Igor Bogdanoff


French TV host and fraudster Igor Bogdanoff has died aged 72 of COVID, quickly following his twin brother Grichka. With their weird alienesque visage, the Bogdanoff brothers were a fixture of French TV, typically with a science theme and introducing sci-fi programmes such as Star Trek and Doctor Who to France. Their penchant for dumbing down science made them popular with the public, but less so with academia. Said fractious relationship reached a boiling point with the Bognadoff affair, where the brothers successfully had nonsensical scientific papers published in reputed journals, which only looked legitimate due to the many fancy words used. Running to the thesaurus to impress the teacher gone too far?

Further burnishing their rather meagre scientific credentials, the twins refused to get vaccinated for COVID as they felt their good health would be enough to fend off the virus. That ended as well as you might expect. Grichka died before the New Year, leaving Igor left for DDP consideration. The gamble has paid off for 13 teams, with Dead Ends, DDP Tofoa, Smart Beta, and Pretty Noose building momentum after the Burgess joker.

Igor Bogdanoff
29 August 1949 – 3 January 2022, aged 72
13 TEAMS (💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 = 7 POINTS, 🃏 (x3) 14 POINTS)