Mirella Freni

Look away, Ms Freni
This post will wreck your evening , your afterlife, and your day
Every single sentence is nothing but dismay
So, look away
Look away, look away
The sopranos’ new position is wracked by fear and cry
Fate has gone and placed her next to Daniel Arap Moi
We polled a bunch of deadpoolers, 99% agree
That Zerlina and Adina must be happier to be.

Just look away,
Look away—
There’s nowt but unique bonus points and inconvenience on the way
Ask any stable person, “Should I play the DDP?” and they will say:
Look away.
Look away, Ms Freni

For whom the bells are tolling, they are ringing
We now confirm 9 points for The Fat Lady’s Singing…


Mirella Freni
27 February 1935 – 9 February 2020
Unique hit (look away, look away…)

Any similarity between this post and A Series of Unfortunate Events is entirely coincidental. Honest.