DDP 2021: List of the Lost

The following ‘celebrities’ have died this year, but haven’t got the required UK obituary as far as we can see, so no points have been awarded as yet.

Please let us know if you spot an obit for one of these people (or even just a passing mention of their death) in a British national news source as accepted below.


(As of 1/1/2018, the death announcements section of broadsheet websites, which members of the general public can pay for listings, are excluded)


…and from these news sites:
The notice of death must be in written English. Video links are only accepted if the strapline mentions the celeb’s passing.
Name Date of Death
Mahmood Faizi al-Hazaa 2015 (!)
Stanley Sopel 2007 (oh dear oh dear)
Loongkoonan 2018
Iris Westman 3rd January 2021
Alan Burgess 5th January 2021
Kathy Shaidle 9th January 2021
Ezra Nawi 9th January 2021
Barry Marshall 14th January 2021
Sinclair Hood 18th January 2021
Leslie Brown 28th January 2021
Sadiq Daba 3rd March 2021