Anerood Jugnauth


Anerood Jugnauth has died aged 91. The politician was both President and thrice Prime Minister of his native Mauritius, his longest run being 1982-1995. He won five general elections in a row and was nicknamed Rambo. Jugnauth was part of the discussions in 1965 which led to Mauritius gaining independence from Britain, and he was also Prime Minister when the country became a republic in 1992. In the 1970s he joined the Mouvement Militant Maurician, to fight for social justice.

Under his leadership, Mauritius developed into what is regarded as one of the best countries in Africa for human rights. He implemented free public transport for the old, the sick and students, and brought in free universal education and health care, high average wages and progressive green policies. Most of which doesn’t just put most of Africa to shame, but pretty much the entire West too. 

As a result, Jugnauth won the highest popular vote in Mauritius electoral history (in a fair election) in 1982, when he won every single seat in parliament. A pragmatist when it came to growth, he supported offshore jobs, cyber/technology work and intellectual career growth in the country with equal interest. Anerood Jugnauth held zero tolerance for corruption and transformed his country from an IMF case to one of the richest in Africa. He was that rarest of politicians, a man of principle who suceeded in improving the lifes of his fellow people. 


He was a unique pick for There Goes Another One!

Anerood Jugnauth
29 March 1930 – 2 June 2021