💀💀 6 POINTS)