Bobby Brown


When a local Banker played Bobby Brown in the DDP, the system assumed it was the singer. In fact, so sure was it, it corrected the chaps previous DDP team which also had the other Bobby Brown. In fact this is the former football manager who led Scotland to their greatest (to date) triumph. While the singer got into trouble for beating up Whitney Houston, the manager got praise for beating up England when they were World Champions. Playing each other at Wembley Arena in 1967 in a crucial playoff for the Home Nations Championship, Scotland stunned the best England team that ever lived and a resounding 3-2 victory. The victory was summed up by the scenes where genuine world class talents like Alan Ball and future DDP hits the Charlton brothers desperately tried to get the ball off Jim Baxter, who responded with a game of keepy uppy.

Brown had started as manager of then minnows St Johnstone, surprisingly getting them promoted in the late 1950s and even more surprisingly keeping them afloat in the top flight. A goalkeeper who was the last Scottish international to play at Queens Park to date, and who played over 200 league games for Rangers (winning 5 league titles not bought by David Murray), Brown was a semi-regular on TV and radio in recent years as his lengthy memories of football were sought for interviews. At time of death, he was the oldest living Scottish international footballer, an accolade which I think falls to Doug Cowie now.

This was a unique hit for Roasting Bodies in Redcar. Sorry about the earlier mixup!


Bobby Brown
19 March 1923 – 15 January 2020
Unique hit