Derby Dead Pool 2018: List of the Lost

The following 'celebrities' have died this year, but haven't got the required UK obituary as far as we can see, so no points have been awarded as yet.

Please let us know if you spot an obit for one of these people (or even just a passing mention of their death) in a British national news source.

Acceptable Sources: BBC* UK Newspapers Other media
(that's UK in general, not it's component parts - England, Scotland, Wales, NI etc)

*This excludes local news pages on the website

The notice of death must be in written English. Video/Audio links are only accepted if the strapline mentions the celebs passing.

We do not accept: Huffington Post UK, MSN UK, Yahoo UK, Scotsman, Herald Scotland, Daily Record, STV and UTV.
The Independent has now been removed as of 01/01/2017 as it no longer has a regular print edition.
The Evening Standard is not considered as it covers the London area only. (this also excludes local news pages)

Local or regional British newspapers, special interest media (e.g. Snooker Weekly or whatever), non-UK media, blogs, or Wikipedia!!
Obits must reach us by 1st January 2019 in order to qualify; any which aren't published or discovered until after New Years Day don't count, regardless of when the person in question croaked.

Name (click for biography) Date of death Name (click for biography) Date of death
Mary Lucas 1st January 2018 Alan Deakin 2nd January 2018
Salvador Borrego 8th January 2018 Diane Bishop 9th January 2018
David Fisher 10th January 2018 J Aelwyn Roberts 12th January 2018
Spanky Manikan 14th January 2018 Kevin Carr 15th January 2018
Ray Merrin 15th January 2018 Chick Webster 18th January 2018
Ian Toothill 18th January 2018 Claribel Alegria 25th January 2018
Julie Shaw 29th January 2018 Ann Gillis 31st January 2018
Barys Kit 1st February 2018 Fedora Aleman 6th February 2018
John Anthony West 6th February 2018 Bill Crider 12th February 2018
Louise Latham 12th February 2018 Dobri Dobrev 13th February 2018
Gavin Bailey 15th February 2018 Dorothy Rungeling 17th February 2018
Billi Gordon 22nd February 2018 Cynthia Heimel 25th February 2018
Gillo Dorfles 2nd March 2018 Kevin McAllister 8th March 2018
Shalom Ouanounou 8th March 2018 Bernie De Koven 24th March 2018
Irma Rapuzzi 3rd April 2018 Ignatius Peter VIII Abdalahad 4th April 2018
Cynthia Chalk 5th April 2018 Edelgard Huber von Gersdorff 9th April 2018
Haddon Donald 24th April 2018 Robert Mandan 29th April 2018
Lara Saint Paul 8th May 2018 Richard Haag 9th May 2018
Larissa Podermanski 10th May 2018 Emile Gumbs 10th May 2018
Derek Yancik 14th May 2018 Dave Garcia 22nd May 2018
Satoru Anzaki 26th May 2018 Chuck Stevens 28th May 2018
Colin Butts 28th June 2018 Georges-Emmanuel Clancier 4th July 2018
Giuseppina Projetto 6th July 2018 Henry Morgenthau III 10th July 2018
Mien Schopman-Klaver 10th July 2018 Lindy Remigino 11th July 2018
Gary Thibodeau 12th August 2018 Ronnie Moore 18th August 2018
Anna Teluren 22nd August 2018 Margit Sandemo 1st September 2018
Bunny Carr 19th September 2018 Kalpana Lajmi 23rd September 2018
Sir Ngata Love 17th October 2018 Eduard von Falz-Fein 17th November 2018
Wright King 25th November 2018 Thor Hansen 5th December 2018
Scott Matzka 16th December 2018 Tulsi Giri 18th December 2018
Peter Overton 19th December 2018

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