Ruth Bader Ginsburg


American Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died from pancreatic cancer, causing a tsunami of horror among American liberals. As the anchor of the liberal wing of the US Supreme Court, her on going health woes in recent years have caused tremors anytime hospitalization occurred. Ginsburg was born in 1933, and argued several cases for gender equality in front of the Supreme Court. She had struggled to get a job despite graduating from Harvard law school. She was appointed to the US Court of Appeals in 1980, and to the Supreme Court in 1993. She wrote dissents on landmark cases such as Bush v Gore, and was known for bending the swing votes on the court to her side by citing judicial precedent. Her career was built on building bridges to equal opportunities, which gave her fame with the younger generations as a film called The Notorious RGB came out, which means her death in the middle of an election campaign could yet further unforeseen consequences. Perhaps with hindsight she might have retired in 2012 instead and avoided this court crisis, but then, hindsight is not a common trait in modern politics.

Ginsburg was picked by 71 teams, including Cancel My Appointments, who are disappointingly still outside the top 50. Others include It’s a Grim World, Grief Hijackers, Noz4News, Mr C (legend of the game), Madonna’s Hand of Bod, and The Living End, with the 3 time winners now up to 28th place.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
15 March 1933 – 18 September 2020
71 teams