Celebrity picks for Derby Dead Pool 2021: C


Caan, James
Born 26 March 1940  (New York City, New York, USA)
Hollywood actor, known for his roles in 'The Godfather', 'Rollerball' and 'Misery'.
[Picture of James Caan]


Caballero, Jose Manuel
Born 11 November 1926  (Jerez de la Frontera, Spain)
Spanish novelist and poet. Died in May without a qualifying obit.
[Picture of Jose Manuel Caballero]


Caine, Michael
Born 14 March 1933  (Bermondsey, London, England)
Legendary British actor, still turning in award-winning performances.
[Picture of Michael Caine]


Calaway, Mark
Born 24 March 1965  (Houston, Texas, USA)
Professional wrestler known as 'The Undertaker'.
[Picture of Mark Calaway]


Calder, David
Born 1 August 1946  (Portsmouth, UK)
Clasically trained actor, played Julius Caesar in the 2018 National Live Theatre Shakespeare adaptation.
[Picture of David Calder]


Callil, Carmen
Born 15 July 1938  (Melbourne, Australia)
Literary critic and co-founder of both Virago Press and feminist magazine "Spare Rib".
[Picture of Carmen Callil]


Callis, Jo
Born 2 February 1951  (Rotherham, United Kingdom)
English guitarist who played in punk bands and eventuall ended up in The Human League
[Picture of Jo Callis]


Camber, Irene
Born 12 February 1926  (Trieste, Italy)
Italian fencer who won the Foil Gold at the 1952 Olympics.
[Picture of Irene Camber]


Campbell, Jane
Born 19 April 1959  (Kingston Hill, Surrey, England)
Disability campaigner, now Baroness Campbell of Surbiton.
[Picture of Jane Campbell]


Campbell, Lady Colin
Born 17 August 1949  (St Andrew, Jamaica)
Writer and socialite.
[Picture of Lady Colin Campbell]


Born 14 August 1943  (Tynemouth, Northumberland, England)
Labour MP for Blyth Valley since 1987.
[Picture of Ronnie CAMPBELL]


campbell, vivian
Born 25 August 1962  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Guitarist for rock bands Def Leppard, Thin Lizzy and Dio.
[Picture of vivian campbell]


Cannon, Dyan
Born 4 January 1937  (Tacoma, Washington, USA)
US Actress, nominated three times for an Oscar
[Picture of Dyan Cannon]


Cannon, Tommy
Born 27 June 1938  (Oldham, Lancashire, England)
The taller half of Cannon & Ball; now teams up with his old sidekick to do evangelical stuff as well as comedy routines.
[Picture of Tommy Cannon]


Capes, Geoff
Born 23 August 1949  (Holbeach, Lincolnshire, England)
Fomer Great Britain international shot putter and twice winner of the World's Strongest Man competition.
[Picture of Geoff Capes]


Capps, Lois
Born 10 January 1938  (Ladysmith, Wisconsin, USA)
former US Representative, from 1998 to 2017.
[Picture of Lois Capps]


Caputo, Michael
Born 24 March 1962  (Buffalo, New York, USA)
American lobbyist for Russia under Boris Yetlsin and later assistant HHS in the Trump government
[Picture of Michael Caputo]


Carbajal, Antonio
Born 7 June 1929  (Mexico City, Mexico)
Former Mexico national goalkeeper. One of only 2 players to have appeared in five World Cups.
[Picture of Antonio Carbajal]


cardinale, claudia
Born 15 April 1938  (Tunis, Tunisia)
Actress of 1960s and 1970s Italian cinema, who starred in some films by Luchino Visconti and Sergio Leone. Was named among one of the 50 most beautiful actresses in film history. Today she is an outspoken activist for women's and gay rights.
[Picture of claudia cardinale]


Born 1 October 1945  (Gatun, Panama)
Major League Baseball player and coach.
[Picture of Rod CAREW]


Carey, Drew
Born 23 May 1958  (Cleveland, Ohio, USA)
Rotund, bespectacled comedian, a long time popular fixture of American comedy.
[Picture of Drew Carey]


Carey, Lynn
Born 29 October 1946  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
an American singer, songwriter, model, and actress best known as the lead vocalist in the band Mama Lion.
[Picture of Lynn Carey]


Carignan, Harvey
Born 18 May 1927  (Fargo, North Dakota, USA)
American serial killer "The Want-Ad Killer".
[Picture of Harvey Carignan]


Cariou, Len
Born 30 September 1939  (St Boniface, Manitoba, Canada)
Actor on both stage and screen, originated the role of Sweeney Todd in its 1979 Broadway run.
[Picture of Len Cariou]


Carle, Eric Eric Carle is no longer with us
Born 25 June 1929  (Syracuse, New York, USA)

Died 23 May 2021  (Northampton, Massachusetts, USA)

Age at death: 91  (read death notice)
Children's author and illustrator best known for the 1969 book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.
[Picture of Eric Carle]


carlisle, clarke
Born 14 October 1979  (Preston, Lancashire, England)
Former journeyman footballer who later became chairman of the Professional Footballers Association. Attempted suicide shortly before Xmas 2014 by stepping in front of a lorry.
[Picture of clarke carlisle]


Carlsson, Dagny
Born 8 May 1912  (Kristianstad, Sweden)
Swedish celebrity who gained fame after starting a blog aged 100, and now regularly appears on light entertainment shows over there.
[Picture of Dagny Carlsson]


Carlyle, Robert
Born 14 April 1961  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Scottish actor. Best known for his roles in 'The Full Monty' and 'Trainspotting'.
[Picture of Robert Carlyle]


Carnahan, Jean
Born 20 December 1933  (Washington DC, USA)
The first woman to represent Missouri in the US Senate, she was elected to replace her late husband Mel.
[Picture of Jean Carnahan]


Caron, Leslie
Born 1 July 1931  (Boulogne-sur-Seine, France)
French actress and dancer.
[Picture of Leslie Caron]


Carpenter, Carleton
Born 10 July 1926  (Bennington, Vermont, USA)
American film, TV actor and songwriter.
[Picture of Carleton Carpenter]


Carpenter, Richard
Born 15 October 1946  (New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
One half of the successful 1970s pop sibling duo The Carpenters with his sister, the late Karen Carpenter.
[Picture of Richard Carpenter]


Carr, Alan
Born 14 June 1976  (Weymouth, Dorset, England)
Well, there's two schools of thought here. One says he's a popular, funny comedian. Others say he is an unoriginal, utterly annoying twat.
[Picture of Alan Carr]


Carr, Darleen
Born 12 December 1950  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Voice actress in The Jungle Book, later appeared in Piranha. Bizzare typecasting, there.
[Picture of Darleen Carr]


Carr, Liz
Born in Wirral, UK  (exact date unknown)
Disabled rights activist, comedian and actor. Born 1972.
[Picture of Liz Carr]


Carr, Sally
Born 28 March 1945  (Muirhead, UK)
Frontwoman of 1970s middle-of-the-road pop act Middle of the Road.
[Picture of Sally Carr]


Carreras, Jose
Born 5 December 1946  (Barcelona, Spain)
The third wheel of the Three Tenors, who has successfully beaten leukemia in the past.
[Picture of Jose Carreras]


Carrey, Jim
Born 17 January 1962  (Newmarket, Ontario, Canada)
Rubber faced actor/comedian - famous for 'The Mask', 'Ace Ventura' and 'The Truman Show', amongst others.
[Picture of Jim Carrey]


Carriere, Jean-Claude Jean-Claude Carriere is no longer with us
Born 17 September 1931  (Colombières-sur-Orb, France)

Died 8 February 2021  (Paris, France)

Age at death: 89  (read death notice)
French novellist and screenwriter ("Belle du Jour", "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie").
[Picture of Jean-Claude Carriere]


Carrodus, Frank
Born 31 May 1949  (Cheshire, England)
Former winger for Aston Villa in the late 1970s.
[Picture of Frank Carrodus]


Carroll, Pat
Born 5 May 1927  (Shreveport, Louisiana, USA)
Actress - voice of the villanous Ursula in 'The Little Mermaid'.
[Picture of Pat Carroll]


Carrott, Jasper
Born 14 March 1945  (Acocks Green, Birmingham, England)
Comedian & game show presenter - real name Robert Davis.
[Picture of Jasper Carrott]


Carson, Willie
Born 16 November 1942  (Stirling, United Kingdom)
Retired British jockey and racehorse owner
[Picture of Willie Carson]


Carter, Aaron
Born 7 December 1987  (Tampa, Florida, USA)
Pre-teen pop star of the 1990s, gave us "Crazy Little Party Girl", "Crush On You" and other classics of the genre.
[Picture of Aaron Carter]


Carter, Allister
Born 25 July 1979  (Colchester, Essex, England)
Snooker player, Runner-up in the 2008 & 2012 World Championship.
[Picture of Allister Carter]


Carter, Clarence
Born 14 January 1936  (Montgomery, Alabama, USA)
Blind soul singer & songwriter.
[Picture of Clarence Carter]


Carter, Jimmy
Born 1 October 1924  (Plains, Georgia, USA)
Peanut-farming President of the US of A from 1977-81.
[Picture of Jimmy Carter]


Carter, Ron
Born 4 May 1937  (Ferndale, Michigan, USA)
Extremely prolific Grammy award winning jazz double bass player. Came to fame through the second Miles Davis Quintet.
[Picture of Ron Carter]


Carter, Rosalynn
Born 18 August 1927  (Plains, Georgia, USA)
Wife of former US President Jimmy Carter.
[Picture of Rosalynn Carter]


Carter, Terry
Born 16 December 1928  (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Actor - 'McCloud', 'Battlestar Galactica'.
[Picture of Terry Carter]


Carti, Playboi
Born 13 September 1996  (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Young rapper making a splash in the Billboard Hot 100.
[Picture of Playboi Carti]


Cartwright, Nancy
Born 25 October 1957  (Dayton, Ohio, USA)
Actress and voice artist best known as the voice of Bart Simpson in 'The Simpsons'. and Chuckie Finster in 'Rugrats'.
[Picture of Nancy Cartwright]


Cash, Bill
Born 10 May 1940  (London, England)
Conservative 'eurosceptic' MP for Stone.
[Picture of Bill Cash]


Cash, Tabatha
Born 27 December 1973  (Saint Denis, Paris, France)
French former pornographic actress.
[Picture of Tabatha Cash]


Castelnuovo, Nino Nino Castelnuovo is no longer with us
Born 28 October 1936  (Lecco, Italy)

Died 6 September 2021  (Rome, Italy)

Age at death: 84  (read death notice)
Hunky Italian leading man of the 1960s, equally capable in arthouse, spaghetti western and erotic comedies.
[Picture of Nino Castelnuovo]


Castle, John
Born 14 January 1940  (Croydon, London, England)
Actor who appeared in acclaimed films such as Blowup, The Lion in Winter and, err, RoboCop 3.
[Picture of John Castle]


Castro, Raúl
Born 3 June 1931  (Biran, Cuba)
Younger brother of Fidel Castro, who has been running the show in Cuba since Fidel fell ill in July 2006.
[Picture of Raúl Castro]


Castro Ruz, Juanita
Born 6 May 1933  (Birán, Holguín Province, Cuba)
Sister of former Cuban leader Fidel and current leader Raul.
[Picture of Juanita Castro Ruz]


Cattini, Clem
Born 20 August 1937  (Stoke Newington, London, England)
Drummer with Tornados, Johnny Kidd and the Pirates and the Wombles
[Picture of Clem Cattini]


Cauchetier, Raymond Raymond Cauchetier is no longer with us
Born 10 January 1920  (Paris, France)

Died 22 February 2021  (Paris, France)

Age at death: 101  (read death notice)
French New Wave photographer.
[Picture of Raymond Cauchetier]


Caunter, Tony
Born 22 September 1937  (Southampton, England)
Actor, famous  for playing Pat Butcher’s husband Roy in EastEnders.
[Picture of Tony Caunter]


Cavani, Liliana
Born 12 January 1937  (Carpi, Modena, Italy)
Italian film director, best known for her 1974 film 'The Night Porter', starring Dirk Bogarde.
[Picture of Liliana Cavani]


CAVE, (1959) Nick
Born 4 February 1959  (Fulton, Missouri, USA)
Dancer and sculptor.
[Picture of (1959) Nick CAVE]


Cave, Nick
Born 22 September 1957  (Warracknabeal, Australia)
Brooding goth who managed to fuck Kylie Minogue into making bad music for three years.
[Picture of Nick Cave]


Cavett, Dick
Born 19 November 1936  (Gibbon, Nebraska, USA)
Talk-show host in the US.
[Picture of Dick Cavett]


Cavuto, Neil
Born 22 November 1958  (Westbury, New York, USA)
American showhost and "journalist" of the Fox News family
[Picture of Neil Cavuto]


Cecchi Gori, Vittorio
Born 27 April 1942  (Florence, Italy)
Chairman of Fiorentina football club during the 1990s, the Gabriel Batistuta era.
[Picture of Vittorio Cecchi Gori]


Celentano, Adriano
Born 6 January 1938  (Milan, Italy)
Italy's Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Beatles all rolled into one. Seriously, all pop culture went through this man for 30 years. One of Ian Dury's "Reasons to be Cheerful" as well.
[Picture of Adriano Celentano]


Cellier, Peter
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Actor who specialised in playing officious, establishment figures in series such as 'Yes, Minister'. Born 1928.
[Picture of Peter Cellier]


Cengiz, Mustafa
Born 25 December 1949  (Nizip, Turkey)
Current chairman of Galatasaray.
[Picture of Mustafa Cengiz]


Cepeda, Orlando
Born 17 September 1937  (Ponce, Puerto Rico)
Puerto Rican baseball player.
[Picture of Orlando Cepeda]


Chakiris, George
Born 16 September 1934  (Norwood, Ohio, USA)
Oscar-winner actor thanks to his apperance as Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks in "West Side Story".
[Picture of George Chakiris]


Chamberlain, Richard
Born 31 March 1934  (Beverly Hills, California)
Television & film actor in both the US & the UK. Gained fame as being a heart-throb, but later admitted that he is, in fact, gay. Now lives in Hawaii.
[Picture of Richard Chamberlain]


Chamorro, Violeta
Born 18 October 1929  (Rivas, Nicaragua)
First female president of Nicaragua in 1990, following the ousting of Daniel Ortega's Sandanista regime.
[Picture of Violeta Chamorro]


Champfeu, Jacques de Larosiere de
Born 12 November 1929  (Paris, France)
Banker, former President of the EBRD.
[Picture of Jacques de Larosiere de Champfeu]


Chandler, Gene
Born 6 July 1937  (Chicago, Illinois, USA )
Singer-songwriter known for Duke of Earl and Groovy Situation.
[Picture of Gene Chandler]


Chaplin, Tom
Born 8 March 1979  (Battle, East Sussex, England)
Lead singer of Keane.
[Picture of Tom Chaplin]


Chapman, Duane "Dog"
Born 2 February 1953  (Denver, Colorado, USA)
Bounty hunter & bail bondsman & TV star in the US.
[Picture of Duane


Chapman, Mark David
Born 10 May 1955  (Fort Worth, Texas, USA)
The killer of John Lennon in 1980. Currently serving life imprisonment.
[Picture of Mark David Chapman]


Born in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England  (exact date unknown)
Television writer of arguably ITV's greatest ever situation comedy, 'Rising Damp'. Born 1933.
[Picture of Eric CHAPPELL]


Chapple, John
Born 27 May 1931  (England)
Former British Chief of the General Staff 1988-92.
[Picture of John Chapple]


Charles, Craig
Born 11 July 1964  (Liverpool, England)
British actor, television presenter, DJ and poet. Dave Lister in Red Dwarf, Lloyd Mullaney in Coronation Street and presents Robot Wars.
[Picture of Craig Charles]


Charles, Jeanette
Born 15 October 1927  (place of birth unknown)
Actress look-a-like of Queen Elisabeth II.
[Picture of Jeanette Charles]


Charles, Maria
Born 22 September 1929  (London, England)
Agony and Brideshead Revisited actress.
[Picture of Maria Charles]


Charlton, Bobby
Born 11 October 1937  (Ashington, Northumberland, England)
1966 World Cup-winning footballer and survivor of the 1958 Munich air crash.
[Picture of Bobby Charlton]


Chase, Chevy
Born 8 October 1943  (New York City, New York, USA)
Actor & comedian, very popular in the 1970s & 1980s after his appearances on Saturday Night Live.
[Picture of Chevy Chase]


Chater, Geoffrey Geoffrey Chater is no longer with us
Born 23 March 1921  (Barnet, Hertfordshire, England)

Died 16 October 2021  (Great Britain)

Age at death: 100  (read death notice)
Character actor on British TV & film, on screen for more than 50 years. Also an accomplished stage actor.
[Picture of Geoffrey Chater]


Checker, Chubby
Born 3 October 1941  (Spring Gulley, South Carolina, USA)
Singer, famous for his hit singles 'The Twist' and 'Let's Twist Again'.
[Picture of Chubby Checker]


Cheney, Dick
Born 30 January 1941  (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA)
Former Vice-President of the USA, who was apparently the real "brains" in the White House. Has had years of heart trouble.
[Picture of Dick Cheney]


Cher, (singer/actress)
Born 20 May 1946  (El Centro, California, USA)
Singer, actress, gay icon, the "male-sounding one" out of Sonny & Cher, who, amongst many other things, has won an Oscar.
[Picture of (singer/actress) Cher]


Cherry, Don
Born 5 February 1934  (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
Outspoken Canadian ice hockey commentator. Not to be confused with the late jazz musician.
[Picture of Don Cherry]


Chianese, Dominic
Born 24 February 1931  (Bronx, New York, USA)
Actor, in many roles, but probably known for his role as Junior Soprano in the 'Sopranos'.
[Picture of Dominic Chianese]


Chiba, Sonny Sonny Chiba is no longer with us
Born 22 January 1939  (Fukoka, Japan)

Died 19 August 2021  (Kimitsu, Japan)

Age at death: 82  (read death notice)
Japanese film star, the man who was the international face of kung-fu movies between the Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan eras.
[Picture of Sonny Chiba]


Chin, Tsai
Born 30 November 1936  (Tianjin, China)
Chinese actress who appeard in the 'Fu Manchu' films with Christopher Lee.
[Picture of Tsai Chin]


Chinery, Hazel P.
Born 5 May 1927  (London, England)
Last surviving member of The Beverley Sisters.
[Picture of Hazel P. Chinery]


CHIRAC, Bernadette
Born 18 May 1933  (Paris, France)
Politician and wife of former French President Jacques Chirac.
[Picture of Bernadette CHIRAC]


Chittell, Chris
Born 19 May 1948  (Aldershot, UK)
Longest-serving actor in Emmerdale, having played the role of Eric Pollard since 1986. Early in his career, he also starred in a softcore porn film alongside a young Stellan Skarsgard.
[Picture of Chris Chittell]


Chomsky, Noam
Born 7 December 1928  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Leading professor of linguistics, who has also written and lectured widely on subjects as diverse as philosophy and US foreign policy. Holds honorary degrees from over 20 universities.
[Picture of Noam Chomsky]


Chong, Tommy
Born 24 May 1938  (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
One half of the stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong.
[Picture of Tommy Chong]


Chow, Agnes
Born 3 December 1996  (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong politician and social activist
[Picture of Agnes Chow]


Christiansen, Thue
Born 25 February 1940  (Marmorilik, Greenland, Denmark)
Teacher and politician from Greenland, designed their national flag.
[Picture of Thue Christiansen]


Born 26 March 1927  ()
Rower who represented Great Britain in the 1948 Olympic Games in London. Has been dead for years, as it turned out, again, in February 2021.
[Picture of Tom CHRISTIE]


Christopher, Tony
Born 25 April 1925  (Cheltenham, UK)
Oldest sitting member of the House of Lords as of the start of 2019.
[Picture of Tony Christopher]


Church, James
Born in England  (exact date unknown)
Stepfather of Charlotte Church.
[Picture of James Church]


Churchman, Ysanne
Born 14 May 1925  (Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, England)
Actress, best known as the voice of Grace Archer in 'The Archers' and was famously killed off in 1955 on the same night as the launch of ITV.
[Picture of Ysanne Churchman]


Chyna, Blac
Born 11 May 1988  (Washington DC, USA)
Not really a dancer, not really an actress nor singer nor model
[Picture of Blac Chyna]


Clapton, Eric
Born 30 March 1945  (Ripley, UK)
Legendary guitarist and the only man inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times. Sometimes forgets to shut the window.
[Picture of Eric Clapton]


Clark, Dave
Born 15 December 1942  (place of birth unknown)
Off of The Dave Clark Five. Will he end up in bit's and pieces?
[Picture of Dave Clark]


Clark, Lawrence Gordon
Born in   (exact date unknown)
English TV director and producer who gave us the 'A Ghost Story for Christmas' series of Yuletide spooky tales during the 1970s.
[Picture of Lawrence Gordon Clark]


Clark, Petula
Born 15 November 1932  (Epsom, Surrey, England)
Singer and actress. Has suffered from depression.
[Picture of Petula Clark]


Clark, Ramsey Ramsey Clark is no longer with us
Born 18 December 1927  (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Died 9 April 2021  (New York, New York, USA)

Age at death: 93  (read death notice)
Laywer who was the Attorney General under President Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s before acting as devil's advocate for the likes of Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein. Mind you, if can work with LBJ, you can work with anyone...
[Picture of Ramsey Clark]


Clarke, Emilia
Born 23 October 1986  (London, England)
Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, rightful heir to the Iron Throne, rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, (they go on)…
[Picture of Emilia Clarke]


Born in   (exact date unknown)
Britain's oldest convict, jailed in 2016 for a series of child sex crimes. Born 1915.
[Picture of Ralph CLARKE]


Clarke, Roy
Born 28 January 1930  (Austerfield, Yorkshire, England)
Sitcom producer & writer who has written 'Keeping Up Appearances' and 'Open All Hours' but is probably best known for 'Last of the Summer Wine' where he has written the same jokes for 30 years. The series finally had it's last drop of wine in 2010.
[Picture of Roy Clarke]


Clark-Neal, Rylan
Born 25 October 1988  (Stanford-le-Hope, England)
Former reality TV contestant now TV personality and increasingly ubiquitous presenter.
[Picture of Rylan Clark-Neal]


Clarkson, Jeremy
Born 11 April 1960  (Doncaster, South Yorkshire)
Presenter of Top Gear, and columnist in the Times & The Sun. His frequently outspoken views have divided the UK, with some declaring him the last bastion of sense in the country, others saying...ahem...less nice things about him.
[Picture of Jeremy Clarkson]


Clary, Julian
Born 25 May 1959  (London, England)
Camp comedian, presenter and writer.
[Picture of Julian Clary]


Clary, Robert
Born 1 March 1926  (Paris, France)
French born American actor, best known for his role as Corporal LeBeau in 'Hogan's Heroes'.
[Picture of Robert Clary]


Clausen, Alf
Born 28 March 1941  (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Film and television composer.
[Picture of Alf Clausen]


clayton, edward
Born 9 October 1940  (Sheffield, Staffordshire, England)
Actor, known from 1960s soap 'Crossroads'.
[Picture of edward clayton]


Cleary, Beverly Beverly Cleary is no longer with us
Born 16 April 1916  (McMinnville, Oregon, USA)

Died 25 March 2021  (Carmel-By-The-Sea, California, USA)

Age at death: 104  (read death notice)
Writer of novels & short stories for children. One of her characters, Ramona, had a TV series adaptation in the 1980's.
[Picture of Beverly Cleary]


Cleese, John
Born 27 October 1939  (Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, England)
Legendary comedian, member of Monty Python, who has more latterly found fame in the US.
[Picture of John Cleese]


Clegg, John
Born in Murree, Pakistan  (exact date unknown)
Actor, best known as Gunner Graham in 1970s sitcom 'It Aint Half Hot Mum'. Born 1934.
[Picture of John Clegg]


Clifford, Keith
Born 20 June 1938  (Halifax, Yorkshire, England)
Actor who played Billy Hardcastle in 'Last of the Summer Wine'.
[Picture of Keith Clifford]


Clifton, Bernie
Born in St. Helens, England  (exact date unknown)
Entertainer, instantly recognisable atop an ostrich.
[Picture of Bernie Clifton]


Clinton, Bill
Born 19 August 1946  (Hope, Arkansas, USA)
Sax-playing ex-US President (1993-2001).
[Picture of Bill Clinton]


Clooney, George
Born 6 May 1961  (Lexington, Kentucky, USA)
Former TV star, now big in the world of films, firstly as an actor, and more recently as a producer & director. Also quite politically active in recent years, which has been reflected in his movies.
[Picture of George Clooney]


Born 13 January 1934  (Maysville, Kentucky, USA)
Journalist and news anchorman, father of George.
[Picture of Nick CLOONEY]


Coetzee, J.M.
Born 9 February 1940  (Cape Town, South Africa)
Two-time Booker Prize winner, Nobel Laureate and possible the most critically regarded writer from Africa in history.
[Picture of J.M. Coetzee]


Cohen, George
Born 22 October 1939  (London, England)
Former footballer with Fulham & England, England's right back when they won the 1966 World Cup.
[Picture of George Cohen]


Cohn, Arthur
Born 4 February 1927  (Basel, Switzerland)
Film producer behind a lengthy back catalogue ("The Garden of the Finzi-Continis", "Central Station", "One Day In September").
[Picture of Arthur Cohn]


Cojuangco, Tingting
Born 29 April 1944  (Quezon City, Philippines)
Filipino politician and socialite
[Picture of Tingting Cojuangco]


Cole, Cheryl
Born 30 June 1983  (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England)
Girls Aloud singer & now a judge on the 'X-Factor'.
[Picture of Cheryl Cole]


Cole, Stephanie
Born 5 October 1941  (Solihull, Warwickshire, England)
Veteran actress who first hit fame in 1982 in the series 'Tenko' before playing Diana Trent in 'Waiting for God'. Currently part of the 'Doc Martin' ensemble.
[Picture of Stephanie Cole]


Coleman, Dabney
Born 3 January 1932  (Austin, Texas, USA)
Moustachioed actor, best known for his role as the sexist boss in 'Nine to Five'.
[Picture of Dabney Coleman]


Coleman, Norm
Born 17 August 1949  (New York City, New York, USA)
Floor-crossing former US senator for Minnesota. Was also a former roadie for Jethro Tull.
[Picture of Norm Coleman]


Coles, Neil
Born 26 September 1934  (London, UK)
Golfer, runner-up in the 1973 Open and represented the UK six times in the Ryder Cup.
[Picture of Neil Coles]


Colley, Kenneth
Born 7 December 1937  (Manchester, England)
Recognisable, sad-eyed character actor. Played Admiral Piett in two 'Star Wars' films and was the mysterious "accordian man" in the classic BBC drama 'Pennies from Heaven' in 1978.
[Picture of Kenneth Colley]


Collier, John
Born 12 April 1944  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Actor who appeared in Dragon Fire and The Riflemen.
[Picture of John Collier]


Collins, James "Gerry"
Born 16 October 1938  (Abbeyfeale, Ireland)
Former two-time foreign minister in the Irish government.
[Picture of James


Collins, Joan
Born 23 May 1933  (London, England)
Mutton-dressed-as-lamb actress, veteran of over 80 films spanning half a century, not to mention 'Dynasty'. Random fact: her first husband Maxwell Reed tried to sell her to an Arab sheik for £10,000, just seven months after their wedding in 1952.
[Picture of Joan Collins]


Collins, John D
Born 2 December 1942  (London, England)
Actor in many sitcom roles, and was assistant to Spike Milligan for 10 years.
[Picture of John D Collins]


Collins, Michael Michael Collins is no longer with us
Born 31 October 1930  (Rome, Italy)

Died 28 April 2021  (Marco Island, Florida, USA)

Age at death: 90  (read death notice)
Apollo 11 command module pilot - orbited the Moon while his colleagues Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got all the glory of landing and walking on it.
[Picture of Michael Collins]


Collins, Paul
Born 25 July 1937  (London, England)
[Picture of Paul Collins]


Collins, Phil
Born 30 January 1951  (London, England)
Baldy drummer/singer out of Genesis and Live Aid.
[Picture of Phil Collins]


COLLINS, Tony Tony COLLINS is no longer with us
Born 19 March 1926  (London, England)

Died 8 February 2021  (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Age at death: 94  (read death notice)
Former foorballer who becames Britain's first black club manager, taking Rochdale to the first ever League Cup final in 1961.
[Picture of Tony COLLINS]


Colman, Olivia
Born 30 January 1974  (Norwich, England)
Oscar winning actress who has done so much appearances (Peep Show, The Crown, Broadchurch) that she’s probably standing right behind you NOW!!!
[Picture of Olivia Colman]


Colon, Carlos
Born 18 July 1948  (Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico)
Retired Puerto Rican professional wrestler and wrestling promoter
[Picture of Carlos Colon]


Colter, Jessie
Born 12 May 1982  (United States)
Gay porn actor and cam model of the buff and rough variety, notable for Urine Ibiza and Str8 to Gay 4
[Picture of Jessie Colter]


Coltrane, Robbie
Born 30 March 1950  (Rutherglen, Scotland)
Large Scottish comedian who has achieved the rare feat of making the transition from stage to TV to serious big-screen roles, having appeared in two James Bond films and the three Harry Potter ones to date.
[Picture of Robbie Coltrane]


Comey, James
Born 14 December 1960  (Yonkers, New York, USA)
FBI director who arguably handed the 2016 Election to Donald Trump with an announcement that the feds were investigating Hillary Clinton's email server days before ballet day. Later fell out, quite dramatically, with Donnie.
[Picture of James Comey]


Born 10 March 1947  ()
Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police from 1993-2000.
[Picture of Paul CONDON]


Connolly, Billy
Born 24 November 1942  (Glasgow, Scotland)
Scottish stand-up comedian, who has also acted, sung & done TV presenting. Well known for his dishevelled appearance and saying the word "jobby" a lot.
[Picture of Billy Connolly]


Conrad, Jess
Born 24 February 1936  (Brixton, London, United Kingdom)
English pop singer and theatre actor.
[Picture of Jess Conrad]


Conroy, Kevin
Born 30 November 1955  (Westbury, New York, USA)
Voice actor best known as Batman in Batman: The Animated Series.
[Picture of Kevin Conroy]


Constantine, Michael Michael Constantine is no longer with us
Born 22 May 1927  (Reading, Pennsylvania, USA)

Died 31 August 2021  (Reading, Pennsylvania)

Age at death: 94  (read death notice)
Actor, best known for his role in 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'.
[Picture of Michael Constantine]


Constantine II of Greece, (monarch)
Born 2 June 1940  (Psychiko, Athens, Greece)
Former King of Greece until the Monarchy was abolished there.
[Picture of (monarch) Constantine II of Greece]


Born 1 October 1961  (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
Mutton chop-sideburned professional wrestler with the WWE.
[Picture of Rico CONSTANTINO]


Conti, Tom
Born 22 November 1941  (Paisley, Scotland)
Scottish/Italian (but based in England) actor in films & TV.
[Picture of Tom Conti]


Conway, Noel Noel Conway is no longer with us
Born in   (exact date unknown)

Died 9 June 2021  (Garmston, United Kingdom)

Age at death: 71  (read death notice)
Right-to-die campaigner who suffers from ALS. Born circa 1950.
[Picture of Noel Conway]


Cook, Ann Turner
Born 20 November 1926  (USA)
an American mystery novelist, who was the model for the familiar Gerber Baby artwork seen on baby food packages of the Gerber Products Company.
[Picture of Ann Turner Cook]


Cook, Carole
Born 14 January 1924  (Abilene, Texas, USA)
American Actress.
[Picture of Carole Cook]


Cooke, Sidney
Born 18 April 1927  (place of birth unknown)
Convicted paedophile as featured in the satirical TV show 'Brasseye'.
[Picture of Sidney Cooke]


Coolidge, Charles Henry Charles Henry Coolidge is no longer with us
Born 4 August 1921  (Signal Mountain, Tennessee, USA)

Died 6 April 2021  (Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA)

Age at death: 99  (read death notice)
Recipient of the Medal of Honor for heroism in France during World War II.
[Picture of Charles Henry Coolidge]


COON, Caroline
Born in London, England  (exact date unknown)
Artist and journalist, mainly associated with the punk movement in the 1970s. Born 1945.
[Picture of Caroline COON]


Cooney, Eugenia
Born 27 July 1994  (Massachusetts, USA)
Vlogger, described as "The YouTuber Slowly Killing Herself" by critics due to the fact she weighs about 15 pounds.
[Picture of Eugenia Cooney]


Cooney, Joan Ganz
Born 30 November 1929  (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
TV producer who created Sesame Street.
[Picture of Joan Ganz Cooney]


Cooper, Alice
Born 4 February 1948  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Make-up clad "master of shock rock". Born Vincent Damon Furnier, but changed his and his band's name to Alice Cooper in the late '60s, apparently because he believes he is a reincarnation of a 17th-century witch of that name.
[Picture of Alice Cooper]


Born 21 February 1937  (Essex, England)
Tory writer of terrible faux-erotic novels for sexually repressed members of the upper middle class. Sadly survived the 1999 Ladbroke Grove rail crash.
[Picture of Jilly COOPER]


COOPER, Martin
Born 26 December 1928  (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Inventor of the cell (mobile) phone which either makes him one of the great technological pioneers or the Devil incarnate. Your choice…
[Picture of Martin COOPER]


Cope, Kenneth
Born 14 April 1931  (Liverpool, England)
Actor, either best known as Marty Hopkirk in 'Randall & Hopkirk Deceased', Jed Stone in 'Coronation Street' or Cyril Carter in 'Carry on Matron', depending on your viewing tastes.
[Picture of Kenneth Cope]


Coppola, Francis Ford
Born 7 April 1939  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Legendary film director of 1970s classics such as 'The Godfather'. 'The Conversation' and 'Apocalypse Now'.
[Picture of Francis Ford Coppola]


Corbett, Matthew
Born 28 March 1948  (Guisley, Yorkshire, England)
Actor and puppeteer, best known as succeeding his father Harry as the custodian of Sooty. Also appeared on kid's TV show 'Rainbow' in the 1970s.
[Picture of Matthew Corbett]


Corbin, Barry
Born 16 October 1940  (Lamesa, Texas, USA)
Actor, Northern Exposure.
[Picture of Barry Corbin]


Corbisiero, Alex
Born 30 August 1988  (New York City, New York, USA)
English international rugby player with a touch of advanced cancer.
[Picture of Alex Corbisiero]


CORBYN, Jeremy
Born 26 May 1949  (Chippenham, Wiltshire, England)
Bike-riding leader of the Labour Party and loser of the 2017 General Election. Winner of the 2018 General Election.
[Picture of Jeremy CORBYN]


cord, alex alex cord is no longer with us
Born 3 May 1933  (Gainesville, Texas, USA)

Died 9 August 2021  (Valley View, Texas, USA)

Age at death: 88  (read death notice)
American actor best known as Archangel in 1980s action series 'Airwolf'.
[Picture of alex cord]


corey, e. j.
Born 12 July 1928  (Methuen, Massachusetts, USA)
Organic chemist and recipient of the 1990 Nobel prize in chemistry "for his development of the theory and methodology of organic synthesis".
[Picture of e. j. corey]


Corman, Roger
Born 5 April 1926  (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Influential low budget film director who made a series of films based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe and encouraged a generation of film directors such as Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese as well as actors
[Picture of Roger Corman]


Cornwell, Judy
Born 22 February 1940  (Hammersmith, London, England)
Experienced UK actress, her most famous role being the sex-starved Daisy in 'Keeping Up Appearances'. Also a novelist.
[Picture of Judy Cornwell]


Corrigan-Maguire, Máiread
Born 27 January 1944  (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Formed the Community of Peace People in Northern Ireland with Betty Williams and together they won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977.
[Picture of Máiread Corrigan-Maguire]


Cosby, Bill
Born 12 July 1937  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Long-standing, squeaky-clean, inexplicably popular US comic.
[Picture of Bill Cosby]


Cosford, Paul Paul Cosford is no longer with us
Born 1 May 1963  (England)

Died 5 April 2021  (United Kingdom)

Age at death: 57  (read death notice)
Emeritus medical director of Public Health England. Had to deal with the Salisbury poisonings.
[Picture of Paul Cosford]


Cosmo, James
Born 24 May 1948  (Clydebank, UK)
Scottish character actor who can probably retire off the convention fees alone from "Game of Thrones".
[Picture of James Cosmo]


Costa, Mary
Born 5 April 1930  (Knoxville, Tennessee, USA)
Actress, the voice of Princess Aurora in the Disney classic 'Sleeping Beauty'.
[Picture of Mary Costa]


Costas, Bob
Born 22 March 1952  (Queens, New York, USA)
Sport commentator who has won 28 Emmys.
[Picture of Bob Costas]


Costello, Elvis
Born 25 August 1954  (Paddington, London, England)
Pop singer, born Declan McManus.
[Picture of Elvis Costello]


Coster, Arnold
Born in Netherlands  (exact date unknown)
Mountainer, climbed Everest in 2004.
[Picture of Arnold Coster]


Cotton, Tom
Born 13 May 1977  (Dardanelle, Arkansas, USA)
Baby Trump in the Senate dreaming of following in his idols footsteps.
[Picture of Tom Cotton]


Court, Richard
Born 27 September 1947  (Australia)
Former Premier of Western Australia and Australian Ambassador to Japan.
[Picture of Richard Court]


Courtenay, Tom
Born 25 February 1937  (Hull, Yorkshire, England)
British actor, knighted in 2001. His heyday was in the 1960s, but still pops up in films to this day.
[Picture of Tom Courtenay]


cousy, bob
Born 9 August 1928  (Manhattan, New York, US)
Exceptionally successful US basketball player
[Picture of bob cousy]


Cowan, Brett Peter
Born 18 September 1969  (Bunbury, Australia)
Australian murderer and child rapist.
[Picture of Brett Peter Cowan]


Cowans, Gordon
Born 27 October 1958  (West Cornforth, UK)
One of the greatest players in Aston Villa's history, where he won both the European Cup and the PFA Young Player of the Year award.
[Picture of Gordon Cowans]


COWELL, (Wildlife) Simon
Born in Leatherhead, England  (exact date unknown)
TV Veterinarian who has never judged The X-Factor, as far as we know…
[Picture of (Wildlife) Simon COWELL]


Cowell, Simon
Born 7 October 1959  (Brighton, East Sussex, England)
Record producer & TV talent judge, he of the scathing putdowns & high trousers.
[Picture of Simon Cowell]


COWIE, Doug Doug COWIE is no longer with us
Born 1 May 1926  (Aberdeen, Scotland)

Died 27 November 2021  (Scotland)

Age at death: 95  (read death notice)
Former Dundee and Scotland international footballer.
[Picture of Doug COWIE]


Cox, Brian
Born 1 June 1946  (Dundee, Scotland)
Feted British actor in TV & (mainly) films.
[Picture of Brian Cox]


Cox, Jane
Born 13 May 1952  (UK)
Longest-serving female Emmerdale castmember as of the start of 2018, having played Lisa Dingle since 1996.
[Picture of Jane Cox]


Cox, Ronny
Born 23 July 1938  (Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA)
American actor, singer, songwriter, and storyteller. Played Cohaagen in Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall. Yes, the exploding head at the end.
[Picture of Ronny Cox]


Cox, Sara
Born 13 December 1974  (Bolton, England)
BBC Radio DJ.
[Picture of Sara Cox]


Cox, Tony
Born 31 March 1958  (Uniontown, Alabama, USA)
Actor in Bad Santa and Epic Movie.
[Picture of Tony Cox]


craig, jenny
Born 7 August 1932  (Berwick, Louisiana, USA)
American weight-loss gure and founder of her own weight-loss product empire
[Picture of jenny craig]


Craig, Wendy
Born 20 June 1934  (Sacriston, County Durham, England)
English actress, best known for her sitcom roles, most notably 'Butterflies'.
[Picture of Wendy Craig]


Cramer, Douglas S Douglas S Cramer is no longer with us
Born 22 August 1931  (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

Died 7 June 2021  (Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, USA)

Age at death: 89  (read death notice)
TV producer of Wonder Woman, Dynasty and The Brady Bunch.
[Picture of Douglas S Cramer]


Born 28 September 1935  (Sydney, Australia)
Runner up in four golf majors, all to Jack Nicklaus. You can't get past the Golden Bear, eh, Tiger?
[Picture of Bruce CRAMPTON]


Craven, John
Born 16 August 1940  (Leeds, Yorkshire, England)
TV presenter and newsreader.
[Picture of John Craven]


Crawford, Christina
Born 11 June 1939  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
Writer of "Mommie Dearest", an autobiographical account of child abuse by her adoptive mother Joan Crawford now used as kitsch for drag queens.
[Picture of Christina Crawford]


Crawford, Johnny Johnny Crawford is no longer with us
Born 26 March 1946  (Los Angeles, California, USA )

Died 29 April 2021  (California, United States)

Age at death: 75  (read death notice)
Kid star on The Rifleman. Now an OAP.
[Picture of Johnny Crawford]


Crawford, Michael
Born 19 January 1942  (Salisbury, Wiltshire, England)
TV actor who made his name as Frank Spencer in 'Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em', before successfully reinventing himself as a serious stage actor, taking starring roles in 'Barnum' and 'Phantom of the Opera'.
[Picture of Michael Crawford]


Credible, Justin
Born 16 October 1973  (Waterbury, Connecticut, USA)
Former ECW World Champion who had a few quick stints in WWF.
[Picture of Justin Credible]


Cribbins, Bernard
Born 29 December 1928  (Oldham, Lancashire, England)
Actor & comedian, a veteran of 'Carry On' films. Holds the record for most story-tellings on 'Jackanory'. Recently played Wilf Mott in 'Doctor Who'.
[Picture of Bernard Cribbins]


Crippen, Robert
Born 11 September 1937  (Beaumont, Texas, USA)
Commander of the first Space Shuttle mission.
[Picture of Robert Crippen]


Criss, Anthony
Born 2 December 1970  (East Orange, New Jersey, USA)
Rapper of Maughty by Nature, better known as Treach.
[Picture of Anthony Criss]


Cronin, Michael
Born in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England  (exact date unknown)
Actor best remembered as "Bullet" Baxter, the rock-solid PE teacher in 'Grange Hill'. Born 1942.
[Picture of Michael Cronin]


Crook, Isabel
Born 15 December 1915  (Chengdu, Sichuan, China)
Canadian anthropologist who also participated in Mao's Cultural Revolution
[Picture of Isabel Crook]


Cropley, Alex
Born 16 January 1951  (Frodsham, United Kingdom)
Midfielder who played at Arsenal and Aston Villa, now, like so many, diagnosed with dementia
[Picture of Alex Cropley]


Crosbie, Annette
Born 12 February 1934  (Gorebridge, Midlothian, Scotland)
Long serving actress on stage, film & TV - forever remembered for her role as Margaret Meldrew in 'One Foot in the Grave'.
[Picture of Annette Crosbie]


Crosby, David
Born 14 August 1941  (Los Angeles, California, USA)
One third of Crosby, Stills & Nash, and indeed one quarter of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
[Picture of David Crosby]


Born 24 July 1975  (Ashford, England)
Tory MP who had some minor government roles under Theresa May.
[Picture of TRACEY CROUCH]


Cruickshank, John
Born 20 May 1920  (Aberdeen, Scotland)
The last surviving recipient of the Victoria Cross for air action in WWII.
[Picture of John Cruickshank]


crumb, robert
Born 30 August 1934  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)
Cartoonist, creator of "Fritz, the Cat" and "Mr. Natural".
[Picture of robert crumb]


Cruz, Ted
Born 22 December 1970  (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Junior U.S. senator from Texas since 2013.
[Picture of Ted Cruz]


Cryer, Barry
Born 23 April 1935  (Leeds, Yorkshire, England)
Prolific comedy writer and panellist on radio comedy shows.
[Picture of Barry Cryer]


Culkin, Macaulay
Born 26 August 1980  (New York City, New York, USA)
Child actor who found fame in the 'Home Alone' film series before predictably drifting into relative obscurity.
[Picture of Macaulay Culkin]


Cullen, Michael Michael Cullen is no longer with us
Born 5 February 1945  (London, England)

Died 19 August 2021  (Wakatane, New Zealand)

Age at death: 76  (read death notice)
New Zealand politician in various cabinet positions, now diagnosed with lung cancer
[Picture of Michael Cullen]


Cullum, Jamie
Born 20 August 1979  (Rochford, Essex, United Kingdom)
English jazz-pop singer-songwriter and radio presenter
[Picture of Jamie Cullum]


CULVER, Michael
Born 16 June 1938  (London, England)
Prolific stage and television actor, son of Ronald Culver.
[Picture of Michael CULVER]


Cumberbatch, Benedict
Born 19 July 1976  (London, England)
One of Britain's most successful actors, known for his performance as Sherlock Holmes in the hit television series 'Sherlock'. Works also on stage, screen and as a voice actor.
[Picture of Benedict Cumberbatch]


Cumbes, Jim
Born 4 May 1944  (Manchester, UK)
Dual-sport athlete, both an accomplished fast bowler and goalkeeper. Possibly the only man to play against Pele and the Oxford University cricket team.
[Picture of Jim Cumbes]


Cummings, Burton
Born 31 December 1947  (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
Lead singer of Canadian rock band The Guess Who.
[Picture of Burton Cummings]


Cunningham, Walter
Born 16 March 1932  (Creston, Iowa, USA)
Former Astronaut. Manned the lunar module on Apollo 7 in 1968.
[Picture of Walter Cunningham]


Currie, Billy
Born 1 April 1950  (Huddersfield, England)
British musician and founder of Ultravox
[Picture of Billy Currie]


curry, tim
Born 19 April 1949  (Grappenhall, Warrington, England)
Actor specialising in villainous roles such as Dr. Frank N. Furter in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.
[Picture of tim curry]


Curtis, Sonny
Born 9 May 1937  (Meadow, Texas, USA)
Childhood friend of Buddy Holly who replaced him as the Crickets' lead singer following the Day the Music Died. Also wrote the lyrics for "I Fought the Law" as well as the "Mary Tyler Moore" theme tune.
[Picture of Sonny Curtis]


Cyrus, Miley
Born 23 November 1992  (Nashville, Tennessee, USA)
Sugary star of the Hannah Montana TV series and daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. Now trying too hard to cultivate a "raunchy" image and seemingly introduced the phrase "twerking" into mainstream parlance.
[Picture of Miley Cyrus]

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