Derby Dead Pool 2012: List of the Missed

The following 'celebrities' have died this year, but weren’t picked by any team this year. However, they have all been chosen by teams in previous years. Hopefully by listing them here, it will alert players to non-eligible picks & to give those who are now gone their brief moment of fame on this site. The other reason for listing them here is that the teams who chose them can rue their bad luck or decisions!!

Name (click for biography) Date of death
Charles H. Price II 12th January 2012
Rauf Denktash 13th January 2012
Paavo Berglund 25th January 2012
Veronica Carstens 25th January 2012
Kevin Hagan White 27th January 2012
Oscar Luigi ScÓlfaro 29th January 2012
Jill Kinmont Boothe 9th February 2012
M. R. D. Foot 18th February 2012
Maurice AndrÚ 25th February 2012
Erland Josephson 25th February 2012
Kelly Taylor 27th February 2012
Davy Jones 29th February 2012
William Heirens 5th March 2012
Estanislao Basora 16th March 2012
King George Tupou V 18th March 2012
Alan Pegler 18th March 2012
Earl Scruggs 28th March 2012
Dora Saint 7th April 2012
╔mile Bouchard 14th April 2012
Levon Helm 19th April 2012
Carl Johan Bernadotte of Wisborg 5th May 2012
Gunnar S°nsteby 10th May 2012
Les Leston 13th May 2012
Carlos Fuentes 15th May 2012
Donna Summer 17th May 2012
Andy Hamilton 3rd June 2012
Nolan Miller 7th June 2012
Mukhtar Hussein Afrah 12th June 2012
William Standish Knowles 13th June 2012
Rodney King 17th June 2012
Victor Spinetti 18th June 2012
Walter Haefner 19th June 2012
Vincent Ostrom 29th June 2012
David House 14th July 2012
Alistair Burnet 20th July 2012
Jack Taylor 27th July 2012
R. G. Armstrong 27th July 2012
Reverend Christopher Evans 30th July 2012
William Windom 16th August 2012
Scott McKenzie 19th August 2012
Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini 31st August 2012
Art Modell 6th September 2012
Thomas Szasz 8th September 2012
Santiago Carrillo 18th September 2012
Antisa Khvichava 7th October 2012
Heriberto Lazcano 7th October 2012
Helmut Haller 11th October 2012
James Coyne 12th October 2012
Edward Donnall Thomas 20th October 2012
Hans Werner Henze 27th October 2012
Sergey Nikolsky 9th November 2012
Dave Sexton 25th November 2012
Marvin Miller 27th November 2012
Robert Bork 19th December 2012
Norman Schwarzkopf 27th December 2012

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