Manuel Moroun


Sir Creep’s Cancel My Appointments team has been rather underwhelming this year (they currently sit outside the top 100) so here is some rare 2020 cheer for him, a unique hit on his theme team, Made in Detroit. Manuel Moroun owned the Ambassador Bridge, the only private bridge between the US and Canada, and made billions from owning it. That is the most American sentence I’ve ever had to write. He also owned a major railway station, Michigan Central Station, and would frequently face criticism for failing to invest in the things he owned. In recent years he opposed the Canadian governments plans to build another brige across the Detroit RIver. Those billions wont make themselves, although given interest rates and easing, that’s a philosophical point when you have that much.

Top marks for picking a dodgy chap, Creep, minus all bar 8 for picking someone so tricky to spell…

Manuel Moroun
5 June 1927 – 12 July 2020