Welcome to DDP 2020

Hello, and good morning.


There is a decent chance that, if you look at the List of Teams for 2020 (link on the right hand menu as usual), you may find a notice about your own DDP email link not working. Please ignore this message. It is an automated thing added by one of the previous hosts that we’re trying to get rid of. If the DDP Cmme do find issues with someones email, we shall be more specific.

The names of picks will be standardised too at some point. You can see them fit into three main categories at the moment. The first are normal Firstname Lastname ones that were on the database or added on 1st-9th January by Grim, Reptile and myself. The second are Firstname LASTNAME ones, which are a leftover from TMIB’s one and down experiment with that sort of style in 2017. (A handy spot on names only returning after three years!) The third, firstname lastname, are the somewhat panicked last minute re-adds after Access/Excel deleted 100 of the picks at the 11th hour. So if you do get Drop 40 points on the great George Alagiah this year, remember Reptile’s frantic attempts to bring him back from deletion!

Otherwise, the site appears to be running, updates will be as regular as possible, and other curious quirks will be smoothed on a quieter day soon. Although I quite like the German months as a quirk tbh.

Oh, and we should really put a note of praise for Spade Cooley here, for stepping in to host this prestigious event when it looked like it was going to close in 2017. Our four time winner gave up the chance to compete for two years, and I fear for anyone facing him in a deadpool in 2020, you might need Moe for a quick airlift! Not only that, but his advice and troubleshooting over the new site has been invaluable.

All that’s needed to say is good luck to all competitors!


Best wishes,