Vin Scully


The dean of US sportscasting has made his last call. Vin Scully began working as an announcer for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950, when he was in his early twenties, and by age 25 he broadcast his first World Series. His early highlights included capturing the Dodgers’ first World Series win in 1955 and Yankee Don Larsen’s perfect game one year later. As the Dodgers relocated to Los Angeles in the late 50s, Scully became a team icon with a reputation for mixing erudite literature into his enthusiastic commentary. Over subsequent decades, famed moments he chronicled included Sandy Koufax’s perfect game and Hank Aaron’s record 715th home run, which left Scully so awestruck he couldn’t speak for two minutes.

His finest moment came in 1988, when the Dodgers made the World Series but were seen as underdogs against the Mets. Dodger Kirk Gibson, despite a leg injury, scored a shock homer against Dennis Eckersley, sparking a change in momentum that led to the Dodgers’ victory. “High fly ball into right field, she i-i-i-is … gone!” called Scully, and moments later he declared “In a year that has been so improbable… the impossible has happened!”. Scully occasionally announced for other sports and notably commentated for the NFL when Dwight Clark scored the NFC-winning touchdown immortalised as “The Catch”. He retired in 2016 after a near-70-year association with the Dodgers, leaving the booth as a sportscasting institution that likely will never be paralleled. Scully was 94 and picked by Deadpool Surprise, God, It’s Brutal Out Here, and Star Dust.

Vin Scully
29 November 1927 – 2 August 2022, aged 94
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