Roger Scruton


Long time British philosopher and gay botherer Sir Roger Scruton has died to give many people success on the DDP. Editor of the Salisbury Review for 20 years and a specialist in the aesthetics of conservatism, Scruton became himself after witnessing the May 1968 student protests in France. Whereas Ken Clark produced 10 episodes of Civilisation instead. Scruton’s long held vitriol towards all things Communism led to several enemy of my enemy related awards after the fall of the USSR, including the Medal of Merit from Vaclav Havel. Dismissed from a government advisors role in April last year over unfortunate comments made about George Soros (I know, antisemitism in UK politics is so rare these days too…), he was swiftly diagnosed with cancer. The Jade Goody route to redemption, I see.

Scruton in later years claimed his critics were anti-Scruton due to his traditional conservative outlook, whereas many of them just didn’t like someone openly calling gay folk a perversion and dangerous to kids. Or thought his support of antisemites was a bit too much. Or didn’t appreciate his views on repatriation, rape, pet dogs, the Union or any number of controversial points. Or just thought his pseudo-intellectual dithering disguised as philosophical textbooks shouldn’t have been given the time of day given the lack of inherent merit in them, and were bamboozled at how the David Irving of philosophy became so lauded. Or you know, it could be just because he voted for David Cameron. No one likes the much beloved actor Michael Caine’s films these days after all, do they…

So many teams picked a pocket or two with Sir Roger – 35 in all. Most of the names you all know and love from recent titanic battles at the top – To Kill a Gabor Sister, Poochie, Drollercoaster, Shaun of the Dead all scored, as did three former DDP winners, including 1998/99 double winner Drunkasaskunk (Glasgow shoutout!) and 2019’s winner Thomas Jefferson Survives. (Won it at long last, TJS! My first opportunity to say congratulations publicly…) Some guy called Pan Breed got points too. Nah, I’ve never heard of him either.

This also puts King/Street Sweeper back on top of the DDP, so well done them!


Roger Scruton
27 February 1944 – 12 January 2020
Drop 40 pick (35 teams)



Also a YouTube vlogger has died aged 50, and given points to 9 teams (scoreboard to be updated soon), and House of Extravaganza and Once You Go Black cash in their jokers. Usual suspects like Day in the Death, former runner up Heading Nowhere and some guy called David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals (who he again?) pick up points.

Meanwhile Daniel Arap Moi is doing the life support hokey cokey. Watch this space?