Genesis P-orridge


Singer, songwriter, poet, punk, avant-garde industrial electronic performer and offbeat occultist, Genesis P-orridge has died after a long and noted battle with cancer. Founder of cult favourites Throbbing Gristle, P-orridge was a popular figure on the underground music scene of the 1970s and 80s, despite, or perhaps because of music that dealt with sex and serial killers. In the 1980s, they founded Psychic TV, a band which helped influence the acid house genre of music.

They were also the influence for Derek Acorah piss take BBC3 character Shirley Ghostman, a show so brilliant it went over the heads of everyone it attacked, who saw it as legit. The sort of joke you’d expect P-orridge would have appreciated, really.

P-orridge was all about standing out from the crowd and not doing what people expected, so the news that they were one of the most popular names on the DDP this year is probably not music to their ears. Fifty-seven teams cashed in on Genesis’s exodus, securing a spot on the Drop 40, but only two of them cashed in joker points. They were To Kill a Gabor Sister, currently top of the DDP. (Despite self-isolation in these virus-ridden times, they knew about this – keep well, you rad chap…). The other joker was for The Love Boat. In fact the other two Cmme members had P-orridge on their teams too, and so did all the usual suspects you all know and love: Banana, Cancerous Hatred, Poochie, Day in the Death, Carkers Convention, Deceased Hose, Drollercoaster (keep safe in Italy, please), Finnbarr, Quantick’s Pals, Buckets of Blood, I’m Sorry for your Trouble, Hand of Bod, Misers, Shaun of the Dead, Heading Nowhere, The Beatles are Dying in the Wrong Order, Still Life, Skinny Kiltrunner, Tommy Jefferson, The Mortal Coil and Sovereign Reaper. In fact 28 of the current top 30 had Genesis. Well, that’s all.

Genesis P-orridge
22 February 1950 – 14 March 2020
57 teams