Bill Withers

JUST THE ONE OF US   Who are we going to lean on now, when we’re in trouble? Singer Bill Withers proved that March 30th was not such a lovely day after all, by dying from heart failure aged 81. Withers, who recently bucked the trend by being inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall […]

Philip Warren Anderson

PHIL 90   Scientist Philip Warren Anderson has died at the venerable age of 96. Physicist Anderson won the Nobel Prize in 1977 for his work in electronic structures and magnets. This work helped create memory devices for computers, including the one that helps store all the witty and wonderful obituaries on the Derby Dead […]

Krzysztof Penderecki

HEADS TOWARDS SHINING LIGHT   Composer Penderecki, whose first name is enough to gave a DDP host a panic attack trying to spell, has died after a long period of ill health. A unique pick for regulars Bucket of Blood, who assumedly are regular readers of Slipped Disc. Penderecki’s work was regular used in films, […]

James Ramsden

HARROGONE James Ramsden has died aged 96. A former brewer, the former Conservative politician was MP for Harrogate from 1954 to 1974. He served in the governments of Harold MacMillan and Alec Douglas-Home in the War Department, and became the last ever War Secretary in 1963. With the Labour election victory in 1964, the post […]

Andree Melly

JUST A MINUTE, MELLYS DEAD Andree Melly, who died in January aged 87,  has got a qualifying obit some time after the fact. The younger sister of jazz legend George, and the wife of actor Oscar Quitak, Andree was a familiar figure on British stage. An RSC regular, she appear in Merchant of Venice, as […]