Brian Jackson


The world of canned fruit connoisseurship has plunged into crisis with its most esteemed critic no longer around to give his stamp of approval. Brian Jackson was the actor who thumbs-upped Del Monte products as the debonair, white-clad Man from Del Monte in numerous 80s commercials, which created a proto-meme with the “The Man from Del Monte, he says yes!” catchphrase. Without the white suit on Jackson was a TV regular with appearances in The Avengers, Casualty, and the obligatory Doctors. He also was an active athlete and founded the recording studio where Vangelis did the Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner themes.

Jackson was 91 and produces a juicy hit for the Apricot edition of the Crumble triad. Penning obits for his classy uniques is practically a rite of passage for DDP front page co-hosts, and they are exactly the types of picks which are the spice of the DDP. Is this a sign that Gooseberry’s 2022 enema prediction is finally bearing fruit? The Man from Del Monte defers to a proctologist!

Brian Jackson
6 April 1931 – 2 July 2022, aged 91
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