Edd Byrnes


Ed Byrnes was a funny comedian who often appeared on TV and made fun of Alanis Morris… no, sorry, wrong guy.


Edd Byrnes was a singer and actor perhaps best known, cinematically,  for his role as Vince Fontaine in blockbuster Grease. Two teams decided he was the one that they wanted, and Drop Dead Celebrations and All Quiet on the Westerns Front can count up the points. Other films included Yellowstone Kelly, Cheyenne and Any Gun Can Play.

But on TV he was hair combing hitman Kenneth Smiley on a 50s made for TV film, a role which gave him a lead spot on 77 Sunset Strip as a hair combing amateur detective called Kookie. A role which made him a teen sensation.


Edd Byrnes
30th July 1933 – 8 January 2020
2 teams