Anouk Aimée


French cinema star Anouk Aimée has died aged 92. Her role as Maddalena in La dolce vita catapaulted her onto the scene, and she followed up on the Fellini front as the protagonist’s estranged wife in . Other roles of note included Lola, Justine, and Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man, but her crowning moment came as a widow enamoured with Jean-Louis Trintignant’s widower race car driver in Claude Lelouch’s A Man and a Woman. Her Oscar nomination was the first for an actor in a French-language role, and the Aimée-Trintignant-Lelouch trinity reunited for two sequels. The last in 2019 was the final film for both leads.

Elsewhere, Aimée was married to Albert Finney in the 70s, influenced Patti Smith, and was an animal rights activist who was close friends with Jane Goodall. She was picked by six teams, all themes.

Anouk Aimée
27 April 1932 – 18 June 2024, aged 92
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