Tim Smith


Tim Smith, the front man of cult rock band The Cardiacs, has died from a heart attack. Sometimes these things just write themselves. See also Brian Pillman dying from an overdose of pills, and Dick Trickle’s death from… no, wait, he shot himself. Anyhow, they had one top 100 hit in the UK (Is This the Life in 1988), but were highly regarded on the tour circuit, and considered heavy inspirations for Radiohead and Faith No More. See, at DDP HQ we care a lot about such details.

Smith suffered in recent years from dystonia following heart trouble in 2008, which has led to his death at the age of 59. There’s just too many irons in the crematorium fire. At least it wasn’t from eating in bed.

Smith was a unique hit for the great, the wonderful, the witty DDP regulars Lard Bazaar. The Dave Grohl loving veteran of the game didn’t think she gets any mentions on the front page so here is congratulations. After all, this joker hit constitutes a leap up the table of NINETY-ONE PLACES, which we are pretty confident is a DDP record for the second half of the year with one pick. See, the DDP can write up this little bits like this for folk. It can’t however send a packet of hungry crocodiles to anyone’s irritating in-laws. We tried, they got out at customs and Boris Johnson blamed it on covid…

Tim Smith
3 July 1961 – 21 July 2020