Jim Harris, better known as Kamala the Uganda Giant, or “Kamala” Harris to those of you who like to mischievous on Twitter, has died. Harris’s wrestling career started in Nashville in the late 70s as the Mississippi Mauler before he decided to paint his face, pretend he spoke no English and play the dumb foreign savage. This act made him very popular in the southern states, and when he transferred it to to the WWE, worldwide. Sure, the act has dated incredibly badly by 2020’s standards, but Harris played the role to a T and found himself surprisingly popular with the kids, even when taking on heroes like Hulk Hogan or The Undertaker. In recent years he suffered several complications from diabetes, leading to the loss of both legs, and his death aged 70 after covid made the bling tag.

Outside of the ring, Jim Harris had no truck with racists and is the only man in history to have got the upper hand on a drunk Andre the Giant. Andre was being aggressive or saying things you ought not to (the exact differs on the eyewitness) against Kamala, and the next thing anyone knew Kamala had punched Andre in the face and taken out a GUN in front of everyone and demanded an apology. Which he swiftly got. Harris always carried a gun just in case he needed it as a black man working in the Bible Belt. And now you know why it took serious illness the better part of a decade to get the three count on the man… Even in a hospital bed with no legs he told people not to feel sorry for him, as he was Kamala and Kamala always won…

He was picked by 9 teams this year including Funeral Holmes and Ethnic Cleansing.

28 May 1950 – 9 August 2020
9 teams