Honor Blackman

PUSSY NO MORE Honor Blackman has died aged 94. One of the most acclaimed actresses of her generation, she was instantly recognisable for a number of roles: Goldfinger, The Avengers, Terror of the Vervoids. OK, maybe not that last one. Without Cathy Gale kicking her way into equal screen time with Patrick Macnee’s Steed in […]

John Downing

NOT WAVING BUT DOWNING Acclaimed photographer John Downing died a few days before his 80th birthday. A war photographer for five decades, Downing was known for his cool under pressure, even when being interrogated in a jail as a suspected spy by Idi Amin. He visited Chernobyl and Afghanistan, and was the only photographer on […]

James Drury

DEADINIAN Actor James Drury has died on the eve of his 86th birthday. He was best known as the lead actor in The Virginian, a Western TV series that ran from 1962 to 1971 and was popular on both sides of Atlantic. He was also in Forbidden Planet. He was picked by three teams in […]

Margaret Burbidge

BURBIDGE REACHES EVENT HORIZON Astronomer Margaret Burbidge has died aged 100. Known for her work in the 1960s on discovering quasars (supermassive black holes for you Muse fans), she also created the Faint Object Spectograph (a super-magnifier for detecting gamma rays and wavelengths) on the Hubble Space Telescope. Claiming the World War Two blackouts made […]

Shirley Douglas

A REAL DEAD RINGER FOR DEATH   Actress Shirley Douglas has died, a few days after her 86th birthday. The Canadian actress appeared in films like Dead Ringers and as the Grandma in Barney’s Great Adventure. She was also a prominent civil rights activist and anti-Vietnam War campaigner in the 1960s. Her work with the […]

Forrest Compton

THIRTY-FATHOM OBIT American TV actor Forrest Compton has become another to die of coronavirus. He was 94. He appeared on TV shows such as Gomer Pyle, 77 Sunset Strip and Hogan’s Heroes. He was also in One Life to Live, which he has now proven, and McBain, which isn’t what you’re thinking it is. He […]

William Frankland

FALLEN COUNT Immunologist William Frankland has died after a very long life, aged 108. He had already cheated death from TB as a Prisoner of War when he began studying under the tutelage of Alexander Fleming. It was during this time Frankland made his early mark on British medical history, organising a placebo test to […]

Ira Einhorn

Ira Einhorn was known as the Unicorn Killer after murdering his girlfriend in 1977 and then going on the run for two decades. He was a unique hit on the DDP for Valar Morghulis.

Eddie Large

LITTLE Big funnyman Eddie Large has died after coming into contact with coronavirus. Apparently there are DDP players running sweepstakes on how many picked celebrities will fall to My Corona. I hopefully suggested none, as I write the bloody things, but the numbers are increasing. Nobody picked Adam Schlesinger, though, so you can avoid my […]

Manolis Glezos

  ACROPOLIS NOW When the Wikipedia Deaths in 2020 page describes your notoriety as “folk hero”, you know this is going to be a good one. Hitler’s 1000 Year Reich dream died in 1945. Manolis Glezos, a man twice sentenced to death by the regime, has died in 2020 of old age issues. He was […]