Derby Dead Pool 2011: List of the Missed

The following 'celebrities' have died this year, but weren’t picked by any team this year. However, they have all been chosen by teams in previous years. Hopefully by listing them here, it will alert players to non-eligible picks & to give those who are now gone their brief moment of fame on this site. The other reason for listing them here is that the teams who chose them can rue their bad luck or decisions!!

Name (click for biography) Date of death
David Hart 5th January 2011
Wilfrid Sheed 19th January 2011
Daniel Bell 25th January 2011
John Barry 30th January 2011
Saleh Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi 12th February 2011
Judith Binney 15th February 2011
Alfred Burke 17th February 2011
Allan Louisy 2nd March 2011
Simon van der Meer 4th March 2011
Farley Granger 27th March 2011
Eddie Stobart 31st March 2011
Billy Gray 11th April 2011
Trevor Bannister 14th April 2011
Bob Block 17th April 2011
Grete Waitz 19th April 2011
Max Mathews 21st April 2011
Leslie J. Audus 5th May 2011
Garret FitzGerald 19th May 2011
Leonora Carrington 25th May 2011
Janet Brown 27th May 2011
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow 30th May 2011
Miriam Karlin 3rd June 2011
Harry Bernstein 3rd June 2011
Donald Hewlett 4th June 2011
Frederick Chiluba 18th June 2011
Cy Twombly 5th July 2011
Pete Duranko 8th July 2011
George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood 11th July 2011
Juan Maria Bordaberry 17th July 2011
Lord Richard Marsh 29th July 2011
Baruj Benacerraf 2nd August 2011
Shammi Kapoor 14th August 2011
Jerry Leiber 22nd August 2011
Vicco von Bülow 22nd August 2011
Alla Bayanova 30th August 2011
Wade Mainer 12th September 2011
Emanuel Litvinoff 24th September 2011
Wangari Maathai 25th September 2011
Anwar al-Awlaki 30th September 2011
Bert Jansch 5th October 2011
Har Gobind Khorana 9th November 2011
Karl Slover 15th November 2011
Anne McCaffery 21st November 2011
Sena Jurinac 22nd November 2011
Ken Russell 27th November 2011
Arthur Beetson 1st December 2011
Alan Sues 1st December 2011
Christopher Logue 2nd December 2011
Diana Gould 3rd December 2011
Dobie Gray 6th December 2011
Roy Tattersall 9th December 2011
George Whitman 14th December 2011
Nicol Williamson 16th December 2011
John Chamberlain 21st December 2011
Cheeta 24th December 2011

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