Christopher Tolkien


Academic, novelist, and book editor, Christopher Tolkien was the world’s foremost expert on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It was almost as if his dad wrote the books and Christopher himself edited them. Trained at the Dragon School (not actually made up), Christopher became a tutor at New College Oxford. He was the focus for which JRR wrote The Hobbit, and the editor and muse for much of the later trilogy. When his father died in 1973, he took on the estate, and published many of his fathers unfinished works including The Silmarillion. He also gave the go ahead to Peter Jacksons interminably long Tolkien films, one of which as a teenager I saw three times at the cinema in an ultimately failed attempt to get off with someone. Christopher also criticised the films, claiming they’d focused on the interesting bits of the books and not Tom Bombadil or the long discourses on language differences.

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Christopher Tolkien
21 November 1924 – 15 January 2020
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