The Next DDP Co-Host

So yes, the modern Derby Dead Pool relies on a constant stream of fresh energy to keep it going, and after 2 years, mine is starting to run out.  If The Man in Black taught us anything, its that 7 years in charge of any part of the DDP is far too much, and the front page can tend to be a fair bit of work at times. Especially if you are a chatterbox gobshite like me and reel over 1000 words on nearly every pro-wrestler under the sun!

When Spade was ran the show prior to the Cmme, he announced he’d be involved for two years. I made the exact same promise in 2019 and so will be standing down from the DDP Committee as of 31st December. It’s been fun and enjoyable and a learning curve. Well, apart from that time one of you texted my phone at 5am on News Years Day when I was hungover. But apart from that…

Worry not, I shall be handing the front page obits, and the theme team/LOTL/LOTM updates, and general editorial comments to someone even better at them than me. Someone who has heard of half the candidates these days, as they get younger and younger too! 

Death Impends, or DI, is better known for their stewardship of the Thomas Jefferson Survives DDP team. They won the pool in 2019, which was well overdue after several near misses in the last decade. They will become the first American and first female co-host of the Derby Dead Pool. 

Anyhow, we’ll be doing the usual transition period (expect some test obits from DI in the last quarter!) and you start get to endure my front page updates until the end of the year. 

Also, after years of people asking for one, we finally have the DDP Archive, which has every detail and link we still have about the game since the start. And note the Stats and Facts have been finally updated for the first time since 2017. 



DI adds:

I am mindful that the front page duties are typically a Brit’s job, but the committee has full faith in me. It’s possible I’ll have guest obits for the really institutional UK figures who are unknown in the US – say, Murray Walker or Denis Norden for past examples – but the vast majority of obits shall be my doing. Otherwise, the time-honed tradition of the DDP host using old pop lyrics as obit headlines and pretending they know everything about whoever won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 25 years ago shall remain exactly the same! 

When I first discovered the DDP in the mid-aughts as a tween, I never would have thought I’d eventually co-host. Or, tbh, if I had known what the Internet would be like in general by now, that the DDP would still be going on at all. Bit of a surreal feeling!