Don Shula


Don Shula, NFL coach, has died aged 90. He was the “winningest” coach in NFL history. Yes, I know. I know. I dislike the term too. But that’s what Americans call it. He was in charge of the Miami Dolphins for two Superbowl wins, including a perfect season, where they won every single game in 1972. They team included hard hitting fullbacks like Larry Csonka. Hey, that guy writes wrestling reviews nowadays. What is an in-joke only Spade Cooley will get, Alex? More on that guy later in the year. Anyhow , The Patriots recent tried a perfect season but buggered it up in the Super Ball finale. They Shula known better, really. Shula won every award going in his sport, and at one point considered becoming a priest.
He was picked by two teams: Dinner Reservation for 20, and Cashier Number 90 Please.

Don Shula
4 January 1930 – 4 May 2020
2 teams