Andrew McGahan

He may have been born in Dalby, Queensland, but few writers will ever be more associated with the city of Brisbane than Andrew McGahan. His debut novel, Praise, was a Bukowskian wander through the city at the turn of the 1990s – semi-autobiographical, and the country’s answer to Generation X or Less Than Zero. Future works included 2000’s Last Drinks, which dealt with corruption in Queensland politics, and the stream-of-consciousness sci-fi work Wonders of a Godless World.

Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in mid-2018, plenty of teams spotted McGahan as “one to watch” for the upcoming year. His death on February 1st brought in points for a host of teams, and sees Ethnic Cleansing go clear in the lead, with The Living End four points behind. We have all the makings of a classic DDP season.

Also, another Obituary Vault/Famous for Being Ill pick has died, and Banana’s Peel Slippers get the unique hit.

Andrew McGahan
10 October 1966 – 1 February 2019
Died aged 52 (31 picks, 3 jokers)