Sydney Lotterby


British TV legend Sydney Lotterby has died aged 93. Lotterby, who was nominated for 15 (FIFTEEN!) BAFTAS and won 4 of them, was producer and director behind some of the greatest BBC sitcoms of the last half century. He worked on The Liver Birds, Going Straight, Ever Decreasing Circles, Open All Hours, Ripping Yarns, Brush Strokes, Butterflies and As Time Goes By. He was the producer for 4 seasons of Last of the Summer Wine, introduced the character of Foggy Dewhurst (whom your DDP co-host is oft-said to resemble in mannerism) and was a creative hand in what is considered the golden age of that sitcom. He was also lead producer for two of the most highly regarded British sitcoms of all time, not to claim any of the above aren’t acclaimed: Yes Minister (and its sequel Yes Prime Minister) and Porridge. The former shaped political discourse since broadcast, and the latter is one of the three most repeated sitcoms on TV alongside the juggernauts of Dad’s Army and Only Fools and Horses. On Minister, it was Sydney who fought for extra time for Nigel Hawthorne to nail in rehearsal his famous monologues of political double speak.

Sydney Lotterby wasn’t just part of the golden age of British comedy, he helped create vast chunks of it. He leaves a fine legacy of many millions of people the world over who properly pished themselves laughing at the comedy he got made and put on screen.

He was picked by 2 teams including Last of the Summer Winos, and Moribold Krakatoa’s Playhouse.

Sydney Lotterby
30 November 1926 – 30 July 2020
2 teams