Andy “The Viking” Fordham


Former darts player Andy Fordham has died aged 59 after years of ill health. Nicknamed The Viking, Fordham won the 2004 BDO World Darts Championship, and gained the spotlight when he was signed up for a Sky Sports showdown with PDO perennial champ of the time, Phil “The Power” Taylor. However, trailing 5-2 he suffered health issues and had to pull out. It was later revealed that his alcoholism (averaging 25 lagers a day) and weight (he was 31 stone) had nearly permanently knackered his liver. He cut down his drink and lost 17 stone (SEVENTEEN STONE!) and made a return to the professional darts game, but his prime had been lost.

He was a unique pick for Eddie’s Parade of Darkness and Despair.

Andy Fordham
2 February 1962 – 15 July 2021