Sol Kerzner


Sol Kerzner has died aged 84 after a brief period of being gravely ill. A South African businessman, he ran a bunch of hotels and in 1979 developed Sun City. Thanks to legal loopholes, he provided gambling and topless revue to the masses, and inspired many great musical acts to disregard the South African apartheid boycott by shoving money at them, including the Beach Boys, Queen and Cher. It also, rare for South Africa in the 80s, had allegedly desegregated audiences, although the mileage is still out on this being a PR stance to make money out of segregation in South Africa or not. Kerzner arranged the VIP functions for Nelson Mandela at his inauguration, and went on to found further hotels and a golf course.

Sol Kerzner is a unique on the DDP for 12 Lords a-leaving, 8 Ladies dying, a popular if esoteric team run by a Glaswegian Partick Thistle fan. You mean there are more than one of them?

Sol Kerzner
23 August 1936 – 21 March 2020
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