Theme Team League 2022

The theme team league shall appear here. It is manually updated so won’t be updated as often as the main scoreboard – typically once a month.

4 May 2022 – The Retched pong of Brit sit-com becomes the third theme to cross the 30 point mark. Bibliogryphon’s Bookworm Food and league legend Gray Panthers also shoot up the scoreboard after strong April hauls.

Position Team Theme Hits Points
1st Pazuzu Bad Boys Unsavoury characters 3 39
2nd #1 Hits UK chart toppers 2 35
3rd The Retched pong of Brit sit-com British sitcoms 3 30
=4th Bibliogryphon’s Bookworm Food Authors 3 29
=4th Gray Panthers Centenarians 5 29
=6th Dead Continent Asians 2 28
=6th Not Going in a Black Cab EastEnders 4 28
=8th Great Gig in the Sky Singers 1 26
=8th Rockers who Rolled to the graveyard Singers 1 26
=10th Complications from a fall World leaders 3 24
=10th Kiddyfiddler Harriers Paedos 1 24