Frank Bough


Former British TV broadcaster Frank Bough has died aged 87. For fifteen years he was the reassuring jumper wearing face at the helm of Grandstand, the BBC’s premier sports show. He also hosted BBC Breakfast Time from 1983 to 1987 (a role later played by DDP current favourite Bill Turnbull). He guest starred on Morecambe and Wise, was the BBC’s main presenter for the 1978 World Cup and one of the early hosts of the Holiday show.

And then, in 1988, scandal hit. The News of World, a decade before they attacked the Derby Dead Pool itself, attacked Frank Bough for the fact he had indulged in cocaine, worn womens clothing, and enjoyed the shagging of prostitutes. It was also revealed that he was a fan of consensual S&M. At the time, this was career ending. As time goes on, and Yewtree and other much worse scandals hit, Bough’s drugs and women shame seems small fry. Even as Rolf Harris was in jail trashing his decades long reputation as a kids entertainer, the UK tabloids were stunned when Bough came back to the BBC for one off appearance as a documentary interviewee on parts of his own career. Instead the man who could interview Prime Ministers or commentate on the Winter Olympics with equal aplomb saw his career ended while the likes of controversy magnet Piers Morgan fall into high paying jobs with no start to their talents.

He was picked by two teams, both theme teams: Jack Ketch is Not a Weatherman (thanks for the information), and The Final Whistle. Bough survived liver cancer in 2001.

Frank Bough
15 January 1933 – 21 October 2020
2 teams