DDP 2019

After many years of coming agonisingly close, Thomas Jefferson Survives finally won the Derby Dead Pool in style. Fernando Ricksen’s joker hit proving a crucial moment in time, but unique hits on Helen Legh and Suzanne Whang were the difference. In a year high on quantity but low arguably on quality we did say goodbye to Clive James, Robert Mugabe, Valerie Harper, Herman Wouk, Doris Day and deadpool legend of recent years: Leah “Brackers” Bracknell. They’ll all be much missed. Ok, maybe not Mugabe.

“I had a swingband once, you ungrateful sods…”

DDP 2019 – Teams: 517 Hits: 253


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Other notables we lost in 2019 included Mean Gene Okerlund, Lewis, Carol Channing, Windsor Davies, Diana Athill, Clive Swift, Julie Adams, Albert Finney, Gordon Banks, Bruno Ganz, Peter Tork, Andre Previn, Dick Dale, Ranking Roger, Sandy Ratcliff, Ivor Broadis, Billy McNeil, Le Duc Anh, Jean of Luxembourg, Chewbecca himself, Freddie Starr, Tim Conway, Bob Hawke, Niki Lauda, the awesome Judith Kerr, Bart Starr, Paul fn Darrow, Franco Zeffirelli, Dave Bartholomew, John McCririck, Ross Perot, Freddie Jones, Rip Torn, Harley Race, Jacques Chirac, Jose Jose, Ginger Baker, Juliette Kaplan, Gay Byrne, Jonathan Miller, Sheila Mercier, Ron Saunders, Pete Frates, Kenny Lynch and Martin Peters! Some cast, and not even considering some big misses like Lisbon Lion Stevie Chalmers, TV chef Gary Rhodes, legendary Lanark scribe Alasdair Gray, Toni Morrison, Peter Sissons or, sadly, Doctor Who legend the great Uncle Terry himself, Terrance Dicks. Who said droughts? The Reaper never sleeps!


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