DDP 2018

In the first of two years helmed by David Quantick’s Showbiz Pals, Pity Da Foolz shocked many long term favourites by winning the 2018 Derby Dead Pool with some fine astute picks, including Guardian journalist Simon Ricketts. With a joker riding on Lazy Town’s own Robbie Rotten, they proved themselves to be Number One!

It was the year we said goodbye to former US President George H.W. Bush, a man best known for accidentally coming out of the closet during the 1980s.

“Read my lips…ok, bad phrasing…”

DDP 2018 – Teams: 488 Hits: 247


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Future winner and co-host Banana’s Peel Slippers debuts. Other notables we lost in 2018 included: Peter Wyngarde, Mark E Smith of The Fall, tragic footballer Liam Miller, Mugabe nemesis Morgan Tsvangirai, the Reverend Billy Graham, Roger Bannister, Ken Dodd, Stephen Hawking, Barbara Bush, Tessa Jowell, World Cup winner Ray Wilson, Vader, Harlan Ellison, Steve Ditko, Peter Firmin, Aretha Franklin, John McCain, Burt Reynolds, Denis Norden and the much missed trio of Sister Wendy Beckett, June Whitfield and Marvel icon Stan Lee. Try calling that battle royal!


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